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Souls consist of an inner divinity field and an surface region which is modified by Skills.[1]

Divinity Field

『The deep field of a living thing's soul. The basis of all life, as well as the self's final field of dependence.』[2][3]

A larger divinity field increases the ability to use ruler's authority.[4][5]

Kumoko's application of Parallel Minds to absorb her mother's soul uses up portions of her divinity field.[6] Each ruler skill also gnaws away at the user's divinity field, although this effect can be blocked by Heresy Nullification.[7]

Certain Skills expand the user's divinity field:

Reincarnation Cycle

Souls are usually cycled between worlds for reincarnation.

The System forces souls into a closed cycle. Each time a soul reincarnates within the System, it is damaged slightly. Over the long history of the System, the souls of its natives have become steadily more and more damaged, to the point that some souls have already collapsed: the System was not built to operate for as long as it has.

The reincarnations are each marked with the n% I = W skill so that they will be automatically returned to the normal cycle when they die.

Native souls can leave through the purgation system. Each soul has a crime points value, which Gyurie complains are increasing.[10]


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