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The Nightmare of the Labyrinth appears in the Keren territory in year 842.

Sophia was reincarnated as the only daughter of John Keren, lord of Keren County in the country of Sariella. She soon discovers that she is a vampire, unlike the rest of her family. Sophia is aware that her status as a noble will cause her to be appraised during her coming-of-age ceremony, so she attempts to learn how to block Appraisal by visiting her father's study each night from an extremely young age.Web Novel only[citation needed]

As a baby, she was being transported by carriage with her mother when they were attacked by bandits. Kumoko saves them and healed their escorts, including Merazophis. Lady Seras leaves the carriage in order to thank her, taking Sophia. Kumoko is shocked by the number of skill points that she has. Kumoko is also extremely flustered by Lady Seras's behavior, and decides to flee into the forest.[1]


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Kumoko comes across a carriage being attacked by bandits. She saves them and heals their escorts, including Merazophis. Lady Seras then leaves the carriage in order to thank her, taking baby Sophia with her. Kumoko appraises Sophia and is shocked to find that she has 75,000 skill points: she realises that Sophia is also a reincarnation.[1] She flees the scene after becoming the centre of attention.[2] While fleeing, the recently returned Parallel Minds unexpectedly brought the corpses of the robbers.

After spotting a group suspicious-looking people staring at the carriage's safe arrival in town, she kills the team they send to into the Keren mansion from afar using Jinx Evil Eye with Panoptic Vision. She sees the boss of the suspicious group remove his hood after contacting someone with Telepathy, revealing himself to be an elf. The Parallel Minds unexpectedly react with hatred toward the elves, which creeps out the former information-in-charge.[3]

For the exp, and to hinder the elves, Kumoko kills all the robbers in the area. She picks up three new Evil Eyes: Sealing, which seals skills; Antimagic, which interferes with magic construction; and Warped, which hollows out a target space.[4]

Returning from laying eggs in the Labyrinth, Kumoko teleports in front of a team of adventurers from Ohts. She recognises some of them as being from the team that she saved from a snake earlier. After stopping the rest of the adventurers from attacking her, they give Kumoko some fruit and go to the town to tell people about their spider savior. Rumours then spread that Kumoko is the Goddess's Divine Beast, so various people in need of a miracle go to her for healing. As a result, she gains the Rescuer, Medicine Alchemist, Saint, Savior, Ruler of Charity and Guardian titles. She also begins to learn the local language through the hard work of her Parallel Minds.[5]

A particularly annoying diplomat from Ohts sent a group to capture Kumoko, so she kills him. Things quickly escalate to the point of a war between Ohts and Sariella. After killing the remaining elves in the town, she teleports to the battlefield and wipes out a lot of the Ohts forces using a Dark Magic spell. Suddenly, the Demon Lord teleports in thanks to administrator Güliedistodiez.[6] While Kumoko desperately defends herself, the young Hero appears and challenges Kumoko. As it is always possible for the Hero to defeat the Demon Lord, Ariel becomes wary. However, the Hero is distracted by a ball of fire sent by one of the armies, giving Ariel the chance to annihilate Kumoko with Abyss Magic.[7]

Just before her body was erased, Kumoko was able to transfer her soul into an unhatched offspring. Administrator Gyurie-Gyurie appears and talks to Kumoko using Telepathy. He explains that he only teleported Ariel because they are old friends, and that he has been ordered to not directly interfere with the reincarnations by D. He gives her the corpses of some Earth Dragons who had fought to delay Ariel in the Bottom Stratum and asks her to stop meddling with Ariel and getting involved with the humans. Kumoko refuses to both requests: she can no longer contact the former body-in-charge Parallel Mind that was sent to attack Ariel, and she can't trust that the humans would avert the destruction of the world by themselves if she were to simply hole up in a cave.[8]

After Gülie-Gülie leaves, Kumoko eats the Earth Dragon corpses to give her the SP needed to evolve into an Arachne. She also transplants her Parallel Minds into some of her other offspring and leaves them the rest of the corpses before teleporting to her nest near the town again to check for any last offerings, but sees that the town is on fire and that a group of elves is attacking the mansion.[9] Just as the elves are about to finish off the family servant and recently-turned vampire, Merazophis, Kumoko teleports in to save the day. One of the elves is unexpectedly not destroyed by her initial attack. The elf activates an "Anti-Technique Barrier", which cancels out all assistance from the System external to the body. The elf introduces himself as Potimas Harrifenas and attacks Kumoko using a combination of long-range gun fire and hand-to-hand combat.

