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Yuri Ullen (ユーリ—), formerly Hasebe Yuika (長谷部結花), is one of the students from Heishin High School who were reincarnated into a fantasy world after their class was caught in a mysterious explosion. She was reborn as an abandoned orphan raised by the Word of God religion.


Hasebe Yuika

In the anime, she was depicted as having had a chin length bob hairstyle with hazel colored eyes in her past life.

Yuri is characterised as by her emerald green eyes and her waist length ashen hair tied in a style of a loose rope braid. She is usually seen either in her royal academy uniform or a green hue Saint garment.


Today one of my skills levelled up, and I heard God's voice! Ah, the divine voice of God has spoken to me. Today is sure to be a blessed today.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Yuri was abandoned to the Church in Alleius to be raised. All alone and scared, Yuri developed a warped personality and became a religious fanatic, believing entirely in the Word of God religion. She often tries to force other people to believe the same things as feverishly as she does, and any slight against her faith is also a slight on her.

She does not understand how anyone could not believe in the Word of God, and so does not take any social cues that other people do not want to talk about her faith. She is also overzealous about people who become enemies of the Word of God, often going straight for the "execution" route.

As seen in the flashbacks, in her previous life before reincarnating, Yuika had a much more normal personality. As seen during her time in school, she was also one of the more considerate and understanding people of her class, this is seen where she was one of the few who believed that Natsume wasn't that bad of a person and thought that there was more to him than his arrogant, surface demeanor.


Being fully aware as a baby, yet not understanding her surroundings, Yuri clung to the familiar Japanese of the system's voice. After being abandoned, she was raised by the Church of Ullen in Alleius. There, she became a fervent follower of the Word of God.[1]

She joins Shun, Sue and Katia in academy where she constantly proselytises the Word of God to her classmates, including Shun. She suddenly stops mentioning her religion shortly after Shun left the academy, possibly as a result of Hugo's brainwashing.[2] Following The Great Human-Demon War and the deaths of the former Hero and Saint, Yuri is recalled by the church and later becomes the new Saint under the new Hero, Hugo. However, this is all a fabrication as Hugo was not actually the Hero but had brainwashed the Church into falsely declaring himself as such and Yuri had fallen under his spell as well.[3]


Schlain "Shun" Zagan Analeit
In their previous lives, Yuika sat next to Shunsuke in class and seemed to get along well enough with him. Ironically, they ended up once again becoming schoolmates in this world. However, her change in personality greatly upset the dynamics of their relationship, with her constantly trying to convert him to the Word of God, much to his annoyance.

Powers & Abilities

As a saint candidate for the Word of God Religion and later, saint for Hugo when he was announced to be the next hero, it is expected Yuri is well verse in supportive magic. As all eligible candidates have to undergo for rigorous and strict training from childhood in order to support the next hero.

Titles & Skills

  • Dreaming Maiden: Yuri's unique skill as a reincarnation; it records her dreams and allows her to create a mini-dungeon in subspace based on said dreams, trapping those caught in it until they clear it. However, since the catalyst is a dream, she cannot control the dungeon.[4]
  • Lightning Magic:[5] Allows her to summon and control lightning.


  • While Yuri is revealed in 2-S1: Academy, her presence is overshadowed by Hugo. Her name isn't revealed until 2-S2: Magic Lesson.
  • Yuri's surname "Ullen" is after the church that adopted her.
  • On Yuri's illustrated character sheet, Okina Baba wrote her name in English as "Euri." Yen Press changed this to Yuri when she was introduced in Volume 2.
  • Before she was reincarnated, Yuri lent Shun a pencil in exchange for a piece of candy.


Light Novel


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