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Magic Skills Are a unique concept only present in the System. Two Skills, Magic Power Operation and Magic Perception (in Perception Skills) are required to use the Magic Skills on this page. Magic Perception is required to detect the flow of mana in the body and environment around them, while Magic Power Operation is used to manipulate said mana and create runes for spellcasting.

Although the skills on this page are arranged in skill lines, magic skills do not actually evolve into the next skill, but rather derive it without replacing the lower tier skill. Purchasing an advanced magic skill seems to require purchasing the LV10 lesser and intermediate skills first,[1], although titles can award intermediate skills without affecting lesser skills.[2]

Magic Skills
Name Appraisal
Magic Power Operation Tier 1 Magic Power Operation (魔力操作): Greater Taratect • Arch Taratect • Peirens • Rend • Araba • Kagna • Gehre • Fuit • Ekisa • Goblin • Ogre King • Elroe Basilisk • Elroe Baraggish • Dustin • Basgath • Shun • Katia • Hugo • Sophia • Filimøs
Tier 2 Precise Magic Power Operation (魔力精密操作)[3]: Araba • Nia • Hyuvan • Reise • Ariel • Feirune • Sophia • Wrath
Heretic Magic Tier 1 Heretic Magic[4] (外道魔法): Awarded by the Kin Eater[5] and Merciless titles.[6] Intended as a tool to confront gods.[7] At level 10, increases level of Taboo.[8] Magic that directly assaults the soul.
LV1: Discomfort — plants discomfort directly in the soul.
LV2: Phantom Pain — plants phantom pain directly in the soul,[9] ignoring Pain Mitigation.[10]
LV3: Phantom Insanity — plants insanity directly in the soul[11]
LV5: Hypnosis — Forces the target to temporarily obey the user. Requires a complicated magic construction, and the MP cost increases with the target's resistance.[12]
LV6: Phantasm — induces hallucinations in the target[13]
LV10: Rend Soul — Destroys the target's soul[14]

Small Taratect • Small Poison Taratect • Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Greater Taratect • Arch Taratect • Queen Taratect • Ogre King • Nia • Reise • Ariel • Hugo • Wrath

Fire Magic Tier 1 Fire Magic (火魔法): LV1: Ember[15]
LV5: Ignites a row of flames.[16]

Arachne[15] • Rend • Araba[10] • Ariel • Ogre King • Katia • Hugo • Sophia • Wrath

Tier 2 Flame Magic (火炎魔法): LV?: A ranged attack that burns everything in a wide area.[17]

Araba[10] • Katia • Wrath

Tier 3 Inferno Magic (獄炎魔法): LV1: Scorched Earth — covers the ground in flames, transforming it into a hellscape.[10]
LV2: Inferno Spear — an enormous spear of flames assaults the target.[18]
LV4: Heat Haze — compresses an incredible amount of heat into a fist-sized ball.[19]


Water Magic Tier 1 Water Magic (水魔法): LV1: Water Sphere — projects a sphere of water.[16]

Nia • Hyuvan • Ariel • Hugo • Sophia

Tier 2 Flood Magic (水流魔法): Nia • Hyuvan • Ariel • Sophia
Tier 3 Tide Magic (蒼海魔法): Nia • Hyuvan • Sophia
Ice Magic Tier 1 Ice Magic (氷魔法): The ice produced slowly returns to magical power, so it can't be used to heal thirst.[20]
LV?: Low rank magic that shoots ice.[20]
LV?: Shoots a spear of ice.[21][22]

Nia • Hyuvan • Sophia

Tier 2 Freeze Magic (凍結魔法): Nia • Sophia
Tier 3 Glacial Magic (氷獄魔法): LV?: Shining Mist. — generates a beautiful mist that shines white. Anything that touches the mist freezes and shatters into flakes.[23]

Nia • Sophia

Wind Magic Tier 1 Wind Magic (風魔法): LV?: Wind Ball. — creates a fragile ball of air that can be used to breathe underwater.[24]
LV?: Silencing — erases all sound in the target area.[25]
LV?: Shoots a bullet of wind.[26]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Peirens • Nia • Hyuvan • Ariel • Aurel • Oka • Sophia • Filimøs

Tier 2 Gale Magic (暴風魔法): LV?: Binding Wind — holds a target in place.[27]
LV?: Sky Fall. — causes a mass of air to strike the ground over a wide area.[28]

