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The System, officially the W System, is what Kumoko refers to as the Divine Voice (temp.) and the seemingly supernatural abilities it grants inhabitants from the other world. Kumoko and other reincarnations describe these mechanics to be video-game like, as the System allows living beings of the world to gain levels, Skills, titles and magic.

Unlike a video-game though, the System governs real-life and culture. This creates a clear difference of power between individuals that can't always be hurdled with luck and cunning.


Levels govern the progress of an individual or monster. When a level up is achieved, all Stats gain a set value based on the experience of that level. In regards to Monsters, stat and ability point distribution is also given based on species, which will sometimes favor one stat over others. When a monster gains enough Levels, they are restricted from gaining more experience until they choose an evolution path. The amount of experience required to level up is not cumulative from the previous level prior to the evolution after evolving.

It is unknown if humans evolve, but none have reached level 100. Levels are not as important as one might think. Although all basic stats are are increased by each level-up, certain Skills such as Skanda massively improve the amount raised in a given stat or ability. The experience gained in the level-up system can be roughly calculated by the amount of skills/overall experience the (killed) target has.

Furthermore, Stats can be increased separately to Level-ups through repeated usage. For example, repeatedly emptying and refilling the HP, MP and SP bars will slowly increases their capacity. There is still a limit on how much they can be raised based on a creature's Level, however, and once that limit is reached a Level-up must occur before the stats can further increased to the new limit. When a individual or monster is a baby is when the stats grow the fastest, so intense training at this age will lead to impressively high stats that many others would be unlikely to reach, such is the case with Sophia and Sue.

The maximum value for each stat with the System is 99,999. However, certain Skills like Gluttony can further increase a person's stats to beyond even the System's limit, displayed in parenthesis next to the initial value. These stats must be maintained by constant use of said skills. Efficiency of Ability values can be enhanced with proper movement and knowledge.


Hit Points

Anime PV1

HP is a common enough term in video games. Lose this, and death comes.
Magic Points
Many creatures and individuals don't find a use for MP considering that it governs magic and skill use. The overuse of MP can cause the user to faint or lose consciousness temporarily.
Stamina Points
SP has two numbers within the System: Yellow and Red. Yellow SP is immediately available stamina, which drains on certain ability use and recovers after a short rest. Red SP is overall energy. Running out of red SP is nearly fatal, causing a massive amount of HP and MP loss due to starvation.


Ability represents areas of strength in an individual or monster. Unlike energy values, ability is a generalization of power. Raw numbers can make up for a deficiency in ability, and efficiency can increase their usefulness. For example, Araba makes use of his vast fighting experience and intelligence to enhance his Speed and Offense to the maximum of their displayed numbers. The System uses Magic energy to reinforce these values, which is why someone with high defence may not have hard skin, assuming a person has no skills and is level 1, that is their true non-system strength.

A measure of an individual’s ability to deal physical-attribute damage. As this is an average, the power of each specific body part may be different.
A measure of an individual’s ability to resist physical-attribute damage. As this is an average, the defense of each specific body part may be different.
Magic Power
A measure of the average effectiveness of an individual’s magic. As this is an average, the power of a specific type of magic may be different.
A measure of an individual’s ability to resist magical-attribute damage. As this is an average, the resistance may be different depending on the context.
A measure of an individual’s average aptitude for speed. As this is an average, the quickness of each specific body part may be different. Even large monsters will dart around agilely if their speed stat is high.[1]


Main article:Skills
Skills make up the vast majority of actual power within the System. Skills can either be bought by having knowledge of the skill name and then spending skill points, or earned by gaining enough proficiency by using the skill without the assistance of the System. Likewise, being exposed to and surviving a certain element or attack will eventually unlock the appropriate Resistance Skill, e.g. fire damage leading to Fire Resistance skill, which can then be leveled-up through proficiency or skill points. Human and demon books have glossaries of Skills and their effects for people to learn. The unique skill Wisdom grants complete knowledge of the skill list, along with in-depth access to System information. Some Skills can also be learned by evolving into an appropriate monster, or by leveling.


Main article: Magic
Magic is an assistance mechanism for the invocation of magecraft. Each magic skill grants access to new spells as they level-up. When a magic skill reaches level 10, it will often derive a more powerful magic skill of the same attribute. Evil Eyes are a rare form of magic that trade flashiness for reliability.


Main article: Titles
Titles are granted to individuals when they meet certain conditions. For example, eating a member of your family will reward you the Kin Eater title. Each title awards a maximum of two Skills and a passive effect.[2] The Fearbringer title causes Fear in those who look at holder, and grants the Skills Intimidation and Heresy Attack on acquisition. Some titles are required for certain evolutions, such as the evolution to Zoa Ele requiring the Assassin title.


Evolution is an aspect of the system that is unique to monsters, although it is speculated that humans may evolve at level 100.[3] When a monster accumulates enough experience, their level progression is halted and they are given a choice of species to evolve into. Some evolutions are locked behind certain conditions, such as the acquisition of a title or skill. Evolutions consume SP[4] and certain evolutions can consume MP and SP.[5] Certain evolutions can give Skill Points to the monster.[5] The soul of the individual is gradually shaped by the species.

Evolution Trees

Spiders  •  Dragons  •  Goblins

Origins of the System

The MA System is not a natural phenomenon. Due to remembering Earth, some of the reincarnations guess that this might be the case, but the truth is far more sinister.

Below are spoilers from the Past Arc

It was later revealed that the the System itself is a planetary scale Conjuring construct designed by D to restore the MA energy of the planet. It is the system that governs the Skills, Titles, Stats, and abilities of all residents and monsters, and is what allows residents to use magic in an assisted form.

It was created when a massive catastrophic occured in the past, pushing the world to the edge of collapse. In a desperate attempt to save the world, one of the gods inhabiting the planet, Güliedistodiez, decided to sort help one of the most powerful and mysterious gods, D. While D obliged and had the ability to instantly restore the planet into balance, she choose to set up a roundabout way to delay the destruction and possibly fixed the planet in the long time by trapping the native inhabitants in an endless cycle of reincarnations and battles. This cycle of death will gradually heal up the planet but also forces the humans to engage in a struggle of life and death to fixes the planet. All for the amusement and entertainment for D.

Without the System, magic would be impossible. The Word of God religion worships the voice of the System, claiming that it is the voice of God. The System itself is governed and run by the Angel Sariel. She is the core of the System, imprisoned on the very bottom floor of the Great Elroe Labyrinth and the voice that people hear when Skills and levels are gained.


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