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Magic is a supernatural phenomenon in which the user exchanges MP in order to perform system-assisted magecraft. In order to use magic the user must have Skills such as Magic Power Operation and Magic Power Perception.[1] Additionally, the user must be able to construct the spell circuit, either by possessing the appropriate skill at a high enough level[2], or by using a magic-imbued staff.[3]

Magical Ability

There are several stats that are a part of Magical Ability within the System. Many of these can be appraised, but most cannot. The ones that are visible during regular appraisals are Mana Points, Magical Power, and Resistance. When Kumoko is granted Wisdom, several other stats related to Magical Ability are revealed to her.[4] These are skills related to runes, which are the basis of magecraft.


Heretic Magic

『Magic that directly assaults the soul.』[5]

Intended as tool to confront gods.[6]

  • LV1: Discomfort. Plants discomfort directly in the soul.[5]
  • LV2: Phantom Pain. Plants phantom pain directly in the soul,[5] ignoring Pain Mitigation.[7]
  • LV3: Phantom Insanity. Plants insanity directly in the soul.[8]
  • LV5: Hypnosis. Forces the target to temporarily obey the user. Requires a complicated magic construction, and the MP cost increases with the target's resistance.[9]
  • LV6: Phantasm. Induces hallucinations in the target[10]
  • LV10: Rend Soul. Destroys the opponent's soul[11]
  • Unkown Charm magic. Makes the target devolpe postive feelings towars user.
  • Unkown Fear magic. Plants fear directly in the soul.
  • Unkown Confusion magic. Plants confusion directly in the soul.
  • Unkown Stupefication magic. Reduces Target Intelligence/Comprehesive thinking.


Light Magic

  • Light Barrier. Produces a thin shield of light suitable for defending against low-powered attacks.[12]
  • Light Beam. Low-powered magic that pierces.[13]
  • LV10: Light Field. Bathes a broad area with light, causing damage.[12]

Holy Light Magic

  • Holy Light Sphere. Creates a small ball of light that bursts over the target.[12]
  • Mirror Shield. Conjures a thin pane of light capable of reflecting any attack.[14]
  • LV7: Holy Light Beam. Powerful attack that deploys in a straight line.[12]


Shadow Magic

『Lower-ranking Dark Magic that manipulates shadows.』[5]

  1. Dark Shadow. Makes a shadow darker.[5]
  2. Large Shadow. Makes a shadow larger.[8]
  3. Shadow Surface. Shadows can be generated in the light.[15]
  4. Shadow Change. Changes the shape of a shadow.[16]
  5. Solid Shadow. Solidifies a shadow.[16]
  6. Shadow Manipulation. Moves a shadow.[16]
  7. Shadow Sink. Sinks something into a shadow. The possible size of the target is limited by the size of the shadow. There is no air within the shadow, although it is easy to escape from.[17]

Dark Magic

  • LV1: Dark Bullet. Fires a black ball.[7][18]
  • Dark World. Darkness gushes out, dealing moderate damage to anything that touches it.[19]

Black Magic

  • Black Bullet. Fires a jet-black ball which explodes with the Shock attribute upon collision[20]
  • LV3: Black Spear. Spear version of Black Bullet. Deals piercing-attribute damage.[20]
  • LV4: Black Blade. Creates a blade that cuts.[21]
  • Black World. Engulfs a 100m diameter in darkness. Slightly inferior to Hell Gate in terms of damage.[22]

Abyss Magic

『The highest form of Dark Magic. Manipulates the darkness of the abyss』[23]

Killing with this magic produces no exp.[24] Unlike Heretic Magic, which destroys the soul, Abyss Magic decomposes the soul and contributes its energy to the system, preventing the target from ever reincarnating. All Abyss Magic spells have a slow invocation time because their purpose is to pass judgement.[6]

