Sophia Keren (ソフィア・ケレン), formerly known as Negishi Shouko (根岸彰子), was reincarnated as the vampire progenitor. She was born into the Keren family, a noble human family that governed Keren County, a town in Sariella.

Her parents are normal humans, so she attempts to hide the fact that she is a vampire before her appraisal ceremony when she comes of age, though during her time as a toddler, disaster strikes her hometown. During the chaos that ensued, she is rescued by Kumoko and Ariel and begins a long journey with them.


Past Life

As Negishi Shouko, she was often described as having a creepy appearance. She was extremely thin, with a pale and permanently dour face, making her comparable to a ghost.[1] She had sunken eyes, crooked teeth, messy hair, and poor posture that contributed to a poor appearance and reputation.

After reincarnation as Sophia, she is a peerless beauty, with extremely pale-white skin and blood-red eyes.


Sophia is pretty dense in certain situations but has no qualms about using her power to muscle through them if she can. Her nature as a Vampire causes her to lust for a battle that can challenge her, but she is denied that by intense training that has made her overwhelmingly more powerful than almost everything within the System. This causes her to lapse into depravity or depression when she focuses too much on it.

Her previous identity of Negishi Shouko was a target of ridicule; due to this, she has an intense dislike for anyone who insists on using her original name. This is also the root of her jealousy towards Shiraori, whom she believes is Wakaba Hiiro, the beauty queen of the class in their previous life. This jealousy makes it easy for her to obtain the title Ruler of Envy and the skill Envy.



Shouko Negishi was a social outcast in her previous life. This mostly came from her ugly appearance, which caused her to be constantly bullied with nicknames like "Vampire" and "Rihoko" (short for "Real Horror Girl"). This treatment also distorted her view of life to where she believed that good looks determine one's status. Her appearance was inherited from her parents; a dead-end office worker father and a housewife mother who could only give her love. While she would regularly insult them for bringing her into the world with such a visage, they continued to love her regardless.

In high-school, Negishi was classmates with fellow social outcast Wakaba Hiiro. However, their reasons for being pariahs were completely different: whereas Negishi was ugly and avoided because of it, Wakaba was beautiful but did not attempt to fit in. Because of this, Negishi became jealous of Wakaba.

One day, Negishi's entire class was killed in a mysterious explosion and reincarnated into a different world. She was reborn as Sophia, the only daughter of the lord of Keren County; John Keren. Now finding herself in a new body, in addition to all the benefits her social status would bring, Sophia looked positively at her new life.


During the coup d'état of the Analeit Kingdom by Hugo, Sophia appears during the moments after King Analeit is slain to support Hugo and Cylis while halting Schlain's resistance. Much to Shun's surprise, his appraisal is blocked, and even worse, Ms. Oka, who has come to stop Cylis and Hugo's plan, is shocked and horrified by her appearance. Oka forces Shun to make a run for it, terrified of Sophia.[2] Sophia appears before Shun, Oka, Leston, and Hyrince again as they try to escape, presenting the decapitated head of Potimas, the Elven Matriach and Oka's father. Her absolute presence is intimidating, with her power unmatched as the wind magic Oka casts on her is dissipated. Just as the situation appeared hopeless, as they were completely outmatched by Sophia and her associates, Feirune sudden appeared in her new Light Wyrm form and everyone manages to escape on her back.[3]

As Shun and his party escape, however, Sophia converses with one of her associates, revealing they let them escape. The associate also warned Sophia that she will be reporting to their "Master" that she attacked Ms. Oka and Shun, which was not a part of the plan.[4]


As a baby, she was being transported by carriage with her mother when they were attacked by bandits. Kumoko saves them and heals their escorts, including Merazophis. Lady Seras leaves the carriage to thank her, taking Sophia. Kumoko is shocked by the number of skill points that she has. Kumoko is also extremely flustered by Lady Seras's behavior and decides to flee into the forest.[5]

Upon being saved by the spider monster, Sophia's mother preaches to the town that the Divine Beast of the Goddess saved her daughter and her, mistakenly confusing Kumoko for the real Divine Beast - Ariel. Since Kumoko has taken up residence in the nearby forest, the townspeople begin to bring her offerings of fruit and worship. They bring their sick and dying to be healed, and the town begins to earnestly worship the spider as the real Divine Beast. News of such a holy being from the Goddess Religion would not stay quiet for long, much to Lord Keren's chagrin. Eventually, the news reaches the ears of the neighboring country of Ohts, whose fort was destroyed by Kumoko. They send a diplomat to bring the spider back to Ohts; if this isn't possible, the diplomat is to kill it using the dispatched assassins. This fails splendidly, resulting in the death of not only the assassins, but also the insufferable diplomat.

