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Warning: Exploring this aspect of the So I'm a Spider, So What? Wiki contains heavy spoilers.

『A skill is the transformation of part of the souls, in order to easily draw out the power of the soul that all living things possess.』

『Therefore, a skill is equivalent to being a part of the soul, and the more Skills you gain the greater the amount of the soul becomes usable. By itself the soul has a natural limit, which leads to a limit on the number of Skills that can be retained as well, but in order to forcibly mature the soul beyond those limits, there exists in this world the System that increases the number of Skills.』

『However, in contrast to these normal Skills that only transform no more than the surface region of the soul, there exist some special Skills that transform the inner region of the soul. These are the Seven Deadly Sins Skills and the Seven Virtues Skills. Commonly called the Ruler Skills.』

『Because the Ruler Skills transform the inner region of the soul, a comparison can be made to the effects that other Skills have on the owner. One, the effects of the skill itself are powerful. Two, each skill also has an impact on the owner’s personality. Three, the more it is used the more the soul is eroded. Therefore, unless usage of the Ruler Skills is avoided, then before long the personality will be completely taken over.』

『There’s four possible countermeasures. One, don’t acquire a Ruler skill in the first place. Two, abstain from using the skill. Three, tough it out with guts. Four, put effort into the Heresy Resistance skill, and acquire Heresy Nullification.』

『Heresy Resistance counteracts against negative effects that would directly interfere with the soul. With Heresy Nullification, the power of attacks from within the System can be almost nullified. That applies equally to the Ruler Skills. To be able to freely exercise Ruler Skills while keeping the negative influences to a minimum, this method is the most suitable.』

『The quickest method to acquire Heresy Nullification is to acquire the Perseverance skill. Perseverance is also one of the Seven Virtues Skills, but it is the exception in that it has no negative influences on the soul. Not only that, on top of obtaining a certain amount of resistance, you can acquire Heresy Nullification via the title.』

『Acquire the skill of Detection, then by merely activating it is possible to significantly improve the proficiency of Heresy Resistance. However, in this case, until Heresy Resistance is raised to Heresy Nullification you must be careful not to use magic at all. In the worst case you may die so this method is frankly not recommended.』

Written by Shiraori, given to Sophia and Wrath in Blood 28.

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