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Attributes classify damage types and status conditions. The defense ability value protects against physical attribute damage, whereas the resistance ability value protects against magical attribute damage. Each individual has specific defenses and resistances, which are averaged to give the the value seen in status appraisal results. Resistance skills raise these individual defenses and resistances; nullification skills set their attribute's resistance value to 99,999. Damage within the system is arbitrary - water and fire generally do equal damage.[1]

Each individual has their own affinity for types of magic. This affinity can be changed by acquiring titles such as Saviour.[2]


Attribute Skills Spells Description
Destruction Destruction Enhancement
Destruction Resistance
Physical Nullification
General attack power
Cutting Cutting Thread
Utility Thread
Cutting Enhancement
Cutting Resistance
Physical Nullification
Slashing attack power
Piercing Piercing Enhancement
Piercing Resistance
Physical Nullification
Black Spear
Impact Utility Thread (resistance)
Physical Nullification
Blunt attack power
Shock Utility Thread (resistance)
Physical Nullification
Dark Bullet Explosive attack power


Main Article: Magic
Attribute Skills Description
Heresy Heretic Magic
Heresy Resistance
Fire Fire Magic
Fire Enhancement
Fire Resistance
Flame Attack
Fire Wyrm
Heat Perception
Only low-level fire magic will consume oxygen or produce carbon dioxide.[3]
Water Water Magic
Flood Magic
Azure Seas Magic
Water Resistance
Ice Ice Magic
Freeze Magic
Frozen Prison Magic
Ice Resistance
Wind Wind Magic
Gale Magic
Tempest Magic
Wind Resistance
Earth Earth Magic
Terrain Magic
Seismic Magic
Earth Resistance
Terrain Attack
Earth Wyrm
Lightning Lightning Magic
Bolt Magic
Lightning Resistance
Lightning affinity correlates with Light affinity.[2]
Light Light Magic
Holy Light Magic
Light Enhancement
Holy Light Resistance
Light Attack
Light Wyrm
Dark Shadow Magic
Dark Magic
Black Magic
Abyss Magic
Dark Resistance
Cancels out Light Magic.[4] Is unaffected by water.
Poison Poison Magic
Healing Magic
Miracle Magic
Poison Resistance
Status Condition Resistance
Poison Fang
Poison Attack
Poison Enhancement
Poison Synthesis
Space Spatial Magic
Dimensional Magic
Spatial Perception
Spatial Maneuvering
Heavy Heavy Magic
Heavy Evil Eye
Heavy Resistance
Heavy Armor
Heavy Attack
Harder to control in water(Unconfirmed).[5]
Curse Cursed Evil Eye
Jinx Evil Eye
Jinx Magic
Weakens all stat values and causes damage to HP, MP, and SP.[6]


Resisted by Heresy Resistance

Attribute Skills Description
Rend Soul (破魂) Heretic Attack
Hypnotized effect (催眠) Hypnotizing Evil Eye
Brainwashed effect (洗脳) Lust
Charmed effect (魅了) Charming Evil Eye
Madness effect (狂気) Maddening Evil Eye
Discomfort effect (不快) Discomforting Evil Eye
Phantom Pain effect (幻痛) Phantom Pain Evil Eye
Pain Resistance
Pain Mitigation
Faint Resistance
Fear effect (恐怖) Fearful Evil Eye
Fear Resistance
Stupefaction effect (自失) Stupefaction Evil Eye


Attribute Skills Description
Paralysis Paralyzing Evil Eye
Paralysis Resistance
Status Condition Resistance
Paralysis Attack
Petrification Petrifying Evil Eye
Petrification Resistance
Status Condition Resistance
Sleep Exhaustion Nullification
Status Condition Resistance
Acid Acid Enhancement
Acid Resistance
Acid Attack
Rot (腐蝕) Annihilating Evil Eye
Rot Resistance
Rot Attack


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