Wald Atmos is the ex-fiance of Felmina. The son of a good family. A brave man who was strongly attracted to Sophia and as a result of pledging allegiance to her, was allowed to become a vampire. Love is blind. Despite already having a fiancee in Felmina he threw her away, and was prepared to throw away his own position and everything in order to win over Sophia. Currently he, Sophia and Felmina are all working under Shiro[1]. Somehow this love-triangle is like a minor scene of carnage.


Deeply in love with Sophia, to the point that he instinctively shielded her from Feirune's breath attack. He is ashamed to have been injured by the attack.[2]


During the Human-Demon Great War, Wald acts as Shiro's aide in place of Felmina, who was occupied with an ambush on elves. He takes command of the Tenth Demon Army after Shiro kills Julius.[3]

For the journey to the Elf Village, Wald was stationed beside Hugo in order to watch over him.[2]


In the Web Novel, Wald became a vampire accidentally as a result of dying from Sophia drinking too much blood.[4]


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