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Shiraori (白織), more commonly known as Shiro (白) or White, is the mysterious commander of the Tenth Demon Army and Administrator D's object of interest. During her debut, she is presented as a highly suspicious individual who rarely talks and was powerful enough to kill the previous Hero, Julius, and his entire party instantly.


Shiraori has the appearance of a young albino girl with ghost-white skin and long silver-white hair. She keeps her extraordinarily long, flowing, straight hair loose, but from neck down she styles it in a considerable braid.

Her eyes are unique, shining a bright ruby-red. Inside her two human eyes are four small arachnid pupils surrounding her human pupil in a “X” shape, which makes it look like she has five eyes on each side.[1] Her clothes, created from her dimensional thread, consist of a one-piece dress with wide-open sleeves and a large hood that she often uses.


No matter what anyone says, I won't accept any ending that doesn't leave the Demon Lord smiling.

— Shiraori, internal thoughts,
Volume 10-Epilogue: Thus an Evil God Is Born

Shiraori is an introvert because she has little to no experience dealing with people due to the seclusion she experienced while trying to survive as a spider in the Great Elroe Labyrinth. She can read people's thoughts and intentions well enough and responds to their speech in her head, but often fails to communicate these thoughts with words. She has slight mannerisms that people close to her can understand, but she does her utmost to avoid interacting with people she is not familiar with whenever possible.

The only time her speech is clear is when she is in shock, [2] or drunk.[3] Most other times, she speaks in broken phrases that are just enough to get her message across.[4][5] It is also important to note that she cannot hold her liquor and blacks out almost instantly. During this time, she behaves in outrageous ways, and her extraordinary power makes it impossible to contain any situation she may find herself in.[6]

It takes a while, but Shiraori eventually warms up enough to Ariel to be able to speak to her like a normal person. This occurs after she has a “change of heart” and decides to fully commit herself to help the Demon Lord with her goals. This is not the case with others, though; she still ends up relying on her mannerisms or others that are close to her such as Ariel, Sophia, Merazophis, or Wrath to relay her thoughts and goals.[7]

Although she rarely speaks, she likes to write. Since realizing that verbal communication is too difficult, she prefers to communicate with others through writing instead. She ends up writing several books worth of information about the System, her plans, and the state of the world.[citation needed]

As the teacher of Sophia and Wrath, she drills into them the idea that stats aren't everything, and that strong individuals should never underestimate those below them.[8]



From the moment she was introduced in the prolepsis, Shiraori's identity was a big mystery. Upon confronting Schlain's party during the Elf Village Battle, it is revealed that she is actually the reincarnation of their classmate Wakaba Hiiro, thus making her and Kumoko one and the same. In her past life, she was a social outcast whose family had broken up and was bullied in class, spending most of her time reading light novels and playing video games.

However, this was only half-true. While Shiraori and Kumoko are indeed the same person, she is, in fact, not the reincarnation of Wakaba Hiiro. In reality, Wakaba Hiiro was an alternate identity assumed by D to escape her duties as the manager of the Underworld and play at being a normal high-school student. She was actually an outcast by choice, and her family that had “broken up” didn't really exist. Furthermore, despite her anti-social tendencies, her classmates actually revered her as the “Queen of the Class” and her would-be bullies were merely jealous.

Shiraori's actual true identity was an ordinary spider that happened to be in the classroom at the time everyone got reincarnated. Upon being spotted, one of the students, Natsume Tengo, wanted to squash her but was stopped by the teacher, Ms. Oka, who allowed the spider to stay as a sort of class-pet. However, the students were disgusted by it and Shiraori spent her days in the classroom desperately clinging on to life.

One day during class, a mysterious explosion occurred and killed everyone in the classroom, including Shiraori. In reality, the explosion was the result of a previous Hero and Demon Lord's attempt to assassinate D. Feeling responsible and thinking it would be fun, D reincarnated the casualties. However, such an act would definitely attract the attention of the underworld staff. Thus, to distract them, she took Shiraori's soul and gave it a piece of her own, effectively overwriting her existence, before reincarnating her as well.


