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In order to activate a unique skill granted by a Ruler Title, the user must first establish their Ruler Authority. Ruler Authority can only be established if the Ruler has Taboo at level 10.[1]

Sub-Ruler, Ruler, and Unique-to-Ruler
Name Appraisal
Pride Tier 1 Desire (欲求): Hugo[2]
Tier 2 Dignity (矜持): Ogre King • Ariel • Dustin • Hugo • Wrath
Tier 3 [Pride] (傲慢): n% of the power to reach godhood. Upon acquiring, experience points and proficiency will greatly increase, along with improved growth capacity for every ability. In addition, the user will gain the ability to surpass the W system and interfere with the MA Field.[3]

Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Hades Tier 1 [Hades] (奈落): Awarded by Ruler of Pride. Manifests Hades.[3]

Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Sloth Tier 1 Rest (休): Bagragratch • Ariel
Tier 2 Indolence (無精): Increases the rate of reduction of the target's HP, MP and SP.[4]
Tier 3 [Sloth] (怠惰): n% of the power to reach godhood. Drastically multiplies the amount of decrease in surrounding system numerical values, excluding the user's. In addition, the user will gain the ability to surpass the W system and interfere with the MA Field.[5]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Corruption Tier 1 [Corruption] (退廃): Awarded by Ruler of Sloth.[6]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Wrath Tier 1 Anger[7] (怒): Massively increases physical stats. Inflicts the Madness status condition on the user.[8]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Anogratch • Hugo[2]

Tier 2 Rage (激怒): Zana Horowa • Arachne • Ariel • Hugo
Tier 3 [Wrath] (憤怒): The user's stats go way up, without costing any MP or SP. However, the user loses their mind, gradually losing their self-awareness.[9]

Ogre King • Wrath

Enma Tier 1 [Enma] (閻魔): Awarded by Ruler of Wrath.[10]

Ogre King • Wrath

Gluttony Tier 1 Overeating (過食): Allows the user to ingest food beyond normal limitations. In addition, the resultant stamina can be stocked as surplus. However, the user will gain weight proportionate to this. The amount of stamina that can be stocked increases with higher skill levels.[11]

Small Taratect • Small Poison Taratect • Zoa Ele • Greater Taratect • Elroe Guneseven • Elroe Gunerave • Elroe Gunesohka • Feirune • Hugo

Tier 2 Satiation[12] (飽食): Allows the user to ingest food beyond normal limitations. HP, MP, and SP will recover accordingly. In addition, the excess can be stocked as surplus. Surplus is stored as pure energy, so the user will not gain weight. The amount that can be stocked increases with higher skill levels.[13]

Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Arch Taratect • Queen Taratect • Rend

Tier 3 [Gluttony] (暴食): n% of the power to reach godhood. Allows the user to eat anything and stock it away as pure energy. In addition, the user will gain the ability to surpass the W system and interfere with the MA field.[14]


Sublimation Tier 1 [Sublimation] (昇華): Awarded by Ruler of Gluttony.[14]


Lust Tier 1 Crude (淫技): Hugo[15]
Tier 2 Depraved (堕淫): Ariel
Tier 3 [Unknown] (色欲): Has the highest-rank of the Charm skill.[16]


Stupefaction Tier 1 [Unknown] (自失): Awarded by Ruler of Lust.[17]
Envy Tier 1 Spite (羨望): Sophia[18]
Tier 2 Jealousy (妬心): Disables a limited number of the target's skills[19]


Tier 3 [Envy] (嫉妬): Disables the target's skills, and cannot be resisted[19]


Root of Evil Tier 1 [Root of Evil] (禍根): Awarded by Ruler of Envy. Cannot be activated.[19]


Greed Tier 1 Snatch[20] (奪取): Zana Horowa • Arachne • Hugo[2]
Tier 2 Usurp (簒奪): Ariel
Tier 3 [Unknown] (強欲): Deprives a random part of the target's power when the user kills others - possibly status values, skill proficiency, or skill points.[21]

