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This article is about Wrath (Character). For Wrath (Skill), see Ruler Skills.

Wrath, formerly Sasajima Kyouya (笹島京也), is one of the students reincarnated from Japan. He was reborn as a goblin enslaved by Humans until he awoke the Wrath skill and subsequently went on a rampage, evolving into a Oni in the process. Fortunately, Shiraori and her companions saved him and he joined their cause, eventually making his way up to 8th Demon Army Commander.[1]


Sasajima Kyouya

In his previous life, Kyouya was stated to have a very similar face to his reincarnated self and described as a boy with shorter than average height.[2] In the anime, though he is depicted to be taller than average instead.

As an Oni, Wrath has red eyes[3] and multi-layered hair colors of silver and dark green. He looks similar to that of a human, however, he has a pair of horns sticking out of his forehead and fang-like teeth. He is also taller than an average human.

Wrath wears a Japanese-military style outfit made by Shiraori.[4]

Oni Race

Oni are a unique humanoid monster species, evolved from an Ogre General. Evolving into an Oni raises the individual's level of Taboo, while decreasing their size to that of a standard human. Oni are solitary individuals, unlike ogres, and do not form communities or raiding parties with other ogres.


On Earth, Kyouya was a self-righteous, kind high school boy who could not stand bullies, often standing up to them for his own view of what is "right," even if it resulted in violence. He was nicknamed "little ogre" by his peers in junior-high due to his constant use of violence and small stature. In high-school he was able to endure minor bullying of others and become friends with Shunsuke and Kanata, often playing games with them together.[5] After being reincarnated as a goblin, he was getting comfortable with his new life when disaster struck and he went through many hardships, to the point that his personality and worldview completely changed.

During his enslavement under Buirimus, Kyouya went through inhumane treatment and was forced to constantly make weapons using his unique skill, all while seething in fury towards his captors.[6] He eventually reaches a threshold of rage, resulting in him changing his name to Wrath, the name of the ruler skill that he gained as a result of holding onto his rage for years on end.[7] It takes a long time for him to regain his composure with the help of Shiraori, Ariel, and Sophia.

During the effects of the Wrath skill he will turn into a furious rampaging monster, abandoning common sense and the ability to control his actions. He describes it as becoming a bystander in his own body. As a benefit, though, the Ruler Skill Wrath raises the user's stats and abilities to the absolute highest values allowed by the System,[8] surpassing even Ariel.[9] He tries as much as possible to refrain from using this skill, as he is unable to regain control without intervention from outside.

When Wrath is under control, he usually has a calm and composed attitude; he always keeps an open mind during conversation and remains empathetic to others' situations, even still, he does not waver in his own world view. He also commands a powerful presence, forcing others to acknowledge him with little effort. Shun describes him as an unstoppable blade when they are first reunited.[10] Unlike when he was Kyouya, he knows that sacrifices are unavoidable to achieve his goals.



As a child, Kyouya had a strong sense of righteousness that often got him into trouble. He was a good fighter and drove off bullies, but was eventually ostracized due to scolding by adults and friendless by the time he had graduated junior high school. He transferred to Heishin High School and was able to endure witnessing some minor bullying of Wakaba and Negishi without fighting because he was able to vent his frustration and anger at games with his friends Shunsuke and Kanata. Still, he died in the explosion along with the rest of the class. Until that moment, it was like any other day.


Wrath's first appearance is during the first Demon Council Meeting, where he is present as the commander of the Eighth Demon Army. He is stoic and quiet, mostly just observing the proceedings and confirming his orders from Ariel. To Balto, he is somewhat of an anomaly among the commanders, along with Merazophis, Shiro, and Kuro.


When Kyouya is reborn in year 840, it is as a goblin named Razu-Razu in the corner of the Mystic Mountains that separates the Renxandt Empire and the Demon Realm. Although confused about the situation, he was not entirely disarrayed due to some books he had borrowed from Kanata. Kyouya doesn't take long to adapt to his situation, and learns a lot by the time he is one year old in the new world. He searches for other reincarnations in the goblin village to no avail, but does learn quite a bit by walking around and listening to the adults. His image of goblins also changes, as they turn out not to be dirty, weak, stupid creatures, but are more like prideful undeveloped tribesman. The need to sacrifice themselves for the survival of the village is something that Razu-Razu had decided transcended the "justice" that he had decided in his previous life. These goblins became his family.