Unfortunately for Keren County, this is the final straw that breaks the camel's back: Ohts declares war on Sariella, backed by the Renxandt Empire and the Holy Kingdom of Alleius. During the ensuing battle in which the Hero takes part, the supposed Divine Beast appears on the side of Sariella, unleashing a devastating spell that instantly obliterates 10% of the army of Ohts. The attack routs their army, and although they manage to regroup and turn the tides against Sariella when the Divine Beast is seemingly destroyed by a powerful spell, it came at a heavy price. The battle becomes known as Tragedy of Zatona.

Meanwhile, Potimas leads an attack with an elven unit and some of the Ohts armies on Keren County to capture the reincarnation known only as Sophia. Lord and Lady Keren urge Merazophis to take Sophia and flee with their dying breaths, charging Merazophis with her safety. They flee the mansion but are discovered by some Ohts soldiers. Merazophis is beaten to near-death so Sophia has no other choice but to use her Progenitor skill to turn Merazophis into a vampire. With his newfound stat increases, Merazophis can fend off the attackers until Potimas shows up, quickly followed by Kumoko in her newly-evolved Arachne form. A battle ensues between Kumoko and Potimas, with Potimas having the upper hand. Out of options, Kumoko is backed into a corner until Ariel finds them, leading to Potimas's robot clone getting destroyed. Things quickly calm down after Potimas is dealt with. Kumoko and Ariel call a cease-fire, and then their attention turns to Sophia and Merazophis.

With their home destroyed and nowhere to go, Sophia and Merazophis decide to join Ariel and Kumoko, now nicknamed White, on a journey to the capital of Sariella.


As one of her saviors during the conflict in her hometown when she was still a toddler, Sophia is extremely grateful for Ariel, without her intervention during the conflict, she might not have even survived. Sophia views Ariel as both a friend and a mentor, getting advice on survival, understanding the harsh reality of the new world. Ariel's mentorship is one of the main reasons how Sophia was able to repair the one-sided anger she felt towards Kumoko. Ariel was also her benefactor during their long journey together, providing her with well-cooked meals and lodging in human territories.
Her servant. Merazophis was originally the head butler of the Keren family, but was turned into a vampire by Sophia when she was a toddler to save his life. He was extremely loyal to Sophia's parents, and in turn to Sophia. He has remained her father-figure, guide, and servant her entire life. Because of this, Sophia continues to remain very protective and attached to him, even during her teenage years.
Acquaintance. In the beginning, Sophia felt complicated and uncomfortable with her relationship with Kumoko. Often swing from a mixture of detest and jealousy due to Kumoko's appearance in her life which was a painful reminder about her own bad school life experiences and her combat strength as Sophia felt she was too weak to protect her loved ones, and her gratitude for saving her and Merazophis. She sees Kumoko as a sore reminder of what she was in the past, as it reminded her of poor treatment from her classmates due to her unattractive appearance before she was reincarnated. She occasionally feels happy that Kumoko turned into frightful and a monstrous being instead of a human. As they journey together and a lecture from Ariel, she began to move on from her past insecurities and open up more to Kumoko. As seen by the time of Kumoko's evolution and becoming Shiraori, Sophia has more or less lost her original petty jealousy for her and now considers her a dear friend of hers. This is seen where Sophia herself was somewhat elated upon learning of Shiraori's helplessness after evolving and was delighted at the prospect that for once, she could protect and help Shiraori instead of the other way around due to wanting to pay her back for helping her so much since their first meeting in the new world, showing that Sophia herself was grateful for all the help she gave her despite her original disdainful attitude to her and wanted to pay her back.
A fellow reincarnate. The first time they crossed paths in this world he attacked her, due to him being under the control of the Wrath Skill at the time, and handily overpowered both her and Merazophis, causing her to develop a one-sided rivalry with him. Unfortunately, their rematch was spoiled by Shiraori beating him for her. Even after Wrath was freed from the effects of his skill, Sophia continued harboring a grudge. Over the years, though, she seems to have mellowed out and the two now have a working relationship.
Classmate in the new world and follower. After Sophia released the brainwashing on all the boys in her academy, Wald was the only one who remained by her side, and even asked to become a vampire. They rarely get to spend time together due to Shiraori constantly keeping Sophia busy with tasks.
Schlain "Shun" Zagan Analeit
Former classmate and a potential rival. As an experienced fighter and partly due to her nature as a vampire, Sophia often looks for strong opponents to challenge her supernatural battle strength. She sees Shun as a potential way to release her strength and a source of amusement. As seen in their battles due to Hugo's many plots to kill Shun, Sophia herself primarily toyed with him and made a point of flaunting her superior power to Shun during their duels and his helplessness in beating her. Sophie herself made a point by taunting Shun for his naivety regarding how things work in the new world and his inability to be cold-blooded in a fight where it was necessary to fight someone with the full intention to kill.
Mutual dislike and allies. Sophia teases her by pointing out that she would lose to Shun in a fight.[6] Sophia has a somewhat passive-aggressive relationship with Felmina, as she stole her fiancé during their academy days.
Hugo Baint von Renxandt
Acquaintance and temporarily ally. Sophia was assigned to aid him by Shiraori. To this end, she lends her assistance whenever he was being cornered and pretty much carried him to victory during The Fall of Analeit. While Sophia appeared unbothered by Hugo's demeaning attitude, it is revealed during the Elf Village Battle that, despite being fellow Reincarnates, she never cared about him and discarded him once his usefulness had run out.


