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"Administrators" are mysterious entities that can only be found in the System. Not much is known about them or their motivations.

Kumoko first theorized that the administrators are god-like beings, who observed and grants skills to the inhabitants of the other world, after receiving a brand new skill called Wisdom from a being that goes by "Senior Administrator D" in the System.

They have been observed to have immense strength, the ability to use dimensional magic and teleport. It is unknown whether these are universal traits shared by all administrators or just certain administrators have them.

History and Origins

The administrators in the series are shrouded in mystery, not many native inhabitants are aware of their existence and some have even misattribute the actions of the administrators as the work of their religion's God.

One of the few factions that are aware of the existence of administrators are the elves. Due to the elves's long lifespan and teachings, they are more aware of the influences from administrators on the world and express hostility towards them. They believe the System is an artificial set-up conjured up by the administrators for as a way to absorb power from the inhabitants from their training of skills. They view the administrators as the main driver and mastermind of many of the wars and conflicts throughout history, pushing the humans and demons into perpetual warfare in order to force them to continuously train and gain news skills for administrators to steal once they have expired.

They have a vast networks of spies and resources around the world, all in an attempt to promote peace among races and reduce the power of the administrators. It was also later reveal in the series, the elves also provided manpower and logistical support to the rebellious faction of the Demon Realm in an effort to overthrown the current militant Demon Lord, who is attempting to push the demons into another war.

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This section contains spoilers from the web novel and not yet covered by the light novel!

Administrators are a subset of gods who manage the System created by D. They only exist on a single planet, but are not restricted to that planet. This is because the System itself is a cage of sorts, restricting the reincarnation cycle of the residents. Because gods are not bound by the System, they have the ability to manipulate the system and its resident souls if they so desired.

In ancient times, due to a near planet ending disaster, one of the gods from other world, Güliedistodiez, approach D for her assistance to help save and stabilize the planet. D obliged by creating the System, a planetary scale conjuring that traps the souls of the inhabitants in an endless cycle of reincarnation, the experience they gain in battles and trainings are used to help the planet to recover.[1]

After creating the System, D left the administration and care of the System and the World to Güliedistodiez and Sariel before taking herself out of the picture. However, in recent years, the system has begun breaking down due to Sariel, who became it's core, reaching her limit and being in danger of dying. In addition, the souls of the world's inhabitants are also starting to reach their limit from continuous rebirth. The result of this is that when the system inevitably collapses the backlash will likely permanently kill all creatures connected to it.

List of Known Administrators


This is a compiled list of observed abilities that are carried by the administrators, it is still unknown whether these are universal or only certain administrators has them.

  • Administrator Authority: As the name implies, this is the unique ability that the Administrators of the System possess that allows them to freely manipulate the System, make changes to it or even add new features to its system should they desire it. One of the abilities that the Authority of an Administrator possess is the ability to create and access a crystal ball like object that grants the Administrator that ability to see events in real time anywhere in the world within the System's bound, this is primarily used by Güliedistodiez.
  • Skill Creation: D created Wisdom on a whim after listening to Kumoko's short rant. D herself has implied that the skills that she gave each of the Reincarnations where personally created by her based on how she saw them, thus implying that an Administrator could easily conjure and create new skills and give them to whoever they please within the bounds of the System.
  • Soul Manipulation: As seen with D, Administrators are given a level of control and clearance over the souls of the dead. As seen where after she collected the souls of the deceased classmates, altered them to be able to possess Skills, transported them into the World of the System, inserted them into the system and from there personally selected the parents and families of the Reincarnations second lives.

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