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Vampires are one of the humanoid races found in the other world. Bloodsucking subspecies of both humans and Demons, the sub-ability "Demon Change" of the skill [Vampire] produces new vampires when a vampire is thinking about wanting a retainer, or when the victim dies by blood loss.


Becoming a vampire causes the complexion to become pale. Vampires take damage from sunlight[1] and have a desire to feast on the blood of other beings. They have a reputation for preferring the blood of beautiful women.[2]


The Vampire skill immediately awards the Vampire title and triggers evolution into a vampire.[3] If the individual was born as a vampire, they also have the Progenitor title, which cancels out the negatives effects of being a vampire.[4] Turning others' into vampires triggers the acquisition of the Originator title.[5]

Skills granted by the Vampire title

  • HP Auto-Recovery LV1
  • Night Vision LV1

Skills granted by the Progenitor title

  • Undying Body LV1
    • Increases every attribute resistance other than fire, light and rot. In addition, grants the daily ability to survive any attack on 1 HP
  • Five Senses Enhancement LV1

Skills granted by the Originator title

  • Kin Control
  • Status Condition Resistance LV1

The Vampire skill grants abilities as it levels:

  • LV1 Blight Blood: Decreases status when blood is not drunk.[6] Monster blood can sustain life, but without human blood, stats decrease greatly.[7]
  • LV? Charm: Weaker version of the Charm skill. Applies Brainwashed effect.[8]
  • LV? Grants the ability to stockpile blood inside the user's body.[9]

At level 10, the Vampire skill evolves into Higher Vampire, which also grants abilities as it levels[10]

  1. Moon Protection: Increases status with the waxing of the moon.
  2. Strong Blood: Increases status values when blood is drunk.
  3. Blood Mist: Transforms the user's blood into a controllable mist.
  4. Shadow Demon: Summons familiars from the shadow, including wolf- bird- and mouse-types.[11]
  5. Demon Change: The user transforms into a familiar.
  6. Kin Summon: Summons kin.
  7. Mistification: The user transforms into a mist of blood.
  8. Rebirth: Automatically revives the user over the course of a day when HP reaches 0.
Web novel: Oni vs Oni ③
Shadow demon (wolf) LV- Skill Points: 0
HP 3,000
MP 1
SP 2,500
Offense : 3,000
Defense : 2,500
Magic : 1
Resistance : 1,500
Speed : 3,000
Destruction Super-Enhancement LV2 • Damage Super-Enhancement LV1 • Cutting Super-Enhancement LV1 • Impact Super-Enhancement LV1 • Strong Acid Attack LV8

Due to vampires being individuals with unique traits, their stats tend to vary widely based on their upbringing. Sophia, having been trained from young age, has incredibly powerful stats. Wald, on the other hand, has only above average stats for a demon, having been brought up as nobility before being turned into a vampire.


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Known Individuals


  • Vampire seems incapable of turning oni into its vampire variant. This can be assumed that monsters can't be turned into vampire.

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