As a vampire, Sophia displays high physical strength and an additional boost to her status, this allows her to wield a great sword in combat. Additionally, she was trained under Kumoko for a few years and regularly gets sent for missions, this makes her a very competent and experienced warrior, allowing her to easily overwhelmed Shun who holds the Hero title. Sophia was also born with the Undying Body skill which she evolved into Undying King.

  • Undying Body (不死体): Increases resistance to all attributes except for Fire, Light, and Rot. Additionally, once per day, the holder can survive any attack with 1 HP.[7]
  • Undying King (不死王): Raises nearby corpses. The zombies have no souls, so don't stop unless the body is destroyed, and don't give any experience.[8]

By combining various skills, Sophia is capable of using several composite magical abilities:

  • Shining Blood Mist: Sophia firstly casts the [Shining Mist] spell of the Ice Prison Magic, which is a beautiful mist that shines white, but is capable of freezing and shattering everything it touches into flakes. And then mixing it with her Blood Mist vampire ability, granting her the ability to maneuver the deadly mist.[9]
  • Vermilion Sea: A red fluid which moves completely under the control of Sophia's will, it dissolves everything it touches without limit. It is created by mixing the Blood Mist from Higher Vampire LV3, Strong Acid Attack, and Water Magic.[10]

Character File

The only daughter of the noble Keren family in Sariella. A reincarnation who retains her memories of being Shouko Negishi, a high school student in Japan. She is a vampire progenitor, a being who should no longer exist in this world. Displaying unbelievable power, she often stands in the way of Shun and the others. She serves a being she calls Master. Born to a human family, she initially lived without any contact with Demon and the like, but after encountering the Nightmare of the Labyrinth as a baby, her life quickly became very turbulent.


Volume 4-Final Chapter: First encounter
Human vampire LV1 Skill Points: 75,000 Sophia Keren
HP 11
MP 35
SP 12
Average Offense Ability : 9
Average Defense Ability : 8
Average Magic Ability : 32
Average Resistance Ability : 33
Average Speed Ability : 8
Vampire LV1 • Undying Body LV1 • HP Auto-Recovery LV1 • Magic Power Perception LV3 • Magic Power Operation LV3 • Night Vision LV1 • Five Senses Enhancement LV1 • n% I = W
Vampire • Progenitor

In Volume 4, the skill Undying Body was translated as Immortality. Due to this skill being inherently different from the Immortality skill that Kumoko has, this skill's translation was changed to Undying Body in Volume 6. On the wiki, the Appraisal block for Volume 4 - Final Chapter has been updated to Undying Body for consistency in System translations. Please see Patch Notes for other translation changes.