Hugo • Sue

Conquest Tier 1 [Unknown] (征服): Awarded by Ruler of Greed.[22]When Greed is active, absorbs the target's entire soul.[1]

Sue[22] • Hugo

Charity Tier 1 Unknown:
Tier 2 Unknown:
Tier 3 [Charity][23](救恤): Awarded by Savior. n% of the Power to reach godhood. Extends the equivelent effect of HP Ultra-Fast Recovery to the user and anyone recognised as the user's allies. In addition, the user will gain the ability to surpass the W system and interfere with the MA field.[24]

Zana Horowa[24] • Arachne • Oka[25]

Offer Tier 1 [Offer] (献上): Awarded by Ruler of Charity.[24] Forcibly presents the target's skills and status to the system, potentially causing the target's soul to collapse from the sudden loss of power. It is meant to only work on the user, though Oka is able to forcibly change it to work on others.[26]

Zana Horowa[24] • Arachne • Oka[26]

Perseverance Tier 1 Unknown:
Tier 2 Unknown:
Tier 3 [Perseverance] (忍耐): n% of the power to reach godhood. Expands the user's divinity field. As long as MP is maintained, the user will survive with 1 HP regardless of the amount of damage taken. In addition, the user will gain the ability to surpass the W system and interfere with the MA Field.[27]

Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Conviction Tier 1 [Conviction] (断罪): Awarded by Ruler of Perseverance. Against targets that have in-system sins in their souls, deals nonresistable damage in proportion to the total amount of guilt.[27]

Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Mercy Tier 1 Unknown:
Tier 2 Unknown:
Tier 3 [Mercy] (慈悲): Returns a recently deceased, mostly intact corpse to life. Consumes a large amount of MP, and raises the level of Taboo.[28]


Humility Tier 1 (祈り): Goblin
Tier 2 Prayer (祈祷): Ogre King
Tier 3 [Unknown] (謙譲): n% of the power to reach godhood. By consuming one's soul, a power that can even compare with the gods can be temporarily gained. In addition, the user will gain the ability to surpass the W system and interfere with the MA Field.[29]


Chastity Tier 1 Unknown:
Tier 2 Unknown:
Tier 3 [Unknown] (純潔)[25]:
Temperance Tier 1 Unknown:
Tier 2 Unknown:
Tier 3 [Temperance] (節制): Allows the user to reincarnate with their memories intact.[30]


Harmony Tier 1 [Unknown] (調和): Awarded by Ruler of Temperance.[31]


Diligence Tier 1 Unknown:
Tier 2 Unknown:
Tier 3 [Diligence] (勤勉): The user themself does not die.[30]


Wisdom Tier 1 [Wisdom][32] (叡智): Integrates Appraisal and Detection.[13] n% of the power to reach godhood. Enables acquisition of browsing level-1 information regarding anything in the user's range of perception. In addition, the user will gain the ability to surpass the W system and interfere with the MA Field.[13]

Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Height of Occultism Tier 1 [Height of Occultism][33] (魔導の極み): Awarded by Ruler of Wisdom.[33] Integrates MP Recovery, MP Consumption Reduction, and Magic Operation. Increases support for controlling magic power within the system, as well as maximising all rune-related stats. Also, maxes out MP recovery speed while minimising MP consumption.[13]

Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Celestial Power Tier 1 [Celestial Power] (星魔): Awarded by Ruler of Wisdom.[33] Integrates MP, Magic Ability and Resistance Ability. Adds a +1,000 correction to MP, magic, and resistance stats. Also, growth of these stats at each level-up increases by 100.[13]

Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Name Appraisal
Fire Dragon Tier 1 Fire Wyrm (火竜): A special skill possessed by fire wyrm species. It grants special effects based on its level. LV1: Fireball Breath.[34] LV3: Life Exchange.[35] LV4: Flame Breath.[35]LV10: Inferno Breath[36]