By the time he was two, he understood the paths he could take upon hitting Level 10 in order to expand his lifespan. Fighter, Ranger, and Shaman. After that, it's hobgoblin, and then there is no need for him to worry about lifespan anymore, since Hobgoblins can live to about the same age as humans. It is around this time, when preparing dinner for the village with his dad he discovers his Weapon Creation skill. The elder appraises him with the village appraisal stone and he is put in charge of creating weapons for the village once he gains enough MP and levels in the skill. This skill increases the prosperity of the village a bit by providing them with sharp tools and new weapons.

The next half year goes by uneventfully, but his elder-brother, Raza-Raza, evolves into a hobgoblin. Razu-Razu also loses his first younger sibling to a miscarriage, and Raza-Raza comforts him through his depression. Later, Razu-Razu gains a younger sister that he swears to protect, and Raza-Raza became the lead warrior of the village, a High Goblin. Razu-Razu also gains the Naming skill, allowing him to bestow increased stats on items and other living creatures that he names.

Eventually the activity of the goblin village, and their exceedingly good weapons, catches the attention of the local humans. Razu-Razu continues to create weapons and tools for the village, and creates a katana for himself, but the village is attacked. The village falls to the humans and monsters with them. Raza-Raza and Razu-Razu are captured, but not before the leader and monster-tamer known as Buirimus forces Razu-Razu to kill and eat his own sister against his will in an attempt to break him. He gains the Ally-Killer and Kin Eater titles, along with Taboo Level 2, Anger Level 2, and Heresy Magic Level 1. Instead of being broken, his mind is filled with hatred and rage, but his body remains firmly under control of Buirimus.

As a slave, Razu-Razu continues to make weapons against his will and curse the monster-tamer Buirimus. In secret, he trains his body and his stats in order to prepare for the chance that he can break free of the compulsion spell. Eventually, Weapon Creation reaches Level 10 and evolves into Wondrous Weapon Creation, allowing him to imbue effects on the weapons he creates. In order to support the MP required to use this skill, Buirimus orders Razu-Razu to evolve into a Shaman. He also eventually learns the human language and gets information by eavesdropping on the humans.

During his captivity, Razu-Razu finally reaches a breaking point. For years, Razu-Razu held onto his anger and hatred of Buirimus, constantly increasing the level of his Anger skill, until eventually it reaches Rage Level 9. The event that pushes him over the edge, though, is discovering that his brother, Raza-Raza, had been slaughtering goblins in other villages and taking their flower-charms. Raza-Raza had betrayed the goblins and shamelessly laughed alongside Buirimus. And so, Razu-Razu's Rage becomes the Ruler Skill, Wrath. As a Ruler, Razu-Razu is able to break free of Buirimus's control and exact his revenge. Razu-Razu slaughters everyone, starting with his brother, and ending with Buirimus. His final act in that despicable place is to use the Naming skill to change his name to Wrath and evolve into an Ogre, abandoning his pride as a goblin.