Potimas's technology puts him at an advantage because all of Kumoko's skills that are outside of her body are cancelled out. When she damages him a little, it is clear that he is not flesh-and-blood, but a cyborg of some kind. He unveils even more advanced tech and backs Kumoko into a corner with a combination of experience and advanced technologies, including a railgun. Even when Kumoko figures out a trick to be able to use some skills, she is still at a disadvantage and pushed into a corner. Eventually, Ariel enters the fray, obliterating Potimas's cyborg clone in order to talk to Kumoko, whom Ariel had thought obliterated by her Abyss Magic. They come to a cease-fire and turn their attention towards the baby Sophia and her attendant Merazophis, who decide to join the two on a journey to Sariella's capital since they have no where else to go.


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Sophia lives a sheltered life in Keren County, a small area of the country of Sariella. Her father and mother have given her a life of luxury up until now, but the recent rescue of Lady Seras, Merazophis, and Sophia by Kumoko has shaken up the small county's daily life.

Sophia's mother preaches to the town that the Divine Beast of the Goddess saved her daughter and her, mistakenly confusing Kumoko for the real Divine Beast known as Ariel. Since Kumoko has taken up residence in the nearby forest, the townspeople begin to bring her offerings of fruit and worship. The bring their sick and dying to be healed, and the town begins to earnestly worship the spider as the real Divine Beast. News of such a holy being from the Goddess Religion would not stay quiet for long, much to Lord Keren's chagrin. Eventually the news reaches the ears of the neighboring country of Ohts, whose fort was destroyed by Kumoko. They send a diplomat to bring the spider back to Ohts; if this isn't possible, the diplomat is to kill it using the dispatched assassins. This fails splendidly, resulting in the death of not only the assassins, but the insufferable diplomat.

Unfortunately for Keren County, this is the final straw that breaks the camel's back: Ohts declares war on Sariella, backed by the Renxandt Empire and the Holy Kingdom of Alleius. During the ensuing battle which the Hero takes part in, the supposed Divine Beast appears on the side of Sariella, unleashing a devastating spell that instantly obliterates 10% of the army of Ohts. The attack routs their army, and although they manage to regroup and turn the tides against Sariella when the Divine Beast is seemingly destroyed by a powerful spell, it came at a heavy price. The battle becomes known as Tragedy of Zatona.

Meanwhile, Potimas leads an attack with an elven unit and some of the Ohts army on Keren County to capture the reincarnation known only as Sophia. Lord and Lady Keren urge Merazophis to take Sophia and flee with their dying breaths, charging Merazophis with her safety. They flee the mansion, but are discovered by some Ohts soldiers. Mera is beaten to near-death so Sophia has no other choice but to use her Progenitor skill to turn Mera into a vampire. With his newfound stat increases, Mera is able to fend off the attackers until Potimas shows up, quickly followed by Kumoko in her newly-evolved Arachne form. A battle ensues between Kumoko and Potimas, with Potimas having the upper hand. Out of options, Kumoko is backed into a corner until Ariel finds them, leading to Potimas's robot clone getting destroyed. Things quickly calm down after Potimas is dealt with. Kumoko and Ariel call a cease-fire, and then their attention turns to Sophia and Mera.

With their home destroyed and no where to go, Sophia and Mera decide to join Ariel and Kumoko, now nicknamed White, on a journey to capital of Sariella.


The Tragedy of Zatona is the name of the battle that took place on the Zatona Plains in Sariella between the countries of Ohts and Sariella. It is called a tragedy due to an unforeseen wholesale slaughter that occurred there. Both the armies of Sariella and Ohts where fighting a religious war. Sariella for the Goddess Religion and Ohts for the Word of God religion.

At the center of the conflict was Kumoko, who was being worshipped in Keren County as the Divine Beast of the Goddess. Right before the two sides collided, Kumoko intervened on the side of Sariella, sending a large-scale area of effect spell into the army of Ohts. 10% of their forces where instantly obliterated, and their army routed. Chaos ensued as Sariella pushed their advantage, slaughtering many of the army of Ohts, but with the backing of the Renxandt Empire, Ohts still held the advantage.

Eventually the forces of Ohts where able to cast a tremendous spell at the Divine Beast when it was distracted by Julius the Hero. It disappeared from the battlefield, seemingly obliterated. The shift in morale allowed Ohts turn the tide of battle to decimate the Sarellian forces.

In the end, there where so few survivors that an accurate account of what happened after the Divine Beast entered the fray is impossible to determine. After the battle, the remains of the Ohts army retreated to Keren County in order to prepare for their next attack.


Ohts Army
Sariellian Army
  • Numbers:42,000[1]
  • Notable individuals:
Neutral Parties


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