n% I = W is a mysterious skill that the reincarnation from Earth holds. It was later revealed in the series the skill is what allows the reincarnation to transfer their previous life's strengths, memories and soul into their new body.[1] It is an aid that allows them to receive the benefits of the System of the other world. Without this skill, the reincarnations would be normal humans without the ability to use the System and the abilities it grants.

Additionally, due to the effect of this skill, the Divine Voice and Appraisal results are translated into Japanese. A small bonus is also applied to the rate of skill acquisition and status value increase.[2]

Lastly, this skill also causes the holder to regain their stats such as HP, MP, and SP[3] when they level up, up to a certain point. Once their stats are high enough, n% I = W will no longer be able to fully recovery an individual's status.[4]

See also: Rulers, Gods, Skills


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