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Warning: Exploring this aspect of the So I'm a Spider, So What? Wiki contains heavy spoilers.

Taboo:A skill given to those who commit a taboo. Must never be raised.

— System Description


Taboo is a skill that is increased usually though committing atrocious acts or something that shouldn't be considered natural.

Some known ways to raise Taboo:


Upon reaching Level 10 in Taboo, information about the System can be viewed through a menu:

Browsing the information contained within Taboo causes nausea and induces feelings of guilt strong enough to distort a personality.

Some of the details of history of the world is missing, such as the involvement of Potimas and the dragon gods. In this way, the contents are designed to give the impression that mankind is generally at fault.[1]



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  2. Volume 3-S8: Mercy
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