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Appraisal is a skill that allows the User to get information about other objects within the System.

General Information

Its efficiency changes drastically with every skill level. Level 1 Appraisal gives nothing but headache and just a name of scanned object. Frequent uses, however, can level up Appraisal quickly, allowing it to give more text information, show thorough stats and even targeted something other than pure material objects (for example, specific words shown by Appraisal earlier). It should be noted that ruler titles gives the ability to block all Appraisal attempts, at a cost to the ruler's own divinity field.

Levels of Information
  1. Name and type: <Spider Nameless>.
  2. Species: <Small lesser taratect Nameless>.
  3. Level: <Small lesser taratect LV5 Nameless>.
  4. HP, MP and SP bars
  5. Status quality <Small lesser taratect LV5 Nameless Status: Weak>.
  6. HP, MP and SP quantities and average abilities
  7. Skills and their levels.
  8. Bonuses to skill proficiency from evolution, levels gained per skill since last appraisal, and total skill point displayed [1]
  9. Titles
  10. Details of Average Abilities[2]


Appraisal is the first skill learned by Kumoko[3]. She relies on its effect for her survival. Schlain also picks up this skill, but tends to use it less liberally due to standards of privacy in human society. Both reincarnations train this skill to level 10.

Skill Evolution

Appraisal does not have a direct evolution, however it is integrated into the Ruler Skill Wisdom and is probably one of its requirements.


  • Using Appraisal is implied to be harmful to user's soul, so most humans prefer to use Appraisal Stones instead of developing this skill[2]. Using the gem does not seem to harm the user or the gem.
  • Appraisal is shown to have a maximum distance[4]
  • A target of Appraisal can somehow feel when gets appraised. It is considered inappropriate by humans and angers monsters.


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