Suelecia Analeit, known as Sue, is Schlain's younger half-sister, and the second princess of the Kingdom of Analeit. She is a genius equal to Schlain even though he has the advantage of knowledge from his previous life.


Sue has a long light blue hair.


Sue is extremely attached to Schlain, to the point of completely idolizing him. She developed a romantic interest to him as well as a yandere personality.

Sue has expressed her intense dislike towards Karnatia ever since her young age. This is due to Schlain and Katia's relationship as best friends in their previous life, which, to Sue, looks like a budding romantic relationship between the two.


Sue is the daughter of the queen of Analeit Kingdom, born not long after Schlain. She and her brother were considered geniuses. Sue and Schlain spent much of their time growing up together, and due to Schlain's need to be a proper big-brother, Sue came to look up to him in almost every way. After they come of age and receive their first royal Appraisal, Katia joins the two of them.

Later, Feirune enters their lives, attaching herself to Schlain... much to Sue's chagrin. Their lives continue without incident until Julius, Sue's other half-brother, dies fighting in the Human-Demon Great War. Schlain and her become separated.

One day, Sue meets with Schlain to visit the King regarding his status as the Hero. While there, Sue kills her father with Light Magic, framing her beloved brother for killing the King of Analeit and causing him to flee. Schlain figures out that she's been brainwashed by Hugo Renxandt. When Schlain flees, Hugo takes over and places her brother Cylis as a puppet king of Analeit. Sue goes to the Renxandt Empire with Hugo, still under the effects of brainwashing, as his betrothed.

It is then revealed that she was pretending to be brainwashed in order to cooperate with Sophia's master. Still, she doesn't consider her actions to be a betrayal of Shun.[1]


Due to her up-bring, status and her personality, Sue is considered a lonely and isolated character. Until she met her older step-brother Shun, who she became very close and protective. In the series, it is observed Sue doesn't get along with many people, making it difficult for her to form social relationship.

Schlain "Shun" Zagan Analeit
As her older step-brother and one of the few family members that she is close to, Sue became very attracted and protective of Shun at an early age. She often express caution and distrust towards the members of the opposite sex who are approach her brother, fearing that they will take him away from her. Sue holds a huge admiration and romantic relationship for Shun.
Karnatia "Katia" Seri Anabald
Katia is one of the few female members that she is comfortable approaching Shun. At first, Sue views Katia with distrust but gradually warm up to her, often approaching Katia on what the types of girls will like.


  • Sue's best magical affinity is Water[2]


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