  1. Hell Gate. The beginning gate. An intense darkness seeps up from the ground, swallowing everything in a 100m radius and converging before seeping back into the ground, sinking it 5m lower.[25]
  2. Hell of Unbelievers. Hell for the ignorant and unbelievers.
  3. Hell of Lust. Hell for those stained with lust.
  4. Hell of Gluttony. Hell for those who glorify gluttony.
  5. Hell of Greed. Hell for those who devote themselves to greed.
  6. Hell of Wrath. Hell for those who are ruled by wrath.
  7. Hell of Heresy. Hell for those who idolize heresy.
  8. Hell of Violence. Hell for those who exert violence.
  9. Hell of Fraud. Hell for those who whisper fraud.
  10. Hell of Treachery. Hell for those who stir up treachery. Countless jet-black inverted crosses rain down, erasing the target upon contact.[26]


Poison Magic

『Magic that manipulates poison.』[5]

  • LV1: Poison Touch. Adds a poison-attribute attack to a target upon contact.[5]
  • LV2: Poison Shot. Shoots a poison-attribute shot.[4]
  • LV3: Poison Resist. Temporarily increases the target's poison resistance.[4][27]
  • LV6: Poison Fog. Generates a toxic cloud.[28]
  • LV7: Paralysis Shot. Paralyzes the target temporarily[28]
  • Deadly Poison Shot.[29]


Recovery Magic

Healing Magic

Has status condition recovery spells and HP recovery spells.[30]

  • LV2: Mirco Treatment. Cures scratches or small injures. Can't recovery lost body parts.[31]

Miracle Magic

The higher rank of Healing Magic awarded by Ruler of Charity.[32]


Spatial Magic

『Magic that manipulates space.』[33]

  • LV1: Coordinate Designation. A movable cube made of green lines appear.[28]
  • LV2: Coordinate Fixation. Fixes the designated range of coordinates. Magic aimed at the fixed coordinates has a 100% hit rate.[34]
  • Spatial Storage. Stores items in a separate dimension.[35]
  • Large-Scale Teleport. Teleports a group.[36]
  • Short-Range Teleport. Requires only a short time to prepare.[37]
  • LV9: Long-Distance Teleport.[38] Teleports the user to any location they've been to before.[39] Requires a few minutes to prepare.[18]

Dimensional Magic

  • Range Teleport. Teleports everything within an area to a target destination, including unwilling targets.[20]


Magic that manipulates any large solid body including metal and soil.[40]

Earth Magic

  • Summons an earthen spear from the ground.[41]
  • Shoots a target with a ball of earth.[42]

Terrain Magic

  • Terrain Wall. Summons a wall from the ground.[2]
  • LV3: Terrain Spear. Summons a spear the ground.[2][43]

Seismic Magic


Fire Magic

  • LV1: Ember[44]
  • LV5: Ignites a row of flames.[3]

Flame Magic

  • Ranged attack that burns everything in a wide area.[45]

Inferno Magic

  • LV1: Scorched Earth. Covers the ground in flames, transforming it into a hellscape.[7]
  • LV2: Inferno Spear. An enormous spear of flames assaults the target.[46]
  • LV4: Heat Haze. Compresses an incredible amount of heat into a fist-sized ball.[47]


Water Magic

  • LV1: Water Ball. Projects a sphere of water.[3]
  • Water Shot. Shoots a ball of water.[48]

Flood Magic

Tide Magic


Wind Magic

  • Wind Ball. Creates a fragile ball of air that can be used to breath underwater.[49]
  • Silencing. Erases all sound in the target area.[50]
  • Shoots a bullet of wind.[51]

Gale Magic

  • Binding Wind. Holds target in place.[52]
  • Sky Fall. Causes a mass of air to strike the ground over a wide range.[53]

Tempest Magic

  • LV4: Dragon Wind: Generates a tornado.[51]


The ice produced slowly returns to magical power, so it can't be used to heal thirst.[54]

Ice Magic

  • Low rank magic that shoots ice.[54]
  • Shoots a spear of ice.[55][56]

Freeze Magic

Glacial Magic

  • Shining Mist. Generates a beautiful mist that shines white. Anything that touches the mist freezes and shatters into flakes[57]


Lighting Magic

Bolt Magic

  • Electric Engine. Enhances the user's punching ability, causing the body to shine white.[58]

Thunder Magic

Heavy Magic

Magic manipulating weight


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