Sophia Keren
In their previous lives, Kyouya was one of the few classmates who disapproved of Negishi being bullied due her creepy appearance. However, he never took action to stop it, as he did not want to get into trouble himself.
During their first encounter, Wrath initially did not recognize Sophia due to her vastly different appearance and attacked her under the influence of his namesake skill. They had a rematch sometime later, during which he had a much harder time, though he likely still would have won had Shiraori not intervened. Afterward, while Sophia helped seal his skill, they initially continued to have a tense relationship due to her holding a grudge. Over the years, though, their relationship improved and they are now on working terms.
Kyouya did not interact much with Wakaba in their previous lives.
Wrath first encountered Shiraori whilst under the influence of his namesake skill, causing him to attack her. However, due to her looking identical to how she was in their previous lives, he ended up recognizing her, causing him to backed off. During their second encounter, however, she easily defeated him and used Sophia to seal his skill. After being taken to the Demon Territory, Wrath lived together with Shiraori for a while, but eventually moved out due to wanting to be "independent". Wrath has come to greatly respect Shiraori and gives her his support with her plans to defeat the elves and save the planet, even if doing so would cause mass casualties.
Wrath feels grateful to Ariel for taking him in after his namesake skill was sealed, causing him to join the demon military to repay her. He currently serves as one of her demon army commanders and fully supports her and Shiraori's plan to destroy the System to save the dying planet, even if doing so would cause mass casualties.
Filimøs "Oka" Harrifenas
Ms. Oka was Kyouya's homeroom teacher in their previous lives.
Wrath first encountered Filimøs while under the influence of his namesake skill, causing him to attack her. Even though she tried talking to him, he did not recognize her and likely would have killed her had Potimas not interfered. They encountered each other again after his skill was sealed, during which she tried to persuade him to come with her to the Elf Village. However, Wrath flat-out turned her down, stating he is acting of his own will and that she is being hypocritical as she too has blood on her hands. Overall, the two have an antagonistic relationship due to being on opposing sides.
8th Demon Army
Despite being their commander, Wrath does not have a good relationship with his subordinates in the 8th Demon Army. Due to the members all being former criminals and rebels who would never follow him, he instead uses fear to keep them in line, threatening them with execution if they did not obey him. However, Wrath does feel bad for effectively leading these people to their deaths, but chooses to do so regardless as he already views himself as "irredeemable".

Powers & Abilities

As an oni, a high evolution stage for a goblin, Wrath exhibits incredible feats of endurance and strength in battle. Furthermore, being forced to pick the Goblin Shaman at early stage of his life, Wrath has a large pool of MP, allowing him to use magic to amplify his attacks in combat and summon a large arsenal of magic swords which he is able to throw at great distance to cause chaos and destruction when the swords explodes. Having undergo training from the Demon Realm military and experience battles as an army commander, Wrath is a very competent fighter.


  • Appraisal Stone [Level 8][11] a magic stone allowing its user to use Appraisal level 8[12] , originally belonging to the summoner knight Buirimus. Wrath normally has the stone hang around his neck on a string.[13]
  • Thunder Katana Seiryuu: Offensive Ability 3000, Durability 9978, Special: Divine protection, Thunder attribute attack addition, Automatic repair, Automatic recovery, Magic storage: The sword created by Weapon creation.
  • Flame Katana Suzaku: Offensive Ability 3000, Durability 9973, Special: Divine protection, Fire attribute attack addition, Automatic repair, Automatic recovery, Magic storage: The sword created by Weapon creation.
  • Exploding Sword: Offensive Ability 2500, Durability 100, Special: Fire attribute attack addition, Self-destruction, Flying sword: The sword created by Weapon creation.[14]

Titles & Skills

  • Weapon Creation: His unique skill as a reincarnation, it allows him to craft weapons from nothing using MP. The weapons' quality depends on his skill level and the MP consumed. Also, he is only able to make items that constitute as weapons.[15]
    • Wondrous Weapon Creation: The evolved from of Weapon Creation; it allows him to give special effects to the weapons he crafts, effectively making them magic weapons.[16]
  • Naming: Allows him to name an object or individual, raising the target's status values.[17]
  • Sword God: The extremity of the sword. The maximum correction is applied to movements when using the sword.[14]
  • Space Magic: Wrath uses his Space Magic to store many of his swords in a pocket dimension. When in battle and in need of long range attacks, Wrath has shown the capability to unleash a barrage of swords at the enemies by summoning his stored blades and then using propulsion magic to fire them. The overall destructive power combined with his explosive swords has been compared to him literally having portable missiles at his beck and call.[18]
  • Wrath: Unlocked after he snapped with anger following years of psychological abuse under Buirimus; while active, it raises his base stats ten-fold, but also makes him go into a blind rage and attack everyone in sight whilst maintaining only a vague sense of consciousness. This has been somewhat mitigated through he's Heresy Resistance training.