The Great Human-Demon War

Shiraori made her debut in the prolepsis during a meeting between the Demon Lord, Ariel, and the demon army commanders. She is immediately presented as a mysterious individual, only speaking the bare minimum required, regarding the status of her 10th army. Not even the Demon Lord's aide, Balto, knew her true identity, though he believed her to be a Ruler.[9]

Her next appearance is after the conclusion of The Great Human-Demon War, when Ariel pics up the scarf that belonged to the previous Hero, Julius, who was slain during the war. The Demon Lord then jokingly decides to have the scarf send to Julius' younger brother, Schlain, though Shiraori just remained silent at the Demon Lord's remarks.[10]

The Fall of Analeit

During Hyrince's recollection of the war to Schlain, who had inherited the Hero title, he reveals that it was Shiraori who slew Julius. He described her as a pure-white girl who leisurely walked onto the battlefield and instantly obliterated Julius along with the entire party using a Rot attack.[11]

Following The Fall of Analeit, after Schlain managed to save his and Katia's families and flee, it is revealed that Shiraori and Ariel were watching the whole ordeal. Ariel's words also revealed that Shiraori was the one who masterminded the incident. While the Demon Lord had some criticisms, she stated that she trusted her to handle the situation.[12]

March to the Elf Village

She later attended the meeting between the surviving commanders, once again only speaking the bare minimum regarding the status of the 10th army. Later going with Ariel after she announced that she will be taking the 4th, 8th, and 10th armies to attack the Elf Village.[13]

On their way to the Elf Village by riding an Arch Taratect, Shiraori showed her first signs of emotions. Ariel noticed that she was worried about the Reincarnations about to be caught in the crossfire and tells her to not worry.[14] Meanwhile, Schlain and his party were also heading toward the Elf Village to aid the Elves in the upcoming battle. During this time, Schlain had a dream about Shiraori that he interpreted as the spirit of Julius trying to tell him something.[15]

Elf Village Battle

At the climax of the Elf Village Battle, Shiraori interferes in Sophia and Wrath's fight with Schlain's party just as the former is about to kill Hugo for insulting her, revealing herself to her mysterious “Master”. She then removes a tiny spider from Hugo's ear, causing him to lose consciousness, further revealing she was manipulating him into initiating the battle. Shiraori's true identity is then revealed as Schlain's party all recognize her as their supposedly deceased classmate Wakaba Hiiro, thus making her and Kumoko one and the same.[16]


Shiraori's profile image revealed in Volume 7. It displays Shiraori being birthed from a web-cocoon.

Origin Profile

Shiraori's original form is that of Kumoko, a spider monster from the Great Elroe Labyrinth. Kumoko evolved into Shiraori when she ate a GMA Bomb at the core of the G-Fleet in a panic because it was going to explode, thinking maybe she could digest and absorb it similarly to Ariel's Gluttony skill. The GMA Bomb was being used as a generator to power the G-Fleet and its army of G-Tris and G-Tetras. These autonomous robots utilize MA Energy as a power source. This technology was what led to the past destruction of the world and the necessity of the System, so a massive battle involving all the major players in the world ensued to make sure the G-Fleet and its army were put down for good, with Shiraori and Ariel being centerpieces in stopping it, which resulted in Kumoko swallowing the GMA bomb. After absorbing the MA Energy from the GMA Bomb, when it exploded inside her stomach, Kumoko reaches Divinity Expansion Level 10 and undergoes deification, transcends the System, and is reborn as Shiraori after 47 days.[17]

When she awakens, she comes face to face with Güliedistodiez, Ariel, Sophia, Merazophis, and the Puppet Taratect Sisters. Güliedistodiez quickly realizes what has happened and explains to her that she has successfully become a god and escaped the confines of the System, but due to the unusual way she entered deification, by using the system, she had been left weakened due to being unable to use her energy via skills. Shiraori is effectively a normal human with none of the previous enhancements she had as a monster inside the System. Ariel decides to protect Shiraori until she learns to utilize the tremendous energy she now possesses.[1]


