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Citing sources of information is an important part of editing. Normally, your own knowledge is enough to edit, but being able to reference that point of knowledge is an additional bonus to credibility. It allows other users and editors to cross-reference information on the wiki, and provides a proof of assurance for other readers that the information on So I'm a Spider, So What? Wiki is not made-up fan fiction of Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka?

Sourcing Basics

See: Help:Cite for detailed information on references

Mediawiki has its own built-in referencing markup that wikis use. On So I'm a Spider, So What? Wiki, there are some templates used to simplify the process.

  • {{Reference Box}} - REQUIRED - Used to make a collapsible section for references
  • {{Citation Needed}} - Used to automatically put [citation needed] where confirmation of information is required.

Creating a Reference

<ref name=identifier>footnote text</ref>

The above format is the basic format of creating a new reference. The identifier is used when calling the same reference at a different point on a page. The footnote text is what appears at the bottom of the page, like so. <ref name=example>This is an example</ref>[1]

<ref name=identifier />

This is used when calling a reference with the same footnote as something that has already been referenced. <ref name=example />[1] A different identifier is necessary for this next example.

<ref name=example2>Second example</ref><ref name=example2 />[2][2]

Sourcing on So I'm a Spider, So What? Wiki

Since this wiki is based strictly around Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? by Okina Baba, all citations are automatically contributed to him.
Likewise, the story expands over several different volumes, so the volume or arc should be a part of the lede or the infobox. If this parameter does not exist on the local infobox, please contact a local Administrator.

Use of Identifiers
The identifier of a reference should be the abbreviations of the word followed by the number.
Example: Chapter 01 → C1
Common abbreviations
  • Chapter → C
  • Episode → EP
Media Abbreviations
  • Light Novel → V
  • Manga → MNV
  • Anime → EP
Use of Footnote Text
Footnote Text should be the full name of the Volume Number, Chapter, and Chapter title.
Example: Volume 1-1: Starting with a Bang

Full Syntax Example

See Kumoko's Story for an in-depth example of references

New reference Example
<ref name=V1-1>Volume 1-1: Starting with a Bang</ref>

will be displayed as:

An excerpt from chapter 1 of the Light Novel's first volume.[3]
Reference with Identifier Example
<ref name=V1-1/>

will be displayed as:

A second excerpt from chapter 1.[3]


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