Schlain "Shun" Zagan Analeit, formerly known as Yamada Shunsuke (山田俊輔) is one of the students who was reincarnated from Japan. He is the fourth prince of the Kingdom of Analeit and later inherited the unique Hero Title following the death of his older brother, Julius.

Due to his sizeable role in the story, he is considered the deuteragonist of the series and later an antagonist to the main story.


Yamada Shunsuke

As Yamada Shunsuke, he was characterized by his bluish-black hair and matching eyes. In the Anime, his overall appearance was fairly similar to his reincarnated self.

Shun is a young man with dark blue hair and green eyes, an average height and a plain body. Like all reincarnations, his appearance has been described as attractive.

In his time in the academy he wore a blue shirt with yellow decorations on the wrists and elbows and a light brown cape with red and blue decorations on the neck.


Schlain is a kind-hearted young man who can be a little dense at times; he tends to be too trusting and honest. His kindness is such a predominant part of his personality that he finds taking the life of anything with a sense of self-difficult or even painful. This trait allows him to gain the title Ruler of Mercy and the skill Mercy.

When Katia and Feirune are discussing the aspects of their reincarnation, Feirune mentions that it is impressive that Shun has been able to remain thoroughly average in his new life, even though he is a prince and considered a genius. Additionally, it has been noted that the one part of his personality that can be be described as something other than "average" is his strong sense of responsibility. Besides this, Schlain tends to both underestimate the strength of his opponents and overestimate the strength of his allies. This is linked to his thoroughly average personality. He tends to view himself as "not special" even though he is exceptional. This causes him to accidentally put his allies in harms' way, as he did not notice how much of an gigantic impact his actions would have on others.

Due to his naïveté, Schlain never really questions the situations he finds himself in much. This causes him to be oblivious to things that seem obvious to others, especially when considering his position as a prince. You can see examples of his obliviousness in how he failed to notice the clear malice Cylis and the Queen had for him and how he had never questioned why he was never given a proper royal education. He was similarly unaware of his younger sister's romantic fixation with him. While he would eventually start asking questions, by the time he does it is usually too late for him to do anything about it.

Another aspect to Schlain's personality is his apparent innocence and denseness that prevents him considering the more negative aspects of life in his new reincarnated world, with this trait only being magnified by his trusting nature. This is seen where he was unable to even consider the possibility that his step-mother and older half brother could hold him in contempt due to him being a threat towards their influence within the Kingdom and his inability to even think of the possibility that the means Oka had used to "convince" the other Reincarnations to stay in the Elf Village was in fact nothing more than her having the elves kidnap, buy and unknowingly to him and Oka, kill the reincarnates families to acquire them. Later, Schlain himself was visibly shocked to learn that his classmates had been forced to live in the Elf Village and it was implied that he was under the impression that Oka had somehow convinced them to stay of their own free will.

After becoming the Hero, Schlain's naïveté only worsened as he became increasingly stubborn and reckless. This did not come from a point of arrogance, though, but rather a sense of duty and the belief that he needed to live up to Julius' legacy, believing he must never run and that he would find a way to defeat his enemies no matter how strong they were. Unfortunately, his ignorance of his own limits caused him to continually ignore others' advice and ultimately endanger both himself and his party by engaging an opponent far out of their league.



Shunsuke was an average high school boy, and enjoyed playing an MMORPG with his two friends, Kyouya and Kanata. During class, he forgot his stationary and asked Yuri for stationary, with the agreement that he would give her candy. After viewing the mischievous acts of Mirei Shinohara and Kengo Natsume, a mysterious rift suddenly opened up in the middle of the classroom. He died due to a mysterious explosion in his classroom along with everyone in it.[1]


Volume 1

Shunsuke was reincarnated as Schlain Zagan Analeit, the fourth prince of the Kingdom of Analeit born to the king's third princess consort who died shortly after his birth. He grows up respecting his older brother, the Hero Julius Zagan Analeit, and adoring his half-sister, Suelecia, or "Sue".[2]

When they came of age, Shun and Sue participated in the "appraisal ceremony", a public procedure where he would get appraised for the first time to show off his stats to the nobility. He ends up causing an uproar as the nobles are astonished by his stats, Skills, and amount of Skill Points. After the ceremony, he went to a small reception meeting various children of the nobility until he encounters Karnati Seli Anabald, or "Katia". After realizing that they both speak Japanese, he drags her to a small private room to have talks with one another. There, it is revealed in the talk that she is actually Kanata, having reincarnated as a girl. While wanting to discuss more, they were interrupted by Sue coming busting in.[3]

Shun receives an egg as a commemoration gift of his and Sue's appraisal ceremony. A female earth wyrm hatches from it and he names her Feirune, or "Fei".[4] One time, Shun and Katia, along with Feirune, read a Skill Encyclopedia and discussed on which to acquire to min-max their stats. They also took note of how all skills seemed combat-oriented for some reason.[5]Sometime after this, Shun went to the sporting grounds with Fei to do some training when the earth wyrm suddenly spoke to him through a telepathy skill she acquired from the Skill Encyclopedia, revealing herself to be the reincarnation of Mirei Shinohara.[6]