Zana Horowa • Arachne • Nia • Hyuvan • Ariel • Aurel[28] • Oka • Sophia

Tier 3 Tempest Magic (天風魔法): LV4: Dragon Wind — generates a tornado.[29]

Nia • Hyuvan • Ariel • Oka[26]

Earth Magic Tier 1 Earth Magic (土魔法): Magic that manipulates any large solid body, including metal and soil.[30]
LV?: Shoots a target with a ball of earth.[31]
LV?: Summons an earthen spear from the ground.[32]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Fenesist • Araba • Kagna • Gehre • Fuit • Ekisa • Efejicote • Elroe Basilisk • Ariel • Basgath • Katia • Feirune • Sophia

Tier 2 Terrain Magic (大地魔法): LV?: Terrain Wall — summons a wall from the ground.[33] LV?: Terrain Spear — summons a spear from the ground.[33]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Araba • Fuit • Ariel • Basgath • Feirune • Sophia

Tier 3 Seismic Magic (地裂魔法): Arachne • Araba • Ariel
Lightning Magic Tier 1 Lightning Magic (雷魔法): Among the fastest magics.[34]

Hyuvan • Ogre King • Ariel • Yuri • Hugo • Sophia • Wrath

Tier 2 Bolt Magic (雷光魔法): LV?: Electric Engine. — enhances the user's punching ability, causing the body to shine white.[35]

Hyuvan • Ariel • Wrath

Tier 3 Thunder Magic (天電魔法): Hyuvan
Light Magic Tier 1 Light Magic (光魔法): Among the fastest magics.
LV?: Light Barrier — creates a wall of light to block attacks.
LV?: Light Beam — low-powered magic that pierces.[36]
LV10: Light Field — bathes a broad area with light, causing damage.[34]

Arachne • Ariel • Julius • Dustin • Basgath • Sophia

Tier 2 Holy Light Magic (聖光魔法): LV?: Holy Light Sphere — creates a small, floating ball that bursts over a target.[34]
LV?: Mirror Shield — creates a thin pane of light capable of reflecting any attack.[37]
LV7: Holy Light Beam — powerful attack that deploys in a straight line.[34]

Arachne • Ariel • Julius • Dustin

Tier 3 Unknown:
Shadow Magic Tier 1 Shadow Magic (影魔法): Awarded by Assassin.[38] Lower-ranking Dark Magic that manipulates shadows.
LV1: Dark Shadow — makes a shadow larger.[9]
LV2: Shadow Surface — shadows can be generated in the light.[39]
LV3: Shadow Change — changes the shape of a shadow.[40]
LV4: Solid Shadow — solidifies a shadow.[40]LV5: Shadow Manipulation — moves a shadow.[40]
LV6: Shadow Sink — sinks something into a shadow. The possible size of the target is limited by the size of the shadow. There is no air within the shadow, although it is easy to escape from.[41]

Small Taratect • Small Poison Taratect • Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Queen Taratect • Araba • Hyuvan • Reise • Elroe Baraggish • Ariel • Basgath • Sophia

Tier 2 Dark Magic (闇魔法): Can cancel Light Magic.[34]
LV1: Dark Bullet.[10][42]
LV?: Dark World. — darkness gushes out, dealing moderate damage to anything that touches it.[43]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Queen Taratect • Araba • Hyuvan • Reise • Ariel • Basgath • Sophia

Tier 3 Black Magic (暗黒魔法): LV?: Black Bullet — fires a jet-black ball which explodes to deal Shock-attribute damage upon collision.[44]
LV3: Black Spear — spear version of Black Bullet. Deals Piercing-attribute damage.[44]
LV4: Black Blade — creates a blade that cuts[45]
LV?: Black World — engulfs a 100 m diameter area in darkness. Slightly inferior to Hell Gate in terms of damage.[46]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Queen Taratect • Reise • Ariel • Sophia

Abyss Magic Tier 1 Abyss Magic (深淵魔法): Awarded at LV10 by Ruler of Pride. The highest form of Dark Magic.[47] Manipulates the darkness of the abyss.
LV1: Hell Gate — the beginning gate.
LV2: Hell of Unbelievers — hell for the ignorant and unbelievers.
LV3: Hell of Lust — hell for those stained with lust.
LV4: Hell of Gluttony — hell for those who glorify gluttony.
LV5: Hell of Greed — hell for those who devote themselves to greed.
LV6: Hell of Wrath — hell for those who are ruled by wrath.
LV7: Hell of Heresy — hell for those who idolize heresy.
LV8: Hell of Violence — hell for those who exert violence.
LV9: Hell of Fraud — hell for those who whisper fraud.
LV10: Hell of Treachery — hell for those who stir up treachery.[47]

Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Reise • Ariel

Poison Magic Tier 1 Poison Magic (毒魔法): Awarded by Poison Technique User.[48] Derives Healing Magic.[8] Magic that manipulates poison.
LV1: Poison Touch — adds a Poison-attribute attack to a target upon contact.[9]
LV2: Poison Shot — shoots a Poison-attribute shot.[49]
LV3: Poison Resist — temporarily increases the target's poison resistance.[50][51]
LV6: Poison Fog — generates a toxic cloud.[52]
LV7: Paralysis Shot — Paralyzes the target temporarily.[52]
LV?: Deadly Poison Shot.[53]

Small Taratect • Small Poison Taratect • Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Greater Taratect • Arch Taratect • Queen Taratect • Ariel • Basgath • Feirune • Sophia

Healing Magic Tier 1 Healing Magic (治療魔法): Awarded by the Rescuer and Medicine Alchemist titles.[54] Derived from Poison Magic.[8] Can cure status conditions,[25] including poison.[55] Can grow back lost limbs[56] and organs.[54]
LV2: Mirco Treatment. — cures scratches or small injures. Can't recovery lost body parts.[57]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Queen Taratect • Arachne • Ogre King • Ariel • Dustin • Hyrince[27] • Basgath • Katia[58] • Aurel[59] • Feirune • Sophia • Wrath

Miracle Magic Tier 1 Miracle Magic (奇跡魔法): Awarded by Saint.[54] The highest level of Healing Magic. Can heal even mortal wounds.[60] However, Miracle Magic is not derived from Healing Magic LV10.[54]

Arachne • Dustin

Spatial Magic Tier 1 Spatial Magic (空間魔法): Magic that manipulates space.[52] LV1: Coordinate Designation — a movable cube made of green lines appear.[52] LV2: Coordinate Fixation. — fixes the designated range of coordinates. Magic aimed at the fixed a set of coordinates has a 100% hit rate.[61]
LV?: Spatial Storage — stores items in a separate dimension.[62]
LV?: Cuts through space in a targeted area, dealing Space-attribute damage.[63]
LV?: Large-Scale Teleport — teleports a group.[64]
Short-Range Teleport — requires only a short time to prepare.[65]
LV9: Long-Distance Teleport — teleports the user to any location they've been to before. Requires a few minutes to prepare.[66]

Zoa Ele • Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne • Ariel • Wrath

Tier 2 Dimensional Magic (次元魔法): LV?: Range Teleport — teleports everything within an area to a target destination, including unwilling targets.[44]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Heavy Magic Tier 1 Heavy Magic (重魔法): Elroe Baraggish • Ariel • Feirune
Jinx Magic Tier 1 Jinx Magic (呪怨魔法): Hugo

The Magic Eye skills can be acquired by certain races such as Vampires, who can gain proficiency by glaring at people, or simply by rare individuals with a talent for them.[67] The superior Evil Eyes are limited to Rulers, unlocked through the Perseverance skill with few exceptions like due to evolution for example like Ede Saine gaining the Annihilating Evil Eye.[68]

The evil eye skills cannot be combined with attack skills,[69], Telescopic Sight[70] or Clairvoyance, but can be combined with Panoptic Vision.[71] Each eye can channel a single Evil Eye at a time. The effects do not stack when an Evil Eye is used on the same target from multiple eyes, but activating them in multiple eyes can help when there are many targets.[70]

Eye Skills
Name Appraisal
Cursed Demon Eye Tier 1 Cursed Demon Eye[72] (呪いの魔眼): Sophia[68]
Tier 2 (呪怨の魔眼): Sophia[73]
Cursed Evil Eye Tier 1 Cursed Evil Eye (呪いの邪眼): Deals Curse-attribute damage to anything in the user's field of vision. At Level 1, costs 0.1 MP/s to deal 0.2 dmg/s.[70]

