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A coup d'etat occurs in the Kingdom of Analeit in the year 856 of the Analeit Royal Calendar.

Shun returns to Analeit Castle following his father's orders, where it is confirmed that Shun is indeed the new hero.[1] News from the battlefield is slow but it's not until the return of Hyrince that Shun discovered how Julius had died.[2]

Near the day when the new hero will be announced Shun and Sue are summoned by their father but there something unbelievable happens: Sue kills her father and frames Shun.[3] Sue was under the effect of Lust, a skill that Hugo acquired after his defeat by Ms. Oka.

After escaping from the castle Shun is attacked by a brainwashed Katia who uses the last fragment of her male conscience to blow herself up before she could hurt Shun. This broke Hugo's brainwashing of Katia.[4] There was no time to celebrate because now Sophia, a mysterious girl strong enough to beat Ms Oka, appears with two ninja-like warriors.[5] The situation grew bad, but in the right moment a newly evolved Fei shows up to rescue Shun and company, although they are forced them to leave behind Leston and his soldiers as a decoy.[6]

Ten days later Shun is using the house of a friend of Hyrince's to hide, Katia is almost recovered from the self-destructive explosion she caused, but Ms. Oka is in a coma condition after fighting Sophia. Bad news arrives, setting the day of Leston and Katia's parent's execution. Shun decides to go to rescue them even without Ms Oka.[7] Ronandt, the most powerful human mage and Julius magic teacher, ambushes Fei with long range magic attacks. After a couple of maneuvers Shun and Hyrince reach Ronandt, who teleports away.[8]

In the throne room, Leston and Katia's parents are decapitated by guards just when the party arrives. After knocking down all the guards Shun uses his secret skill Mercy, which he had previously used to save Katia, in order to resurrect the beheaded prisoners. Cylis was another story, as his mind has been broken, and Mercy only fixes body.[9]

Shun, Katia, Hyrince, Ms. Oka, Anna, and Fei resolve to stop the invasion of the elves that Hugo is heading.[10]


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