Volume 6-1: Misery Loves Company
Human vampire LV1 Skill Points: 73,800 Sophia Keren/Shouko Negishi
HP 27
MP 62
SP 86
Average Offense Ability : 34
Average Defense Ability : 41
Average Magic Ability : 59
Average Resistance Ability : 61
Average Speed Ability : 33
Vampire LV2 • Undying Body LV1 • HP Auto-Recovery LV4 • MP Recovery Speed LV2 • MP Lessened Consumption LV1 • SP Recovery Speed LV3 • SP Lessened Consumption LV3 • Magic Power Perception LV3 • Magic Power Operation LV3 • Presence Detection LV4 • Magic Warfare LV1 • Mental Warfare LV1 • Stealth LV4 • Silence LV2 • Kin Control LV1 • Telepathy LV7 • Concentration LV5 • Arithmetic Processing LV2 • Memory LV3 • Parallel Thinking LV5 • Prediction LV2 • Appraisal LV3 • Water Magic LV1 • Ice Magic LV1 • Rot Resistance LV1 • Status Condition Resistance LV5 • Fear Resistance LV5 • Night Vision LV7 • Five Senses Enhancement LV4 • Life LV2 • Magic Mass LV3 • Instantaneous LV4 • Persistent LV4 • Strength LV2 • Solidity LV2 • Technique User LV3 • Protection LV3 • Running LV2 • Spite LV4 • n% I = W
Vampire • Progenitor • Originator • Foul Feeder
Web Novel: Oni vs Oni ①
Human Vampire LV3 Skill Points: Unknown Sophia Keren
HP 14,271
MP 12,893
SP 12,655
Average Offense Ability : 12,738
Average Defense Ability : 13,226
Average Magic Ability : 12,755
Average Resistance Ability : 13,219
Average Speed Ability : 12,774
Stat & Ability Skills
HP Ultra-Fast Recovery LV3 • MP Rapid Recovery LV10 • MP Minimized Consumption LV10 • SP Rapid Recovery LV10 • SP Minimized Consumption LV10 • Ultimate Life LV10 • Ultimate Magic LV10 • Ultimate Movement LV10 • Fortune LV10 • Fortitude LV10 • Stronghold LV10 • Deva LV10 • Sanctum LV10 • Skanda LV10
Attack Skills
Magic Power Super-Attack LV10 • Energy Super-Attack LV10 • Flood Attack LV10 • Freeze Attack LV10 • Strong Acid Attack LV10
Enhancement Skills
Destruction Super-Enhancement LV2 • Impact Super-Enhancement LV1 • Cutting Super-Enhancement LV3 • Piercing Super-Enhancement LV1 • Shock Super-Enhancement LV1 • Flood Enhancement LV10 • Freeze Enhancement LV10 • Black Enhancement LV9 • Wind Enhancement LV9 • Earth Enhancement LV9 • Lightning Enhancement LV5 • Strong Acid Enhancement LV8 • Status Condition Enhancement LV9
Active Skills
Magic Divinity LV10 • Magic Power Conferment LV8 • Battle Divinity LV10 • Energy Conferment LV6 • Poison Synthesis LV10 • Medicine Synthesis LV10 • Psychokinesis LV10 • Dimensional Maneuvering LV10 • Concealment LV10 • Emperor • Long-Distance Vision LV4
Leadership Skills
Cooperation LV2 • Leadership LV3 • Kin Control LV6 • Fartalk LV10
Perception Skills
Magic Power Perception LV10 • Technique Perception LV10 • Concentration LV10 • Thought Acceleration LV4 • Future Sight LV4 • Parallel Minds LV2 • High-Speed Processing LV10 • Hit LV10 • Evasion LV10 • Probability Super-Correction LV10 • Presence Perception LV10 • Danger Perception LV10 • Motion Perception LV4 • Heat Perception LV8 • Space Perception LV1 • Appraisal LV10
Magic Skills
Precise Magic Power Operation LV2 • Fire Magic LV3 • Water Magic LV10 • Flood Magic LV10 • Azure Seas Magic LV7 • Ice Magic LV10 • Freeze Magic LV10 • Frozen Prison Magic LV8 • Wind Magic LV10 • Gale Magic LV1 • Earth Magic LV10 • Terrain Magic LV1 • Lightning Magic LV9 • Light Magic LV1 • Shadow Magic LV10 • Dark Magic LV10 • Black Magic LV4 • Poison Magic LV10 • Healing Magic LV10 • Jinx Demon Eye LV3 • Inert Demon Eye LV3
Resistance Skills
Physical Super-Resistance LV5 • Fire Resistance LV5 • Flood Nullification • Freeze Nullification • Gale Resistance LV2 • Terrain Resistance LV2 • Lightning Resistance LV6 • Light Resistance LV4 • Black Resistance LV4 • Heavy Resistance LV3 • Acid Resistance LV10 • Rot Resistance LV7 • Faint Resistance LV7 • Status Condition Nullification • Fear Super-Resistance LV7 • Heresy Super-Resistance LV6 • Suffering Nullification
Passive Skills
Undying Commander LV8 • Divine Scales LV10 • Sword Legend LV2 • Martial Genius LV9 • Throw LV10 • Expel LV10 • Record LV10 • Stealth LV10 • Silence LV10 • Odorless LV10 • Pain Nullification • Night Vision LV10 • Five Senses Super-Enhancement LV10 • Perception Expansion LV10
Other Skills
Higher Vampire LV8 • Root of Evil • Demon Lord LV8 • Envy • Divinity Expansion LV5 • Taboo LV2 • n% I = W
Vampire • True Ancestor • Ruler of Envy • Originator[11]


  • Sophia's name in Greek means wisdom or skill. While her last name Keren is a name that is derived from Katherine which is associated with the Greek adjective Katharos meaning pure, Katherine is also theorized to come from Hecate the goddess of magic including necromancy.
  • Most of Sophia's starting skills come from the effects of her Vampire and Progenitor titles.
  • Sophia's synergistic attributes are ice, water and dark. Her conflicting ones are light, fire, and lightning.[12]
  • According to D, Sophia has the largest chest size amongst the Reincarnations, with Karnatia and Shiraori being second and third respectively.
  • She must refer to Shiraori as master due to accidentally being cursed using a set of cards D left behind.


Light Novel




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