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A title awarded to a single monster or demon. The counterpart to the Hero title. Upon revealing this title to Demon, the holder becomes the leader of their armies and lands. The current Demon Lord is Ariel.[1]

The Demon Lord title is preferentially awarded to individuals with high levels in the Demon Lord skill, although ruler authority can be used to interfere with this.[2]


The full effects of this title is unknown, however the holder bears significant risk when fighting against the Hero. Each time the Demon Lord kills the Hero, the next generation's Hero will become stronger. This strength is a result of directly drawing on MA Energy rather than through stats or Skills.[3]

In the anime, the Demon Lord skill multiples Skill level by a value of 100, increases stat levels, and increases all resistances.[4]


Throughout history, the Demon Lord and the Hero have fought and slain one another. The first Demon Lord was a vampire named Foddway.

Spoilers from the Past Arc

The purpose of the conflict between Demon Lord and Hero is to return MA Energy to the world by returning the Skills earned by the Demon Lord and the Hero. It wasn't until 30 years ago that the Demon Lord and the Hero joined forces tried to destroy the god who ruled over the System. They were unsuccessful. Since then, the world has been on the absolute brink of destruction, and unique individuals known as Reincarnations entered into the fray.[citation needed]

  • Year 804: Atomos is killed by Hero Darresmeig
  • Year 840: The Demon Lord dies after using Dimensional Magic to attack D.[5] Ariel becomes Demon Lord.


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