During a training session with Fei and Katia, Shun learns the latter picked up the Appraisal Skill, which prompts him to acquire it as well despite it being considered useless.[7] He also trained alongside Sue with their caretakers, the Kingdom's former court mage Anna and retired knight Klevea. During one of their sparring matches, they were interupted by the sudden arrival of Julius, who decides to spar with Shun in Klevea's place. After being utterly defeated, Shun finally gains a goal: to try to reach his brothers' heights.[8]

As Shun and Katia started becoming teenagers, they and Fei were suddenly called to meet the elf ambassador Potimas Harrifenas. There they meet another reincarnation: their former teacher Kanami Okazaki, who was reborn as Potimas' daugther; Filimøs Harrifenas. She reveals that she has been searching the world for her students with the elves' help and proposes they join her at the Kingdom's famous academy for nobles to meet some of them, to which they all agree.[9]

Volume 2

Shun's life at the academy

After enrolling into the Royal Academy, Shun attends an entrance party with Katia and Filimøs when Sue confronts them and demands to know who Filimøs is. Fortunately, Shun and Katia are able to calm her down. Following the party, Filimøs takes Shun and Katia to meet the two fellow reincarnations who are also attending the academy: Hugo Baint von Renxandt, the reincarnation of Natsume Kengo and first prince of the Renxandt Empire, and Yuri Ullen, the reincarnation of Hasebe Yuika and Saint Candidate.[10]

Later Hugo, who had developed envy towards Shun for standing out more than him,[11] tried to assassinate Shun during an expedition to a mountain close to the academy. Hugo's plan fails due to the intervention of Ms. Oka.[12]

After some time without incidents, Shun hears the Divine Voice announcing that he's the new Hero and the death of the former Hero Julius.[13]

Volume 3

After receiving the Hero Title, Shun is ordered by his father, king Meiges, to return home. There he is appraised and it is confirmed that he indeed has the Title, meaning Julius must have died in The Great Human-Demon War. After his family mourned, since there was no news from the battlefield Julius fought on, Shun was ordered to quit the academy and stay at home while being prepared to be publicly unveiled as the new Hero at any time.[14] Shun mostly spent his time whilst stuck at home training and communicating telepathically with Katia and Sue. During their conversations, Shun noticed they were both acting off, but he ignored it.[15]

News from the battlefield finally arrived in the form of Hyrince, the only survivor of Julius' party. From him, he learns that Julius was killed by a mysterious white girl using a rot attack that reduced his body to dust. The only thing that remained of Julius was his scarf, which Hyrince gave to Shun. Distraught at the loss of his brother, Shun vows to avenge him.[16]

Near the day when the new hero will be announced Shun and Sue are summoned by their father but there something unbelievable happens: Sue kills her father and frames Shun.[17] Sue was under the effect of Lust, a skill that Hugo acquired after his defeat by Ms. Oka.

Shun saves Katia

After escaping from the castle Shun is attacked by a brainwashed Katia who uses the last fragment of her male conscience to blow herself up before she could hurt Shun. This broke Hugo's brainwashing of Katia.[18] There was no time to celebrate because now Sophia, a mysterious girl strong enough to beat Ms Oka, appears with two ninja-like warriors.[19] The situation grew bad, but in the right moment a newly evolved Fei shows up to rescue Shun and company, although they are forced them to leave behind Leston and his soldiers as a decoy.[20]

Ten days later Shun is using the house of a friend of Hyrince's to hide, Katia is almost recovered from the self-destructive explosion she caused, but Ms. Oka is in a coma condition after fighting Sophia. Bad news arrives, setting the day of Leston and Katia's parent's execution. Shun decides to go to rescue them even without Ms Oka.[21] Ronandt, the most powerful human mage and Julius magic teacher, ambushes Fei with long range magic attacks. After a couple of maneuvers Shun and Hyrince reach Ronandt, who teleports away.[22]

In the throne room, Leston and Katia's parents are decapitated by guards just when the party arrives. After knocking down all the guards Shun uses his secret skill Mercy, which he had previously used to save Katia, in order to resurrect the beheaded prisoners. Cylis was another story, as his mind has been broken, and Mercy only fixes body.[23]

Shun, Katia, Hyrince, Ms. Oka, Anna, and Fei resolve to stop the invasion of the elves that Hugo is heading.[24]

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 13

An unconscious Shun being protected by his party

Unbeknownst to Shun and his party, Shiraori had, in fact, been watching over them throughout their journey to the Elf Village and it was only because of her that they managed to reach it without ever encountering any serious danger.

Volume 14

Following his shock upon seeming Wakaba alive, Shun finally succumbed to the pain caused by Taboo and lost consciousness while his allies moved to defend his now defenseless body. Fortunately, though, Wakaba did not mean any harm and sealed him and his party into a pocket dimension to ensure their safety throughout the remainder of the Elf Village Battle.


