Schlain "Shun" Zagan Analeit formerly known as Yamada Shunsuke (山田俊輔) is one of the students who was reincarnated from Japan. He is the fourth prince of the Kingdom of Analeit.


Schlain's Academy Uniform

Shun is a young man with dark blue hair and green eyes, an average height and a plain body. Like all reincarnations, his appearance has been described as attractive. In his time in the academy he used a Blue shirt with yellow decoration on the wrist and elbow and a light brown cape with red and blue decorations on the neck.


Schlain is a kind-hearted young man who can be a little dense at times; he tends to be too trusting and honest. His kindness is such a predominant part of his personality that he finds taking the life of anything with a sense of self-difficult or even painful. This trait allows him to gain the title Ruler of Mercy and the skill Mercy.

When Katia and Feirune are discussing the aspects of their reincarnation, Feirune mentions that it is impressive that Shun has been able to remain thoroughly average in his new life, even though he is a prince and considered a genius. Additionally, it has been noted that the one part of his personality that can be be described as something other than "average" is his strong sense of responsibility. Besides this, Schlain tends to both underestimate the strength of his opponents and overestimate the strength of his allies. This is linked to his thoroughly average personality. He tends to view himself as "not special" even though he is exceptional. This causes him to accidentally put his allies in harms way.

Due to his naïveté, Schlain has shown to be oblivious the world of politics that the rest of his family lives in. This is seen in his failure to notice the obvious malice the Queen and his older half-brother had for him and did not question why he was never properly educated. He was similarly unaware of his younger sister's romantic fixation with him. All of these oversights would eventually endanger both himself and his friends later on.


Karnatia "Katia" Seri Anabald
As the first reincarnation he has met in the new world and also one of his closest friend in Japan, Shun has a positive and close relationship with Katia, often confiding his worries and fears with Katia in numerous occasions. Shun sees Katia as a very valuable friend, continue to see her as his former male self, much to dismay of Katia who has beginning to develop romantic feelings for Shun.
Filimøs Harrifenas
As his former homeroom teacher in Japan, Shun greatly respects and trust Filimøs, often addressing her as "Sensei" even after reincarnation. Despite numerous Katia's words of cautions against her regarding her mysterious actions, time and again Shun would give his former teacher the benefit of the doubt.
Suelecia "Sue" Analeit
As his younger half-sister and one of the few family members he is close to, Shun is generally protective of Sue, and tries to lived up to his sister's great expectations of him. Because of this, Shun hide the fact about his reincarnation status and past memories, fearing he might hurt her feelings and feel betray about this revelation.
Julius Zagan Analeit
As the current hero and Shun's older brother. Shun greatly admires Julius not only for his skills but also his character's traits, often imagining what would his older brother do in difficult situations. On top of balancing his duties as the hero of the world, Julius would try to make time and visit Shun, sometimes engaging in friendly spars and wanting not disappoint Shun's admiration towards him.
One of Shun's classmates and fellow reincarnator from Japan, Feirune was given as a gift to Shun and his sister, Sue during their royal appraisal ceremony. Due to her evolution as a dragon later in the series, Feirune becomes one of the strongest member of Shun's faction, Shun greatly trust and relies on Feirune, especially during battle.
Hugo Baint von Renxandt
One of Shun's classmates and fellow reincarnator from Japan. Shun was never close with Hugo even back in Japan, dues their clashing personalities and different cliques. As the series progress, Hugo felt increasing jealousy and anger towards Shun, as he felt he should be the main protagonist of new world and not Shun, who he feels is stealing his limelight. As seen in his inner thoughts regarding Hugo, Shun himself is largely oblivious to Hugo's resentment towards him and upon him making it known, Shun himself was still confused as to why he was so angry with him.
Sophia Keren
Shun first encountered Sophia when she aided Hugo's coup, and he fought her. He deduced she was a reincarnation from her interactions with Filimøs, though this did not change that he thought her actions were unforgivable. After fleeing, Filimøs told Shun about Sophia's identity as a reincarnator who sided with the Administrators. Also, having been overwhelmed so easily caused Shun to realize how weak he is, though he resolved to face her again regardless. Unfortunately, when they did fight again, Shun was once again completely outmatched and realized Sophia was just toying with him.
During their past lives, Kyouya was one of Shun's best friends. Because of this, he was shocked when Filimøs revealed he was the commander of the 8th Demon Army when they finally met again during the Elf Village Battle.
Shun first learned about Shiraori from Hyrince. Due to her having killed Julius, Shun saw her as someone "unforgivable" and an enemy he would have to face sooner-or-later. When they finally crossed paths during the Elf Village Battle, however, Shun was shocked to learn that his brother's killer was actually the reincarnation of his classmate Wakaba Hiiro.
Unbeknownst to Shun, he actually met the self-proclaimed Evil God known as D in his previous life, as she is the famous online player "Baldy" that he formed a party with on one occasion.


As a reincarnation, Shun enjoys additional status boost during his training, allowing to be stronger than peers at his age. He also consider a prodigy by others. Furthermore, he has trained and engaged in sparring sessions with his brother, the world's Hero and who has commented Shun's talent for combat will likely overtake him in the future.

  • Summoning: Shun has formed a contract with Fei and can teleport her to his side from anywhere in the world with the Summoning skill.[1]
  • Divine Protection: Shun's unique reincarnation skill, which makes it easier to achieve the desired result in any situation. This skill was probably at least partially responsible for breaking Hugo's control over Katia.[2]
  • Mercy: Shun is able to revive someone from the death as long as the bodies is reasonably intact. This was seen when Shun was able to revive Leston, Klevea and Katia's parents when they were executed. The aftereffect is that Taboo increases by one level for each life he saves.[3]


Volume 1-S2: Reincarnation
Human LV1 Skill Points: 100,000 Schlain Zagan Analeit
HP 35
MP 348
SP 35
Average Offense Ability : 20
Average Defense Ability : 20
Average Magic Ability : 314
Average Resistance Ability : 299
Average Speed Ability : 20
Mana Perception LV8 • Mana Operation LV8 • Magic Warfare LV6 • Magic Power Conferment LV5 • Magic Attack LV3 • MP Recovery Speed LV7 • MP Lessened Consumption LV2 • Swordsmanship LV3 • Destruction Enhancement LV2 • Mental Warfare LV2 • Energy Conferment LV1 • Concentration LV5 • Hit LV1 • Evasion LV1 • Vision Enhancement LV4 • Auditory Enhancement LV7 • Olfactory Enhancement LV2 • Taste Enhancement LV1 • Tactile Enhancement LV1 • Life LV5 • Magic Mass LV8 • Instantaneous LV5 • Persistent LV5 • Strength LV5 • Solidity LV5 • Alchemist LV8 • Protection LV7 • Running LV5 • Divine Protection • n%I=W


  • In the Web Novel Shun's dragon isn't a reincarnated student.
  • Shun's best magical affinity is Light, followed by Water.


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