Now completely helpless and reliant on the rest of the group for her needs, Shiraori laments her uselessness as they travel through the Renxandt Empire into the Mystic Mountains to get to the Demon Realm. She has little stamina and can barely even walk because she was so used to walking on eight legs. This helplessness leaves her thoroughly depressed while the rest of the party protects her. Sael is specifically assigned as her bodyguard when the others need to leave Shiraori alone, and this almost leads to some serious issues due to how literal Sael takes her orders.

Shiraori desperately saves Sophia from falling into an ice crevice with thread

Shiraori saves Sophia

When they finally leave the Renxandt Empire and begin travelling through the Mystic Mountains, they come face to face with Wrath, who is berserk due to the influence of the Wrath skill. They also accidentally kill an Anogratch; in the ensuing chaos caused by the swarm of monkeys, Ariel, and the rest get separated from Shiraori, Sael, and Sophia. Shiraori, Sophia, and Sael desperately fight Wrath and attempt to flee, but he opens up a giant crevice in the glacier they are standing on, causing Sophia and him to fall. In a panic, Shiraori summons thread from her fingertips to save Sophia from certain death, and in the process re-learns the first skill she ever used: thread-weaving. Elated, but at the same time scared, she saves Mera from falling into the crevice as well, while Sael gathers them all up and brings them to safety.[18]

The rest of the journey through the Mystic Mountains is uneventful, and after a lot more suffering in the bumpy carriage, they finally get to relax a bit. Sort of. Shiraori later awakens her ability to control her energy fully after getting drunk, as in her drunken state she is unconstrained by logic and learns to instinctively use her energy after that experience.

Life in the Demon Realm

The Demon Realm is Ariel's domain, upon reaching Balto's — a trusted aide’s manor, Ariel quickly gets Shiraori, Sophia, Merazophis, and the puppet taratect sisters settled into Balto's manor and begins her duties as the Demon Lord.

Due to their time getting to know each other, witnessing the numerous times Ariel protected her — once even risking her life. Shiraori decided to express her gratitude by assisting Ariel's plan to reignite the conflict between the human and demon factions.

She uses her new ability to create an army of mini spider clones to gather information across the domain, happens to stumble upon rebellious elements within the Demon Realm caused by Ariel's rapid militarism, passing the information to Ariel and Balto.

With tensions between humans and demons on the rise, combined with the lack of talented commanders due to the purge and an urgent need for military reorganization, Shiraori becomes one of Ariel's army commanders.


