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Skills is a function that exists within the System in the world of Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka. Skills are powers granted to the beings inside of the System based on knowledge of the skill and using skill points to acquire them, or by learning through practical application of said skill.

Skills are System-assisted Conjuring for convenient usage, but they are restricted to specific uses. i.e. only being able to use Space Magic spells instead of the unique skill-set Shiraori has with Space Magic. Without System assistance, skills and magic would be almost impossible for most beings in the world since humans cannot perceive Magic, hence the requirement for Magic Power Perception and Operation skills required to use it.

Please check the System Patch Notes for skill name changes and inconsistencies.

Skills by Type

Note: Some of skills are unconfirmed and named by convention. Others are different based on translation errors. Please check the Patch Notes if a skill is not found. The name may have changed.

Stat & Ability Skills

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
HP Auto-Recovery HP Rapid Recovery HP Ultra-Fast Recovery
MP Recovery Speed MP Rapid Recovery Height of Occultism
MP Lessened Consumption MP Minimized Consumption
SP Recovery Speed SP Rapid Recovery
SP Lessened Consumption SP Minimized Consumption
Life Longevity Ultimate Life
Magic Mass Magic Hoard Ultimate Magic Celestial Power
Technique User Monk Deva
Protection Talisman Sanctum
Instantaneous Instant Body Ultimate Movement
Persistent Endurance Fortune
Strength Herculean Strength Fortitude
Solidity Sturdy Stronghold
Running Acceleration Skanda

Attack Skills

Tier 1 Tier 2
Energy Attack Energy Super-Attack
Magic Power Attack Magic Power Super-Attack
Fire Attack Flame Attack
Lightning Attack Bolt Attack
Water Attack Flood Attack
Ice Attack Freeze Attack
Wind Attack Gale Attack
Earth Attack Terrain Attack
Light Attack Holy Light Attack
Dark Attack Black Attack
Poison Attack Deadly Poison Attack
Acid Attack Strong Acid Attack
Paralysis Attack Enhanced Paralysis Attack
Heavy Attack Heavy Super-Attack
Rot Attack
Heretic Attack

Enhancement Skills

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Destruction Enhancement Destruction Super-Enhancement
Cutting Enhancement Cutting Super-Enhancement
Piercing Enhancement Piercing Super-Enhancement
Impact Enhancement Impact Super-Enhancement
Impact Enhancement Shock Super-Enhancement
Paralysis Enhancement Paralysis Super-Enhancement Status Condition Super-Enhancement
Petrification Enhancement Petrification Super-Enhancement
Poison Enhancement Poison Super-Enhancement
Exhaustion Enhancement Exhaustion Super-Enhancement
Acid Enhancement Strong Acid Enhancement
Fire Enhancement Flame Enhancement
Lightning Enhancement Bolt Enhancement
Water Enhancement Flood Enhancement
Ice Enhancement Freeze Enhancement
Wind Enhancement Gale Enhancement
Earth Enhancement Terrain Enhancement
Light Enhancement Holy Light Enhancement
Dark Enhancement Black Enhancement
Heavy Enhancement Heavy Super-Enhancement

Active Skills

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Poison Fang see Poison Attack
Poison Sting
Poison Claw
Magic Warfare Magic Divinity none
Mental Warfare Battle Divinity none
Magic Power Conferment
Magic Conferment
Energy Conferment
Ability Conferment
Wyrm Power Dragon Power Divine Dragon Power
Wyrm Barrier Dragon Barrier Divine Dragon Barrier
Poison Synthesis
Medicine Synthesis
Telekinesis Psychokinesis
Spider Thread Utility Thread Divine Thread Weaving
Cutting Thread
Thread Control
Spatial Maneuvering Dimensional Maneuvering
Curse Jinx
Undying Body Undying Commander Undying King
Iron Defense
Telescopic Sight Clairvoyance Panoptic Vision
Platformer Movement [1] (Non-Canon)

Leadership Skills

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Leadership Command Tactician
Telepathy Fartalk
Creature Training Summoning
Kin Control

Perception Skills

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
--- Appraisal see Wisdom
Magic Power Perception Detection
Technique Perception
Material Perception
Presence Perception
Danger Perception
Motion Perception
Heat Perception
Reaction Perception
Space Perception
derived from Concentration
Thought Acceleration
Thought Super-Acceleration
Prediction Foresight Future Sight
Parallel Thinking Parallel Minds
Arithmetic Processing High-Speed Processing
Memory Record