Web Novel: Oni 3
Goblin LV1 Skill Points: 0 Razraz
HP 69
MP 35
SP 66
Average Offense Ability : 68
Average Defense Ability : 66
Average Magic Ability : 33
Average Resistance Ability : 31
Average Speed Ability : 65
Magic Perception LV2  •  Magic Manipulation LV1  •  SP Recovery Speed LV3  •  SP Consumption Down LV6  •  Concentration LV3  •  Prayer LV8  •  Blunt Resistance LV2  •  Wind Resistance LV1  •  Ice Resistance LV6  •  Enhanced Vision LV7  •  Enhanced Hearing LV6  •  Enhanced Smell LV4  •  Enhanced Taste LV2  •  Enhanced Touch LV3  •  Life LV9  •  Magic Amount LV4  •  Agility LV7  •  Endurance LV7  •  Powerful LV9  •  Sturdy LV8  •  Magician LV3  •  Protection LV2  •  Dash LV7  •  Weapon Creation LV1  •  n%I=W
Monster Encyclopedia: File 26
Ogre King LV1 Skill Points: 0
HP 658
MP 1127
SP 656
Offense : 640
Defense : 638
Magic : 975
Resistance : 986
Speed : 631
Stat Skills
HP Auto-Recovery LV9 • MP Rapid Recovery LV3 • MP Minimized Consumption LV3 • SP Recovery Speed LV2 • SP Lessened Consumption LV2 • Life LV1 • Magic Mass LV1 • Instantaneous LV1 • Persistent LV1 • Strength LV3 • Solidity LV3 • Monk LV1 • Talisman LV1 • Running LV1
Attack Skills
Magic Power Attack LV1 • Energy Attack LV1 • Heretic Attack LV1 • Fire Attack LV1 • Lightning Attack LV1
Enhancement Skills
Cutting Enhancement LV3 • Piercing Enhancement LV1 • Fire Enhancement LV1 • Lightning Enhancement LV1
Active Skills
Magic Warfare LV2 • Magic Power Conferment LV6 • Battle Divinity LV10 • Clairvoyance LV2 • Naming LV7 • Curse LV8
Leadership Skills
Perception Skills
Magic Power Perception LV10 • Concentration LV10 • Thought Acceleration LV1 • Prediction LV1 • Parallel Minds LV1 • Arithmetic Processing LV1 • Memory LV2 • Presence Perception LV1
Magic Skills
Magic Power Operation LV7 • Fire Magic LV5 • Lightning Magic LV5 • Healing Magic LV3 • Heretic Magic LV6
Resistance Skills
Destruction Resistance LV1 • Impact Resistance LV1 • Cutting Resistance LV1 • Piercing Resistance LV1 • Shock Resistance LV1 • Fire Resistance LV1 • Ice Resistance LV2 • Wind Resistance LV1 • Lightning Resistance LV1 • Status Condition Resistance LV1 • Faint Resistance LV1 • Fear Resistance LV3 • Heresy Resistance LV5 • Pain Resistance LV8
Passive Skills
Swordsmanship LV1 • Throw LV3 • Hit LV4 • Evasion LV4 • Intimidation LV1 • Five Senses Enhancement LV1
Other Skills
Enma • Demon Lord LV1 • Dignity LV1 • Wrath • Prayer LV3 • Divinity Expansion LV1 • Taboo LV6 • Fantasy Weapon Creation LV10
Web Novel: Blood 26
Oni LV49 Skill Points: 0 Wrath
HP 16,077
MP 19,899
SP 15,755
Average Offense Ability : 15,888
Average Defense Ability : 15,823
Average Magic Ability : 17,760
Average Resistance Ability : 17,808
Average Speed Ability : 15,773
Stat & Ability Skills
HP Rapid Recovery LV8 • MP Rapid Recovery LV10 • MP Minimized Consumption LV10 • SP Rapid Recovery LV1 • SP Minimized Consumption LV2 • Ultimate Life LV10 • Ultimate Magic LV10 • Ultimate Movement LV10 • Fortune LV10 • Fortitude LV10 • Stronghold LV10 • Deva LV10 • Sanctum LV10 • Skanda LV10
Attack Skills
Magic Power Super-Attack LV1 • Energy Super-Attack LV1 • Heretic Attack LV5 • Flame Attack LV5 • Bolt Attack LV6