Grandmother; in the beginning, Shiraori had a rocky and antagonistic relationship with the Demon Lord due to past grievances. After coming to an agreement and witnessing how Ariel continues to protect her — even in her severely weakened state after the GMA bomb incident, their relationship greatly improved as they have officially buried the hatchet. Ariel is one of the few beings that Shiraori feels comfortable conversing with, despite her poor social skills. Due to Ariel's soul being fused with a part of Shiraori's, Ariel is quick to understand and communicate Shiraori's intentions to others.
Sophia Keren
Protégé; whilst mutually caring for each other, they have a complicated relationship due to both struggling to openly express themselves. While she finds her selfish behavior to be annoying, she tries to bear with her. However, after Sophia caused an incident at the demon academy, Shiraori finally had enough and became stricter toward her, putting a curse onto her that forces her to refer to her as “master” and severely punishing her whenever she misbehaves. Unfortunately, as noted by others, she might be taking this a bit too far, punishing her over the tiniest of things. Nonetheless, she does this for her own good.
One of Shiraori's travel companions and a pupil. She was indirectly responsible for Wrath regaining his consciousness. Shiraori also feels somewhat responsible for Wrath, helping him to get acclimatize and teaching him the ways of the new world. Despite Shiraori's communication issues, Wrath is one of the few characters in the series that can interpret what she is trying to convert to others. They currently have a working relationship with one another.
Colleague; They originally met when Shiraori was still in her original Kumoko form. She saved him and the Karens from bandits, and she healed his wounds, much to his surprise. Unlike other humans she encountered, he never expressed hostility towards her. They officially became allies after she and Ariel save him and Sophia from Potimas. As they traveled to the demon realm, she is impressed by his abilities as a former butler and (inwardly) made fun of him being surrounded by beautiful girls when they traveled together. He also carried her during the time when Shiraori was rendered weak due to her evolution.
After becoming commanders of Ariel’s army, Shiraori generally turns to Mera for the kind of underground missions that she does not want to burden Sophia and Wrath with. However, she respects his decisions, being fully willing to dirty her hands should he refuse.
Fellow administrator; in the beginning, Shiraori and Gülie's relationship appeared to be more-or-less neutral, and she even looked up to him to some degree. However, after he advised to leave the planet, she came to the realization that he disliked her and her opinion of him only soured further as she learned more about him, blaming his inaction for the planet's current state. She also keeps him in the dark about the fact that her plan to save the world would require half of humanity be sacrificed, as she knows he would never accept to it otherwise. As it stands, though they are currently allies, Shiraori believes that them coming to blows is inevitable.
Her vice-commander in her 10th demon army; Shiraori has an overall very positive opinion of Felmina and sympathizes with her, having been ousted by her family as a result of Sophia's actions at the Demon Academy. However, just like Sophia, she is not above severely punishing her for any perceived disobedience.
An officer in her 10th demon army; Shiraori has an overall negative opinion of Wald, viewing him as “crazy” for remaining loyal to Sophia even after the charm the vampire unintentionally cast on him was undone.
As tense as Shiraori's relationship with Güliedistodiez is, the one with his clone, Hyrince, is arguably even tenser. Because he had been a companion of the previous Hero, Julius, whom Shiraori killed, he straight up accuses her of being “evil”. Shiraori, however, does not even try to defend herself against him, even if she had not actually done anything, only criticizing him for letting his emotions cloud his judgement. Despite her low opinion of him, Shiraori at least expected him to try to stop Shun, causing her to be irritated when he instead helped him pass the roadblocks she created to keep the Hero out of the conflict. As a result, when they met again face-to-face during the Elf Village Battle, Shiraori gave Hyrince an angry glare to force him to cooperate when she had Sophia and Wrath escort Shun's party away from the battlefield.
Filimøs “Oka” Harrifenas
Because Ms. Oka prevented the other reincarnations from harming her in their previous lives, Shiraori feels greatly indebted to her and strives to ensure her safety without her knowing. She even went as far as to punch D's head off in a fit of rage once she learned of the dangerous position she was reincarnated in and promising to punish Sophia after allowing her to get in harm's way. After finally crossing paths during the Elf Village Battle, Shiraori treated Filimøs with the sense of respect expected from a student to a teacher and later had Sophia and Wrath escort her and the rest of Shun's party away from the battlefield. Ms. Oka is also one of the few people Shiraori is comfortable speaking to, though not to the same extent as Ariel.
Schlain “Shun” Zagan Analeit
Shiraori has both indirectly protected Shun and caused him a lot of suffering. While she killed his brother, Julius, and overthrew his country, the latter was actually done to protect him by forcing him into hiding, as the nation had secretly been taken over by the elves. Unfortunately, it instead only prompted him to enter the conflict. She regards him as a severe threat due to him being the Hero, possessing the Hero's Sword, and his Divine Protection skill, to the point she only opted not to kill him for Ms. Oka's sake. On a personal level, however, Shiraori holds no ill will towards Shun and even finds watching him to be oddly relaxing. When Shun lost consciousness after they finally met during the Elf Village Battle, Shiraori immediate went to check on him and later had Sophia and Wrath escort him and his party away from the battlefield
