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The world of Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? is unnamed and has a lot of lost history, but does have proper societies and governments. Most of the countries are governed by monarchies, with extremely prestigious and powerful people as their leaders.


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Daztrudia is a landmass ruled by humans. The Holy Kingdom of Alleius and Kingdom of Analeit are there, separated from Kasanagara by the sea. One must traverse the Upper Stratum the Great Elroe Labyrinth to get to Kasanagara due to the aggressiveness of the Water Dragons.
Kasanagara is the continent most of the story takes place on. It is split into three main countries: the Demon Realm to the north, Renxandt Empire directly south of the Demon Realm, and Sariella to the far south of the continent. Between the Renxandt Empire and Sariella is a wasteland, and then many smaller human countries, akin to city-states. The Mystic Mountains form a natural border between the Demon Realm and Renxandt Empire on their western border, and is regarded as just as dangerous as the Great Elroe Labyrinth due to the harsh terrain and dangerous monsters.


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There are two main religions, the Goddess Religion and the Word of God religion. Most of the world follows the Word of God religion which encourages its members to raise skills in order to hear the voice of God. It also has it's own small kingdom and is lead by a Pope who is always, once appointed, named after Dustin, its founder. The current pope is Dustin LXI.

The Goddess Religion preaches worship of the Goddess of old, and is mainly practiced by the country of Sariella. Some of the smaller countries to the north of Sariella also practice the Goddess Religion.


Each year has 411 days and 10 months of 41 days. The extra day is celebrated as the New Day, and doesn't belong to any month.[1] There are at least two calendars used, the Kingdom Calendar, which is used by the Analeit Kingdom, and the Empire Calendar, which is used by the Renxandt Empire. There are seven known months: Abu and Maya, presumably around the end of the year, and Sata, Nahe, Haku, Yafu, and Kade, presumably around the beginning of the year.[2]


There is more than one moon that orbits the planet.[3][4]


  • Appraisal Ceremony: For nobility, the Appraisal Ceremony is a large formal event where children of the nobility have their status Appraised. It is considered a special occasion and the ceremony serves as the child's debut to greater society.[5]
  • Taratect Hunting: Mass taratect hunting is common in the Daztrudia continent whenever the Queen Taratect lays its' eggs.[6]
  • Phoenix Migration: Once every few decades, the phoenix changes nests, sometimes settling near its previous nest and sometimes wandering for months. During this time, many people follow the phoenix trying collect the feathers it leaves behind and to evacuate villages wich are in it's path.[7]

Miscellaneous Items

  • Krikta:『A plant that grows extensively across the continent of Kasanagara. It flowers regularly and produces fruit. The fruit has a sweet taste and restores a small amount of MP.』[8]

Krikta fruit are a delicacy enjoyed by demons and gods alike.[9]

  • Phoenix Feather: A consumable item that makes the holder temporarily invincible.[10]
  • Cigarettes: Cigarettes exist.[11]
  • Antidotes: Antidotes are shown to be used to treat poison-infected humans.[12]
  • Liquor: The Boudier region visited by Julius is famous for its liquor. It has a mellow aroma and pairs well with fruit.[13]


There are four major currencies, and several minor ones. The major currencies are the Alleius coin, the Renxandt coin, the Sariella coin, and the Okut coin used on the continent of Daztrudia. There is also the Demon coins and the ancient coin. A single night in a Renxandt inn costs one Renxant silver coin. 100 Renxandt silvers are worth 1 Renxant gold. Alleius coins are worth 10 times the equivalent Renxandt coin, and are the most wide-spread currency.[14]

Magic Tools

Magic tools are created using the Ability Conferment skill to imbue an item with a skill.[15] This allows the owner to use the skill even if they don't have ability of the skill.

  • Nobles and rich people use low-grade magic tools to produce water.[16]
  • Curse tools loaded with Heresy Magic are used to make criminals confess. Their use is tightly regulated by the church.[17]
  • Spatial Storage items are used by guides like Basgath.[18]
  • Magic-imbued staffs are used to invoke spells without needing the skill.[19]
  • Teleport gates are made by rare individuals with a high level in both Spatial Magic and Ability Conferment.[15]


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