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Wind dragon Hyuvan is the oldest and most powerful of the wind dragons that fly over the wasteland in the coalition of countries between Sariella and the Renxandt Empire.

Monster File Description

The leader of the wind dragons, who reigns over the wasteland within the borders of the coalition of minor countries. One of the eldest and strongest of the already powerful dragons. Specializing in incredibly high-speed flight, this dragon boasts unrivaled power in the skies. It can even control the weather, blowing away enemies with violent storms. As such, the surrounding nations view it with both fear and reverence, and their people will sometimes pray to this dragon as a rain making god during times of drought. It is a legendary-class monster, assumed untouchable by humans.[1]

Known Individuals

Hyuvan is a unique wind dragon, the only of his kind. He has a brazen personality, and is not afraid to speak his mind. While he speaks rudely and loudly to anyone he is speaking to, he is not one to pick fights he knows he can't win, which isn't many considering his strength. Instead, if he is dealing with someone who he cannot face alone, such as Ariel or White, he will bring up Güliedistodiez, whom Hyuvan refers to as his boss.

His original duty is to remove the radioactive air from the wasteland with the rest of the wind dragons. After he succeeded in doing that, there was little left for him to do, so he was rather bored until Kumoko and co. released the seal on the G-Fleet.

Volume 7-6: Live Broadcast from the Leaders' Meeting
Wind Dragon LV98 Skill Points: 0 Hyuvan
HP 12545
MP 15494
SP 32588
Offense : 15176
Defense : 12490
Magic : 15055
Resistance : 12027
Speed : 32776
Stat Skills
HP Rapid Recover LV1  •  MP Rapid Recovery LV10  •  MP Minimized Consumption LV10  •  SP Rapid Recovery LV10  •  SP Minimized Consumption LV10  •  Ultimate Life LV10  •  Ultimate Magic LV10  •  Ultimate Movement LV10  •  Fortune LV10  •  Fortitude LV10  •  Stronghold LV10  •  Deva LV10  •  Sanctum LV10  •  Skanda LV10
Attack Skills
Magic Power Super-Attack LV6  •  Energy Super-Attack LV10  •  Flood Attack LV1  •  Gale Attack LV10  •  Bolt Attack LV2
Enhancement Skills
Destruction Super-Enhancement LV2  •  Impact Super Enhancement LV4  •  Cutting Enhancement LV8  •  Piercing Super-Enhancement LV7  •  Shock Super-Enhancement LV6  •  Flood Enhancement LV10  •  Gale Enhancement LV10  •  Bolt Enhancement LV10
Active Skills
Battle Divinity LV10  •  Dimensional Maneuvering LV10  •  High-Speed Flight LV10  •  Panoptic Vision LV3 Magic Divinity LV4
Leadership Skills
Cooperation LV10  •  Leadership LV3  •  Kin Control LV10
Perception Skills
Magic Power Perception LV10  •  Concentration LV10  •  Thought Super-Acceleration LV3  •  Future Sight LV3  •  Parallel Minds LV3  •  High-Speed Processing LV10  •  Hit LV10  •  Evasion LV10  •  Probability Super-Correction LV10  •  Motion Perception LV10  •  Heat Perception LV10
Magic Skills
Precise Magic Power Operation LV5  •  Water Magic LV10  •  Flood Magic LV10  •  Tide Magic LV3  •  Ice Magic LV3  •  Wind Magic LV10  •  Gale Magic LV10  •  Tempest Magic LV10  •  Lightning Magic LV10  •  Bolt Magic LV10  •  Thunder Magic LV5  •  Shadow Magic LV10  •  Dark Magic LV3
Resistance Skills
Destruction Resistance LV8  •  Impact Resistance LV8  •  Cutting Resistance LV6  •  Piercing Resistance LV7  •  Shock Nullification  •  Fire Resistance LV4  •  Flood Resistance LV8  •  Ice Resistance LV7  •  Gale Nullification  •  Earth Resistance LV6  •  Bolt Nullification  •  Light Resistance LV3  •  Black Resistance LV1  •  Heavy Super-Resistance LV4  •  Status Condition Super-Resistance LV3  •  Acid Resistance LV1  •  Faint Resistance LV9  •  Fear Super-Resistance LV2  •  Heresy Resistance LV1  •  Pain Nullification
Passive Skills
Divine Scales LV10  •  Stealth LV10  •  Night Vision LV10  •  Five Senses Super-Enhancement LV10  •  Perception Expansion LV10  •  Pain Super-Mitigation LV3
Other Skills
Wind Dragon LV10


  1. Volume 7-6: Live Broadcast from the Leaders' Meeting
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