Feirune “Fei”
Shiraori has a very negative opinion of Fei due to having been bullied her in her previous life as Wakaba Hiiro. Furthermore, she has expressed jealousy toward her being reincarnated as a powerful wyrm whereas she was stuck as a weak taratect. Because of this, Shiraori takes great pleasure in watching Fei being put in embarrassing situations.
When they finally crossed paths during the Elf Village Battle, Fei demanded to know how she was still alive, having believed her to be deceased until then. However, Shiraori just stated that explaining would be “too much of a pain” and had Sophia and Wrath escort her and the rest of Shun's party away from the battlefield.
Even following the revelation that Shiraori is not the real Wakaba, she still feels this way due to her having her memories.
Karnatia “Katia” Seri Anabald
While spying on Katia, though Shiraori was initially embarrassed watching her and Shun basically act like a couple, over time, she came to find their “harem” antics quite entertaining. Shiraori especially likes seeing Katia get jealous whenever Shun get “too close” with another woman.
Hugo Baint von Renxandt
Because Natsume attempted to harm her in their previous lives, Shiraori holds a massive grudge against him. Upon finding him through her spy network, she nearly decided to kill him and only relented because it would make Ms. Oka sad. Though annoyed by his egotistical attitude, she did not believe it was her place to reprimand him. When he vowed vengeance on Ms. Oka after she stripped him of his skills, however, Shiraori concluded he would never change before brainwashing him and using him in her plans. Overall, Shiraori used Hugo up and threw him away once his usefulness had run out without any remorse, arguing he would have acted the way he did regardless of her brainwashing.
Yuri Ullen
Upon finding Yuri through her spy network, Shiraori realized that she barely even remembers her, as she never stood out in their previous lives. However, while spying on her throughout the Academy Arc, she was shocked and disturbed to discover that she had become a Word of God fanatic.
Kunihiko Tagawa & Asaka Kushitani
Shiraori is indirectly responsible for the destruction of Kunihiko and Asaka's village, having ordered Merazophis to destroy it, so they would not cross paths with Ms. Oka and subsequently be abducted by the elves. Nevertheless, she did this to protect them and had arranged for the church to take them in. When they were finally brought to the Elf Village by Ms. Oka following The Great Human-Demon War, however, Shiraori did nothing as she already had other matters to deal with.
Suelecia “Sue” Analeit
Shiraori's first interaction with Sue was just after she brainwashed Hugo, when the latter snuck into his room to kill for the attempt on Shun's life during the Academy Arc. Fortunately for her, sensing the overwhelming difference in strength, the princess submitted and became her subordinate. During The Fall of Analeit, Shiraori had Sue assassinate her father. However, sensing this might be too much for the young girl, she had Hugo brainwash her during this time as a way of showing her mercy.
Julius Zagan Analeit
Shiraori saw Julius as a severe threat to Ariel, due to the danger his Hero title poses to her Demon Lord title, along with the fact of how much it uses the planet's MA Energy, and personally came to the battlefield kill him herself after his victory during The Great Human-Demon War, while attempting to remove the Hero title from the System. On a personal level, however, she felt no animosity toward him and even somewhat admired his way of living. Following the Hero's death, Shiraori concluded she underestimated him, as he, against all odds, managed to kill one of her Queen Taratect clones.
Bloe Phthalo
Because he burned down her webs during their first meeting, along with his vulgar attitude, Shiraori viewed Bloe as an occasional annoyance, inwardly referring to him as “Hooligan”. She was also seemingly oblivious to the obvious crush he had on her. Despite all of this, though, when she was sent to retrieve him by Ariel during The Great Human-Demon War, she respected his decision to stay.
Shiraori has a complicated and a love-hate relationship with D. While she has expressed gratitude for her assistance both within and outside the system and even feels some attraction towards her, potentially due to her having been the one who gave her name, she is also disgusted by her nonchalant treatment of the lives of the other reincarnations and the world's natives. D has openly expressed that she wants to keep Shiraori close to her due to her amusement value, viewing her as “hers”. However, Shiraori cannot accept this, as she wants to live freely.
It was later revealed D was the indirect creator of her being, having infused her some of her memories as Wakaba Hiiro on to a classroom spider to distract her fellow gods and avoid her duties. Shiraori was initially angry that the whole purpose of her existence was just to allow D to slack off, but was silenced when her creator stated that, unlike herself, she is at least free.
Ultimately, Shiraori got revenge on D, when she punched off her head and forced her to revive herself using her powers, which led to her being discovered by Meido and dragged back to work.
Shiraori inadvertently initiated her first meeting with Meido when she punched D's head off, which led the maid to find them. Sensing the difference in strength between them, Shiraori wisely kept silent around her, despite the latter viewing her as D's “toy”. In the end, Meido did not really pay much attention to Shiraori and the two peacefully parted ways after the former retrieved D.