Elroe Gunerush • Elroe Guneseven • Elroe Gunerave • Elroe Gunesohka

Tier 2 Fire Dragon (火龍): Rend
Wind Wyrm Tier 1 (風竜): Peirens
Tier 2 Wind Dragon (風龍): Hyuvan
Earth Dragon Tier 1 Earth Wyrm (地竜): Fenerush • Fenegrad • Feirune
Tier 2 Earth Dragon (地龍): Araba • Kagna • Gehre • Fuit • Ekisa
Light Dragon Tier 1 Light Wyrm (光竜): At an unknown level, allows the user to transform into a humanoid form.[37]


Tier 2 Unknown:
Ice Dragon Tier 1 Unknown:
Tier 2 Ice Dragon (氷龍): Nia
Dark Dragon Tier 1 Unknown:
Tier 2 Dark Dragon (闇龍): Reise
Vampire Tier 1 Vampire (吸血鬼): User becomes a vampire.[38] Grants abilities as it levels:
LV1 Blight Blood: Decreases status when blood is not drunk. Monster blood can sustain life, but without human blood, stats decrease greatly.[39]
LV? Charm: Weaker version of the Charm skill. Applies Brainwashed effect.[40]
LV?: Grants the ability to stockpile blood inside the user's body.[41]

Merazophis • Sophia

Tier 2 (上位吸血鬼): Grants abilities as it levels:
LV1: Moon Protection: Increases status with the waxing of the moon.
LV2: Strong Blood: Increases status values when blood is drunk.
LV3: Blood Mist: Transforms the user's blood into a controllable mist.
LV4: Shadow Demon: Summons familiars from the shadow, including wolf- bird- and mouse-types.
LV5: Demon Change: The user transforms into a familiar.
LV6: Kin Summon: Summons kin.
LV7: Mistification: The user transforms into a mist of blood.
LV8: Rebirth: Automatically revives the user over the course of a day when HP reaches 0.[42]


Revenge Tier 1 [Unknown] (復讐): Anogratch
Unique to Reincarnations
Name Appraisal
Student Roster Tier 1 Student Roster (生徒名簿): Gives limited information on the other reincarnations: their place of birth, whether they are currently healthy, and the predicted time and cause of their death. When a student dies, their name disappears from from the list.[43]


Book Lover Tier 1 Unknown: Gains the ability to cast original magic by using a book he has read as a grimoire. The effect of the magic depends on the book and is unknown until he uses it once.[38]

Ren Aikawa

Transition Tier 1 (転換): Converts any skill back into skill points, but the return rate is not 100%. Knowing that, she has never used this skill.[38]


Infinite Calling Tier 1 (無限通話): Allows the user to send messages through the elven barrier and across continents, [44]to anyone he has spoken to before.[38]


Ninja Tier 1 (忍者): Gains the ability to use special ninjutsu (Utsusemi, Bunshin, Katon, etc). Also improves proficiency gain of stealth-type skills.[38] Can teleport and shapeshift.[45]


Tears Shed Tier 1 Unknown: The user's tears crystalize and those crystals can be consumed to perform powerful effects (Buffing status, shooting beams, restoring HP or MP).[38]

Naofumi Kogure

Dungeon Creation Tier 1 Unknown: The user spends MP to create/expand a dungeon, as well as create monsters. Due to the large MP cost, it takes an enormous amount of time to complete, but the possibilities are endless.[38]

Issei Sakurazaki

Weapon Creation Tier 1 Weapon Creation (武器錬成): Consumes MP to create weapons. As the level increases, the quality of the weapons produced increases.[46] Can only create things that can be used as weapons, including farm implements and kitchen knives.[10]


Tier 2 Fantasy Weapon Creation (幻想武器錬成)[47]: Ogre King • Wrath
Adventurer Tier 1 Unknown: Contains various abilities of great use for adventuring. Clean (Used to maintain cleanliness), Item Box (Used to carry objects in a subspace), Status Open (Used to view own status), and many more. The abilities are lesser versions of existing skills such as Appraisal/Space Magic.[38]


Premature Tier 1 Unknown: Greatly improves proficiency gain on lower-leveled and un-acquired skills. Additionally, obtaining skills with skill points is discounted.[38]

Dai Tsushima

Instant Response Tier 1 Unknown: Gains the effects of max level Thought Acceleration, Focus, Evasion, Sight Boost, Speed-type skills.

