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For Hero (Character), see Schlain and Julius.

Shun becomes the Hero

A title awarded to a single human. The counterpart of the Demon Lord title.

The Hero title is preferentially awarded to individuals with high levels in the Hero skill, although ruler authority can be used to reject the title.[1] Additionally, the Hero title is given to the human that best suits the role based on overall strength and personality, with the latter seeming taking a priority.[2]


  • All contracted monsters evolve.[3]
  • Awards the skills Hero Level 1 and Holy Light Magic Level 1.[4]
  • If the current Demon Lord is balance-breaking overpowered, the Hero will gain a power up in combat.[5]


  • Year 801: Darresmeig becomes Hero as Meicis dies during a battle at the Kusorion Fort
  • Year 803: Darresmeig kills Demon Lord Atomos
  • Year 804: Darresmeig goes missing
  • Year 840: Darresmeig dies after using Dimensional Magic to attack D.[6] Julius becomes Hero.
  • Year 856: Shun becomes Hero when Julius is killed by Shiro


  • In the Yen Press translation of Volume 7, the Hero skill and title is incorrectly described as having granted Kumoko the skill Miracle Magic LV10. Miracle Magic is granted as a property of the Ruler of Charity title.


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