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Wald Atmos is the ex-fiancé of Felmina and a member of the Tenth Demon Army.


As the eldest son and heir to one of the highest ranking Noble Families within Demon Society, Wald was a complete embodiment of the stereotypical prodigious/ideal son of nobility. Before Sophia's entry into the Demon Academy, Wald was the one who completely dominated every field within the school, from academics, physical activities and martial combat. Due to appearing to be the strongest student in the academy, he developed a large ego and a strong sense of arrogance. Furthermore, due to being born as a noble, Wald was highly adept in political maneuvering and social interaction/manipulation. It was proven as such when he manipulated the majority of the other students into becoming subservient to him without them noticing, and established the hierarchy of the academy.

Wald himself greatly enjoyed the power he held over his peers, and was stated to look down on all of them as inferior to himself. And due to his intelligence, Wald himself was stated to have completely masked all the negative aspects of his personality perfectly from everyone around him under a kind, friendly persona.

However, this all changed upon him falling in love with Sophia. While he initially hated her due to her performance being better than his, he soon came to deeply admire and eventually love her due to his feelings of inferiority and competition becoming admiration and infatuation. He even started adoring Sophia's terrible personality traits, such as her sarcasm and lack of respect towards those she dislikes, commenting that he admired the way she was honest and vocal of the way she saw things without minding other's feelings.

In fact, Wald's feelings for her had even gotten to the point that he was willing to abandon everyone and everything he had, his status as a noble, his position as the heir to his family, his fiancée and longtime friend Felmina, and even his racial identity as a Demon, just to be with Sophia. When contemplating his actions of plotting against Felmina and then engineering her downfall from Demon High Society and getting her disowned by her family after learning of her attempt to remove Sophia, Wald himself expressed absolutely no regrets nor guilt for his actions and even stated he would have gladly done it all over again and sacrificed even more if needed for his love for Sophia.

Wald's deep love for Sophia, is seen to the point that he instinctively shielded her from Feirune's breath attack, showing that he was more than willing to sacrifice his life for her.[1]

Due to his love for Sophia, Wald has also shown to have developed a jealous side to himself as well. This is seen where he was jealous of Merazophis's close relationship with Sophia and desired to take her attention away from him and keep it for himself.


The son of a good family. A brave man who was strongly attracted to Sophia and, as a result of pledging allegiance to her, was allowed to become a vampire. Despite already having a fiancée in Felmina, he threw her away, and was prepared to throw away his position and everything to win over Sophia. He, Sophia and Felmina are currently all working under Shiraori[2].

During the Great Human-Demon War, Wald acts as Shiro's aide in place of Felmina, who was occupied with an ambush on elves. He takes command of the Tenth Demon Army after Shiro kills Julius.[3]

For the journey to the Elf Village, Wald sat next to Hugo to watch over him.[1]


  • In the Web Novel, Wald became a vampire accidentally as a result of dying from Sophia drinking too much blood.[4]


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