Kouta Hayashi

Defiance Tier 1 Unknown: Passive skill that reflects a portion of all damage taken. Also proficiency gain increases for all resistance-type skills.[38]

Maki Shouwato

Divine Protection Tier 1 Divine Protection (天の加護): You are protected by the heavens, making it easier for you to gain the results you desire in any situation.[48]


Songstress Tier 1 Unknown: Generates various effects based on the type of song that she sings. She is unable to turn off its effects, so the elves banned her from singing, much to her frustration.[38]

Aiko Iijima

Lazy Efficiency Tier 1 Unknown: Minor increase to all skill proficiency gains, also minor increase to skill success rate.[38]


Leader Tier 1 Unknown: Increases charisma and persuasion.[38]

Sachi Kudo

Sweets Girls Tier 1 Unknown: Converts any organic matter into sugar. Works on living things if capable of overcoming the target's defense.[38]

Shuuko Segawa

Animal Friend Tier 1 Unknown: Improves communication ability with monsters. Also extremely high increase to Taming skill proficiency.[38]

Saki Temarikawa

Trend Leader Tier 1 Unknown: Improves ability to sense changes in trends as well starting trends by herself.[38]

Himiko Tonooka

Motherly Tier 1 Unknown: Can inflict Sleep status by hugging others. Proficiency gain increased for healing-type skills. The effects of passive regeneration skills are improved for everyone nearby her.[38]

Chie Nanase

Dreaming Maiden Tier 1 (夢見る乙女): Allows her to stock her a number of her dreams to view later. When she fights in her dreams, she takes real damage, but also can raise her skill levels too. Other people can join her in her dreams.[38]


Affection Arrow Tier 1 Unknown: Gains the ability to see the affection of others. By holding hands with someone, she can shoot an magic arrow dealing damage based on that person's affection level.[38]

Mio Furuta

Name Appraisal
Demon Lord Tier 1 Demon Lord (魔王): Proficiency can be earned by behaving in a way befitting of a demon lord.[49] Increases each stat by the number of the skill level x100. Also raises all resistances.[50]

Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Queen Taratect • Ogre King • Hugo[49] • Sophia • Wrath

Tier 2 Great Demon Lord (大魔王): Arachne • Reise • Ariel
Hero Tier 1 Hero (勇者): Awarded by the Hero[51] or Savior[24] titles, or proficiency can be earned by behaving in a way befitting of a hero.[49] Increases each stat by the number of the skill level x100, and increases all resistances.[24]

Arachne • Julius • Hyrince[49] • Shun[51]

Tier 2 Unknown:
Taboo Tier 1 Taboo (禁忌): Awarded by Kin Eater.[52] A skill given to those who commit a taboo. Must never be raised.[11]At level 10, information installs.[53]

Small Taratect • Small Poison Taratect • Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Greater Taratect • Arch Taratect • Queen Taratect • Nia • Ogre King • Ariel • Dustin • Shun • Katia • Feirune • Hugo • Sophia

Divinity Expansion Tier 1 Divinity Expansion (神性領域拡張): Expands divinity field.[33]

Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Queen Taratect • Ogre King • Ariel • Katia • Sophia • Wrath • Hugo • Sophia

Skill Elimination Tier 1 Skill Elimination: Can be acquired without any skill points. Deletes all the user's skills over several days.[54]
n%I = W Tier 1 [n%I = W] (n%I=W): Allows the reincarnation to recall their past life, integrates them into the System,[55] translates the Divine Voice and Appraisal results into Japanese, applies a small bonus to the rate of skill acquisition and status value increase,[56] and, at each level-up, restores their HP, MP and SP.[57] Cannot be appraised.[48]
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