Powers & Abilities


White's Scythe: A weapon built from one of Shiraori's front scythe-like limbs when she was an Arachne, this weapon has been modified by D[1] with automatic growth properties and within the confines of the System it is indestructible. It can cut through anti-magic constructs and emits an eerie aura of darkness.[19] A piece of Shiraori's soul is inside it.[1]


Shiraori's Scythe

Attack: 14,099
Resistance: 99,999

Automatic Repair
Rot Attribute
Dark Attribute


Shiraori using her Evil Eyes

Having transcended the System as a god, Shiraori is now incapable of using any of her former Skills. Nonetheless, she can replicate certain effects through conjuring. For example, she can create a mirror from the earth using magecraft that is like an extension of terrain magic[20] or create bullets of darkness. [21] Shiraori explains that she only knows how to perform Darkness Magic, Space Magic, Healing Magic, and Heresy Magic without system assistance. [22] Even though Shiraori states that Heresy Magic can still be used, Ariel specifies that Shiraori cannot use the heresy attribute Soul Break anymore. [23]

  • Physical Strength beyond the System: As a god, Shiraori's stats are above the System's limit.[22] Damage inflicted by her also ignores physical resistances, causing even those with a pain resistance skill to feel hurt.[24]
  • Fluoroscopy: An ability that allows Shiraori to see with closed eyes.[20] It also grants her vision in 360 degrees, through and around walls, and more. She has no blind spots.[25]
  • Transformation: Shiraori can freely switch between a human form and her previous Arachne form with just a thought.[20]
  • Thread Manipulation: Due to her spider heritage, Shiraori can produce and manipulate spider threads.[20] Her threads are so durable that even Ariel, with her nearly maxed strength, cannot break them with brute force. Their only vulnerability was to fire — and even then only high-ranking fire magic. However, with time, she overcame even this weakness; See: Dimensional Magecraft.[22]
  • Immortality & Regeneration: As a god, Shiraori is immortal. She will never die of old age.[26] Destroying her body is meaningless because the true form of a god is its soul, even destroying the head will only cause her to momentarily lose the ability to think. In this sense, their bodies are simply vessels for their souls. There are only two ways to kill a god. The first is to wear them down until they lack the energy for regeneration. The second is to use magecraft to directly destroy their soul.[27] Even if one has soul-destroying magecraft this isn't easy; according to Ariel it would require hundreds of users of Soul Break to affect Güliedistodiez, alluding to the immense godly durability that Shiraori also possesses.[23]
  • Barriers: Shiraori can create magical and physical barriers around herself[28] and others.[29]
  • Foresight: Even after becoming a god, Shiraori can still use the equivalent of this skill as a God.[22] It strengthens the user’s predictive abilities. Furthermore, it allows the user to see the possible outcomes of the immediate future.
  • Soul Sight: As a god, Shiraori has the ability to see other people's souls.
  • Evil Eyes: Shiraori developed new versions of her Evil Eye Skills after becoming a god.[30] The ten eyes of her Arachne form were turned into ten pupils in her human form, five for each eye. Due to her having multiple pupils within her eyes thanks to her spider heritage, she can use all of them at once and due to her vision-enhancing Skills she can effectively use them in any direction thanks to Fluoroscopy.
    • Evil Eye of Analysis: An Evil Eye which analyzes the energy of an opponent's soul, giving a rough estimate of their strength.[31]
    • Evil Eye of Grudge: Shiraori has developed a Magecraft version of this Evil Eye.[30] It continually weakens all the recipient’s stats while damaging their HP, MP, and SP, it also adds the drained HP, MP and SP to herself.
    • Evil Eye of Panic: Strikes Fear into the enemies in her view.[32] The only people who were proven to be able to resist this are Güllie and Ariel, so it even works against high-grade fear resistance. By reversing the effects of the Evil Eye of Panic. Shiraori can grant the target serenity instead of fear.[33]
    • Evil Eye of Static: Paralyzes the opponent, making them completely unable to move. The skill doesn't only paralyze the body, but also shuts down the mind, making the opponent unable to remember what happened while paralyzed.[34] Shiraori once described it as “King Crimson! Not quite the same, though”.[35]
    • Evil Eye of Attraction and Repulsion: An Evil Eye that automatically repels and eliminates any attack in her field of view.[25]
    • Evil Eye of Extinction: A Rot Attribute Evil Eye, that instantly disintegrates the target.[36]
    • Evil Eye of Gluttony: An Evil Eye inspired by the Gluttony ruler skill. Using this, Shiraori can decompose and absorb the energy of any magic within her field of view. This way, she can even decompose and absorb the power of Anti-Magic Fields.[37]
    • Evil Eye of Past Sight: An Evil Eye that lets Shiraori see the past; noted to be comparable to detective vision.[38]
  • Hacking the System: Shiraori can hack the System through clones sent to Sariel. Of course, she could do it herself as well, but she has better things to do. By interfering with the System, she can change various things. For example, she attempted to eradicate the Hero title this way. Shiraori wants to eventually reach the point of being able to destroy the System.