Enhancement Skills
Cutting Super-Enhancement LV10 • Impact Super-Enhancement LV1 • Piercing Super-Enhancement LV3 • Shock Enhancement LV9 • Destruction Super-Enhancement LV1 • Flame Enhancement LV1 • Bolt Enhancement LV2
Active Skills
Magic Divinity LV2 • Magic Power Conferment LV10 • Magic Conferment LV2 • Battle Divinity LV10 • Energy Conferment LV10 • Ability Conferment LV2 • Dragon Power LV8 • Psychokinesis LV7 • Dimensional Maneuvering LV2 • Tyrant LV3 • Jinx LV3 • Clairvoyance LV7 • Naming LV10 • Wondrous Weapon Creation LV10
Leadership Skills
Perception Skills
Magic Power Perception LV10 • Concentration LV10 • Thought Acceleration LV8 • Foresight LV2 • Parallel Minds LV1 • High-Speed Processing LV5 • Hit LV10 • Evasion LV10 • Probability Super-Correction LV1 • Appraisal LV2 • Presence Perception LV4
Magic Skills
Precise Magic Power Operation LV2 • Fire Magic LV10 • Flame Magic LV6 • Lightning Magic LV10 • Bolt Magic LV6 • Healing Magic LV8 • Heretic Magic LV10 • Spatial Magic LV8
Resistance Skills
Destruction Super-Resistance LV5 • Cutting Nullification • Impact Super-Resistance LV5 • Piercing Super-Resistance LV5 • Shock Super-Resistance LV5 • Flame Resistance LV2 • Water Resistance LV6 • Ice Resistance LV9 • Gale Resistance LV1 • Earth Resistance LV5 • Bolt Resistance LV2 • Light Resistance LV2 • Dark Resistance LV1 • Status Condition Super-Resistance LV4 • Faint Resistance LV5 • Fear Super-Resistance LV2 • Heresy Resistance LV9
Passive Skills
Sword God • Throw LV10 • Expel LV10 • Memory LV8 • Pain Nullification • Pain Mitigation LV9 • Night Vision LV5 • Five Senses Super-Enhancement LV3 • Perception Expansion LV3
Other Skills
Enma • Demon Lord LV4 • Dignity LV4 • Wrath • Prayer LV3 • Divinity Expansion LV4 • Taboo LV10 • n% I = W
Ally Killer  •  Kin Eater  •  Ruler of Wrath  •  Monster Slayer  •  Human Slayer  •  Merciless  •  Human Slaughterer  •  Demon Slayer  •  Monster Slayer  •  Fearbringer  •  Demon Slaughterer  •  Dragon Slayer  •  Conquerer  •  Human Calamity  •  Country Destroyer  •  Monster Slaugherer  •  Sword God  •  Demon Calamity  •  Fairy Slayer  •  Monster Calamity


  • In the web novel version of the story, because Shun sided against Shiraori's plan to destroy the System, Wrath dies whilst fighting his party and Güliedistodiez' Dragons, sacrificing himself to the system. This means his soul got destroyed to fuel the system.
  • Wrath's katanas are named after the Japanese names of two of the 4 symbols. With Seiryuu being the Azure dragon and Suzaku being the Vermillion bird.
  • In the web novel, Shiro compared Wrath launching his swords from his pocket dimension to Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon from the Fate/ franchise.[19]
  • In the web novel, it is stated that all of Wrath's stats become 99,999 when using his namesake skill.
  • Using Wrath increases the maximum HP, MP and SP but do not change the current values.
  • Wrath's stats differ greatly between the WN and LN. In the WN his stats are in the 15,000s but in the LN they are only in the 2,000s.


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