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The Divine Voice(temp) is the interface of the System. It always speaks in a language understood by the listener, and is described as a mechanical voice completely devoid of emotion.[1][2] The voice is a object of worship of the Word of God religion led by the Pope Dustin.

Spoilers up to volume 14 It's later revealed that owner of this voice is a goddess named Sariel, who took it upon herself to be the core of the System when the planet was on the verge of collapse.[3]


Skill Purchase

<Number of skill points currently in possession: 100. Number of skill points required to acquire skill [Appraisal LV1]: 100. Acquire skill?>

<[Appraisal LV1] acquired. Remaining skill points: 0>[1][2]

<Insufficient skill points>[4][5]


<Experience has reached the required level. Individual small lesser taratect has increased from LV1 to LV2.>

<All basic attributes have increased.>

<Skill proficiency level-up bonus acquired.>

<Skill points acquired.>[6][7]


<Proficiency has reached the required level. Acquired skill [Overeating LV1][8][9]

<Proficiency has reached the required level. Skill [Poison Resistance LV2] has become [Poison Resistance LV3]>[7]

<Skill [Poison Resistance LV1] has been integrated into [Poison Resistance LV3].>[10][5]

<Proficiency has reached the required level. Skill [Pain Resistance LV9] has become [Pain Nullification].>

<Condition satisfied. Skill [Pain Mitigation LV1 has been derived from skill [Pain Nullification].>[11][12]

Title Acquisition

<Condition satisfied. Acquired Title [Foul Feeder].>

<Acquired skills [Poison Resistance LV1] [Rot Resistance LV1] as a result of Title [Foul Feeder]>[10][5]


<Condition satisfied. Individual small lesser taratect can now evolve.>[13]

<There are multiple options for evolution. Please choose from the following.


<Evolution Completed.>

<Individual race has become small taratect.>

<All basic attributes have increased.>

<Skill proficiency evolutionary bonus acquired.>

<Skill points acquired.>[14][15]

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