    • Soul Shelter: Shiraori has control over the System's Soul Shelter, which allows her to temporarily remove souls from the cycle of reincarnation,[39] resulting in protection in case of System collapse.[40]
    • Regenerating the Soul: Shiraori demonstrated being able to heal a soul that is about to be destroyed. This requires System access.[41]
    • Message Overview: While she can no longer receive messages from the system due to no longer being a user, she can directly search and review the logs
  • Resurrecting the Dead: Shiraori can resurrect the dead. However, this is only possible in a world within the System.[42]
  • Dimensional Magecraft: Shiraori specializes in dimensional magecraft and its many capabilities. She can use an enhanced version of teleport that allows her to teleport anywhere she wants, even to other worlds.[43] Furthermore, she can sense and interfere with the teleportation of others to make them teleport to unintended areas.[44] Shiraori can create vast pocket dimensions and can manipulate the flow of time within them to a certain degree.[45] She can teleport entire armies[46] and uses this at times to teleport opponents into her pocket dimensions. Touching is not required for teleportation. To aim the dimensional magecraft one can either aim at a certain place, like normal, or also just designate the person one wishes to affect, in which case knowledge of the location of the target is unnecessary.[47]
    • Threads: Shiraori's spider threads are laced with space. More specifically, every thread is also a pocket dimension of its own, making them practically indestructible unless one can destroy space itself.[25]
    • Dimensional Fissures: Shiraori can create dimensional fissures. She uses them to defend against attacks by opening up a portal into a different dimension and then redirecting the attack with a second portal. She also hides her clones in pocket dimensions, opening up portals in a web-like pattern to attack with her custom Evil Eyes.[48]
  • Division: Shiraori's aptitude for splitting her consciousness into multiple bodies emerges as one of her most subtle, yet powerful, Skills in the form of division. By creating innumerable tiny spider clones implanted with her consciousness, she has nearly super-computer levels of multitasking ability. Shiraori uses this immense ability to partition her effort into researching new abilities and hacking the System, as well as gathering information by sending out her spider-clones to track key individuals and locations throughout the world. It is, in fact, this massive information network that she has created that is one of the most instrumental assets in her arsenal. She currently has over ten thousand clones all over the world and in various pocket dimensions.[49] Should her main body die, she can simply transfer her soul into one of the clones, making them all extra lives. Her clones can vary in size depending on how much of her energy, or how much organic material, she uses in making them, with Shiraori once making a spider clone equivalent in power and size to a Queen Taratect[50]. Her clones generally have the same skills as herself, though their base abilities are reduced.
    • Mind Control: Shiraori can mind control people by having a small clone crawl into their ear and connect to their brain.[51]
    • Exponential Spider Summoning: Shiraori can summon a considerable number of clones from her shadow. Each clone can then summon even more clones, resulting in an exponential number of spiders appearing.[28]
  • Magic Manipulation: Shiraori can manipulate magic around her. She can manipulate the magic power in other people to make them activate Skills they don't have.[52] Additionally, she can interfere with the magic construction of others to completely negate a spell.[25]
  • Recognition Obstruction: Shiraori makes it so that people do not recognize her, instead remembering the color white. This works by planting the concept of white directly in the consciousness of the surrounding people.
  • Telepathy: Shiraori can use telepathy,[48] and eavesdrop on other people's telepathic communication.[31]
  • Absorbing External Energy: Shiraori has a talent for absorbing external energies, being easily able to drain any power source she comes across.[53]
  • Hologram Creation: Shiraori can create Holograms to illustrate what she is explaining.[29]
  • Boundary Field: A realm created by a god, that is somewhat like being inside the god. Güliedistodiez demonstrated that a god can even change the laws of physics inside its zone. Being inside a god's zone is advantageous for the god and disadvantageous for everyone else. The zone will dull the movements of opponents and nobody, except the owner, can properly use their power within it, although some internal magecraft such as healing and setting up barriers over the skin is possible. Shiraori not only has such a zone, but she can also use space magic to turn a space into her zone and, in turn, cancel the zone of others. This requires her to summon a massive number of clones into her opponent's zone.[28]
  • Shapeshifting: Due to her spider heritage, Shiraori can freely transform any part of her into the body part of a spider.[41]
  • Curse Casting: Shiraori can place curses on others; for example, she placed one on Sophia that forces her to refer to her as “master” and makes her kneel whenever she defies her orders.