Magic Skills

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Magic Power Operation Precise Magic Power Operation See: Height of Occultism
Fire Magic Flame Magic Inferno Magic
Lightning Magic Bolt Magic Thunder Magic
Water Magic Flood Magic Tide Magic
Ice Magic Freeze Magic Glacial Magic
Wind Magic Gale Magic Tempest Magic
Earth Magic Terrain Magic Seismic Magic
Heavy Magic none none
Heretic Magic none none
Light Magic Holy Light Magic unknown
Shadow Magic Dark Magic Black Magic
Poison Magic none none
Healing Magic none none
Miracle Magic none none
Spatial Magic Dimensional Magic
Abyss Magic none none
Evil Eyes
Cursed Evil Eye Jinx Evil Eye
Annihilating Evil Eye
Paralyzing Evil Eye Inert Evil Eye
Petrifying Evil Eye
Heavy Evil Eye Repellent Evil Eye
Warped Evil Eye
Discomforting Evil Eye
Phantom Pain Evil Eye
Maddening Evil Eye
Charming Evil Eye
Hypnotizing Evil Eye
Fearful Evil Eye

Resistance Skills

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Destruction Resistance Destruction Super-Resistance Physical Nullification
Impact Resistance Impact Super-Resistance
Cutting Resistance Cutting Super-Resistance
Piercing Resistance Piercing Super-Resistance
Shock Resistance Shock Super-Resistance
Poison Resistance Deadly Poison Resistance Status Condition Nullification
Paralysis Resistance Paralysis Super-Resistance
Petrification Resistance Petrification Super-Resistance
Exhaustion Resistance Exhaustion Super-Resistance
Contains all status conditions

Status Condition Resistance

Status Condition Super-Resitance
Faint Resistance Faint Super-Resistance Faint Nullification
Fear Resistance Fear Super-Resistance Fear Nullification
Fire Resistance Flame Resistance Heat Nullification
Wind Resistance Gale Resistance Gale Nullification
Water Resistance Flood Resistance Flood Nullification
Ice Resistance Freeze Resistance Freeze Nullification
Earth Resistance Terrain Resistance Terrain Nullification
Lightning Resistance Bolt Resistance Bolt Nullification
Light Resistance Holy Light Resistance Holy Light Nullification
Dark Resistance Black Resistance Black Nullification
Heavy Resistance Heavy Super-Resistance Heavy Nullification
Acid Resistance Acid Super-Resistance Acid Nullification
Rot Resistance Rot Super-Resistance Rot Nullification
Heresy Resistance Heresy Super-Resistance Heresy Nullification
Pain Resistance Pain Nullification
Pain Mitigation Pain Super-Mitigation Suffering Nullification
Food Poisoning Resistance [2] (Non-Canon)

Passive Skills

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Vision Enhancement Five Senses Enhancement Five Senses Super-Enhancement
Auditory Enhancement
Olfactory Enhancement
Tactile Enhancement
Taste Enhancement
Throw derives Expel
Hit derives Probability Correction
Probability Correction Probability Super-Correction
Camouflage Concealment
Night Vision derives Vision Expansion
Vision Expansion Perception Expansion
Auditory Expansion
Dragon Scales Imperial Scales Divine Scales
Shell Hard Armor Heavy Armor
Ore Body Steel Body Ultra Steel Body
Intimidation Tyrant Emperor
Flight High-Speed Flight
Swimming High-Speed Swimming
Swordsmanship Sword Mastery Sword Hero
Threadsmanship Thread Genius none
Athletics Martial Arts Mastery

Other Skills

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Seven Deadly Sins
Desire Dignity Pride
Rest Indolence Sloth
Overeating Satiation Gluttony
Anger Rage Wrath
Spite Jealousy Envy
Snatch Usurp Greed
Crude Depraved Lust
Seven Heavenly Virtues
Supplication Prayer Humility
Root of Evil
Demon Lord Great Demon Lord
Fire Wyrm Fire Dragon
Earth Wyrm Earth Dragon
Water Wyrm Water Dragon
Wind Wyrm Wind Dragon
Light Wyrm Light Dragon
Dark Wyrm Dark Dragon
Vampire Higher Vampire
Skill Elimination
Student Roster
Book Lover
Infinite Calling
Tears Shed
Dungeon Creation
Weapon Creation
Instant Response
Divine Protection
Lazy Efficiency
Sweets Girl
Animal Friend
Trend Leader
Divinity Expansion


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