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Yaana is the previous Saint from the Word of God religion, dispatched to assist Julius in his responsibilities as the Hero.


Yaana is characterised by her hazel colour waist length hair, pale skin and hazel coloured eyes. She is depict with an hourglass figure and often seen in her traditional green Saint garment.



During their travels together, Yaana began to develop romantic feelings for Julius. However, due to his role as the Hero, Julius doesn't reciprocate back the gesture as he feels the life of a hero is too unstable.

She is killed during The Great Human-Demon War, saving Julius by pushing him out of the path of a Queen Taratect's feet at the cost of getting crushed by it herself.


As the Saint assigned by the Church to assist and provide support to the bearer of the Hero, Yana has been given specialized training since early childhood in using Offensive and Support Type Magics to provide assistance to the Hero.



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