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Leadership Skills
Name Appraisal
Cooperation Tier 1 Cooperation (連携): Awarded by Commander. Improves ability to work together.[1] Multiple people with the same magic skill can use Cooperation to work together to complete a single spell.[2]

Elroe Gunesohka • Rend • Fuit • Nia • Hyuvan • High Finjicote • General Finjicote • Queen Finjicote • Elroe Randanel • Anogratch • Bagragratch • Ariel • Dustin • Basgath •  • Feirune • Hugo • Sophia

Leadership Tier 1 Leadership (統率): Awarded by Commander. Makes subordinates follow commands.[1]

Elroe Gunesohka • Nia • Hyuvan • High Finjicote • General Finjicote • Queen Finjicote • Dustin • Feirune • Hugo • Sophia

Tier 2 Command (指揮): Can control minions with even greater power.[3]

Rend • Basgath

Tier 3 Tactician (軍師): Ariel
Kin Control Tier 1 Kin Control (眷属支配): Connects the user's soul with their children[4], allowing the user to control,[5] track,[6] and receive reports from[7] their children. The kin can break free by evolving to a separate race, or by raising their resistance ability high enough.[8]

Zana Horowa • Arachne • Queen Taratect • Nia • Hyuvan • Reise • Ariel • Sophia

Summoning Tier 1 Creature Training (調教): A skill necessary for summoners. Can be used to form a contract with a monster. Difficulty of forming a contract increases if the monster is stronger, and decreases if the monster is trusts the summoner.[9] After the monster is contracted, if it was forced into the contract it loses all free will, but if it willingly entered the contract, it has the ability to rebel against the trainer.[10]


Tier 2 Summoning (召喚): Can call a contracted monster directly to the user's side from anywhere in the world,[11] and can use teleport to a limited extent.[12] The number of monsters that can be summoned at a time is equal to the skill level.[13]

Ariel • Merazophis • Buirimus • Shun

Telepathy Tier 1 Telepathy (念話): Feirune • Sophia • Filimøs
Tier 2 Fartalk (遠話): Evolves from Telepathy. Allows the user to communicate with people who are far away.[14]

Sophia • Ariel • Dustin

Egg-Laying Tier 1 Egg-Laying (産卵): Zana Horowa • Arachne • Queen Taratect • Queen Finjicote • Ariel


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