  • The two characters that make up her name are 白 (Shiro), which means white, and 織 (ori), which means weaving.
  • Caffeinated coffee will completely knock Shiraori out for hours. It's her archenemy. To be clear, it's not as if she can't drink coffee, as she can drink coffee without caffeine and nothing happens. Likewise, she can drink caffeinated tea without a problem. Only caffeinated coffee will have this effect, due to her spider heritage.[54]
  • After becoming the 10th army general, Shiro trains the army to 1000 in each ability score, causing the opposing humans to think they are an elite demon force despite Shiro thinking that they are weak.
  • According to D, Shiraori has the third-largest bust among the Reincarnations, surpassed only by Sophia at #1 and barely losing out to Karnatia at #2.
    • Shiraori herself is bothered by Sophia being bigger than her and even considered cutting them off.
    • The reason for this is that D intentionally set the other reincarnates to be smaller, those two being exceptions who “might” become bigger.
  • In the web novel, Shiraori cursed Sophia to refer to her as “Master” accidentally while playing with a set of cards D left behind.
    • In the light novel, she does this on her own and on purpose when Sophia starts causing trouble.
  • Shiraori can drink alcohol without getting drunk. However, due to the pleasure she gains while being drunk, she willingly stops her body from resisting alcohol, and allows herself to become drunk.
  • In the Web novel, Shiraori does not get physically weakened when she reaches godhood. However, she does lose the ability to use system skills until she creates her techniques, some of which are inspired from or based on her old skills.


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