Zoa Ele

Tier 2 Jinx Evil Eye (呪怨の邪眼): Transfers status values reduced by curse damage to the user.[8] Blocked by Status Condition Resistance.[10] Absorbs the target's HP, MP and SP, and continuously lowers their stats.[71]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Paralyzing Demon Eye Tier 1 Paralyzing Demon Eye[74] (麻痺の魔眼): Sophia[68]
Paralyzing Evil Eye Tier 1 Paralyzing Evil Eye (麻痺の邪眼): Deals Paralysis-attribute damage to anything in the user's field of vision.[70]

Zoa Ele

Tier 2 Inert Evil Eye (静止の邪眼): Causes target to seem frozen in time.[8]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Sealing Evil Eye Tier 1 Sealing Evil Eye: Deals Seal-attribute damage to anything in the user's field of vision.[63] Applies a seal status condition, which renders skill(s) temporarily useless.[75] A single skill is sealed at LV1.[63]


Antimagic Evil Eye Tier 1 Antimagic Evil Eye: Deals Antimagic-attribute damage to anything in the user's field of vision. Prevents the target from invoking magic.[63]


Heavy Evil Eye Tier 1 Heavy Evil Eye (重の邪眼): Deals Heavy-attribute damage to anything in the user's field of vision.[76] Increases the effect of gravity on the target.[77]
Tier 2 Repellent Evil Eye (引斥の邪眼): The target can be pushed or pulled in any direction.[44]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Annihilating Evil Eye Tier 1 Annihilating Evil Eye (死滅の邪眼): Awarded as an evolution bonus to Ede Saine.[78][79] Deals Rot-attribute damage to anything in the user's field of vision.[70] Also damages the user's eye.[78]

Ede Saine • Zana Horowa • Arachne

Warped Evil Eye Tier 1 Warped Evil Eye (歪曲の邪眼): Deals Space-attribute damage to anything in the user's field of vision.[63] Distorts space in the targeted area. The required power depends on the material in the targeted area.[80] Unlike other Evil Eyes, Warped Evil Eye is not blocked by an anti-conjuring barrier.[81]


Petrifying Demon Eye Tier 1 (石化の魔眼): Elroe Basilisk
Petrifying Evil Eye Tier 1 Petrifying Evil Eye (石化の邪眼): Deals Petrification-attribute damage to anything in the user's field of vision.[70]
Discomforting Evil Eye Tier 1 Discomforting Evil Eye[82] (不快の邪眼): Inflicts the Heresy attribute effect "Discomfort” on anything in the user's field of vision[70]
Phantom Pain Evil Eye Tier 1 Phantom Pain Evil Eye (幻痛の邪眼): Inflicts the Heresy attribute effect "Phantom Pain” on anything in the user's field of vision[70]
Maddening Evil Eye Tier 1 Maddening Evil Eye (狂気の邪眼): Inflicts the Heresy attribute effect "Madness” on anything in the user's field of vision[70]
Charming Evil Eye Tier 1 Charming Evil Eye (魅了の邪眼): Inflicts the Heresy attribute effect "Charmed” on anything in the user's field of vision[70]
Hypnotizing Demon Eye Tier 1 (催眠の魔眼): Causes the target's memory to become vague.[67]


Hypnotizing Evil Eye Tier 1 Hypnotizing Evil Eye (催眠の邪眼): Inflicts the Heresy attribute effect "Hypnosis” on anything in the user's field of vision[70]
Fearful Evil Eye Tier 1 Fearful Evil Eye (恐怖の邪眼): Inflicts the Heresy attribute effect "Fear” on anything in the user's field of vision[70]
Lightning Evil Eye Tier 1 (雷の邪眼): Deals Lightning-attribute damage to anything in the user's field of vision.[76]
Wind Evil Eye Tier 1 (風の邪眼): Deals Wind-attribute damage to anything in the user's field of vision.[76]
Earth Evil Eye Tier 1 (地の邪眼): Deals Earth-attribute damage to anything in the user's field of vision.[76]
Dark Evil Eye Tier 1 (闇の邪眼): Deals Dark-attribute damage to anything in the user's field of vision.[76]
Rend Soul Evil Eye Tier 1 (破魂の邪眼): Inflicts the heresy attribute effect "Rend Soul” on anything in the user's field of vision.[76]
Stupefaction Evil Eye Tier 1 (自失の邪眼): Inflicts the heresy attribute effect "Stupefaction” on anything in the user's field of vision.[76]


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