Karnatia "Katia" Seri Anabald
As the first reincarnation he has met in the new world and also one of his closest friends in Japan, Shun has a positive and close relationship with Katia, often confiding his worries and fears with Katia in numerous occasions. Shun sees Katia as a very valuable friend, continuing to see her as his former male self, much to the dismay of Katia who was beginning to develop romantic feelings for Shun. Due to knowing Schlain's naivete and denseness, Katia is known to put extra effort in looking out for him and is the one generally responsible for taking care of him when things regarding the darker aspects of their reincarnations' lives becomes a concern. This is seen where Katia is the one primarily responsible for informing Shun about the more malignant and darker aspects of their world when his denseness and innocence renders him too blind to see it. Katia was also the one responsible for helping protect Shun from the politically-related matters and issues of the Analeit Kingdom due to his lack of understanding regarding politics despite being a prince.
Filimøs Harrifenas
As his former homeroom teacher in Japan, Shun greatly respects and trust Filimøs, often addressing her as "Sensei" even after reincarnation. Despite numerous Katia's words of cautions against her regarding her mysterious actions, time and again Shun would give his former teacher the benefit of the doubt. However as seen in the continuous revelations of everything that Oka had done to accomplish her goal of keeping her students "safe", including learning of the dark side of her actions, Shun has now begun actively questioning Oka and has now begun considering, for the first time, that maybe she isn't at trust worthy as he initially thought.
Suelecia "Sue" Analeit
As his younger half-sister and one of the few family members he is close to, Shun is generally protective of Sue, and tries to live up to his sister's great expectations of him. Because of this, Shun hide the fact about his reincarnation status and past memories, fearing he might hurt her feelings and feel betrayed about this revelation. Despite his close relationship with his sister, it is evident that Schlain himself is completely oblivious to the latter's obsessive love for him and the darker aspects of her personality.
Julius Zagan Analeit
As the current hero and Shun's older brother. Shun greatly admires Julius not only for his skills but also his character's traits, often imagining what his older brother would do in difficult situations. On top of balancing his duties as the hero of the world, Julius would try to make time and visit Shun, sometimes engaging in friendly spars and not wanting to disappoint Shun's admiration towards him. After his death and Schlain's inheritance of his Title as the "Hero", Shun is shown to have begun emulating Julius and basing his actions on what he believes Julius would do in the situations that he was facing. Shun has even begun copying Julius's habit of always trying to help others in need despite the immense, possibly lethal danger it would bring himself and his companions.
One of Shun's classmates and fellow reincarnator from Japan, Feirune was given as a gift to Shun and his sister, Sue, during their royal appraisal ceremony. Due to her evolution as a dragon later in the series, Feirune becomes one of the strongest members of Shun's faction. Shun greatly trusts and relies on Feirune, especially during battle. Similar to Katia, Fei also places much effort in helping and protecting Schlain due to his naivete and denseness rendering him either to be too oblivious or completely ignorant of the darker aspects of their new world and she pitches in to help him get out of sticky situations when his foolishness puts himself into a bad situation.
Hugo Baint von Renxandt
One of Shun's classmates and a fellow reincarnator from Japan. Shun was never close with Hugo even back in Japan, due to their clashing personalities and different cliques. As the series progress, Hugo felt increasing jealousy and anger towards Shun, as he felt he should be the main protagonist of new world and not Shun, who he feels is stealing his limelight. As seen in his inner thoughts regarding Hugo, Shun himself is largely oblivious to Hugo's resentment towards him and upon him making it known, Shun himself was still confused as to why he was so angry with him.
Sophia Keren
Shunsuke and Negishi never really interacted much in their previous lives. Shun first encountered Sophia when she aided Hugo's coup, during which he was powerless against her due to her magic resistance. He deduced she was a reincarnation from her interactions with Filimøs, though he still thought that her actions were unforgivable. After fleeing, Shun learned about her identity from Filimøs. Despite having realized that Sophia is much stronger than him, Shun opted to once again face her during the Elf Village Battle,foolishly thinking that he could "somehow" defeat her. This, however, only ended up getting him continuously beaten by her until he finally realized that he never stood a chance against her.
During their past lives, Kyouya was one of Shun's best friends. Because of this, he was shocked when Filimøs revealed he was the commander of the 8th Demon Army when they finally met again during the Elf Village Battle. As seen in their reunion, Shun himself was shocked by Wrath's viciousness and cold-blooded outlook of life as he began massacring the Elves, showing that he had changed completely from how he used to be back in Japan.
Shun first learned about Shiraori from Hyrince. Due to her having killed Julius, Shun saw her as someone "unforgivable" and an enemy he would have to face sooner or later. When they finally crossed paths during the Elf Village Battle, however, Shun was shocked to learn that his brother's killer was the reincarnation of his classmate Wakaba Hiiro. While the two never really interacted in their previous lives, they did unknowingly party up online on one occasion, as she is secretly the famous player known as "Baldy".

Powers & Abilities

As a reincarnation, Shun was born with a unique skill and a great amount of skill points, causing the world's Natives to view him as a prodigy. In fact, he has shown to be talented even amongst his fellow reincarnations, with even Julius noting he would one day overtake him. After becoming the new Hero, Shun's stats received another boost, making him the strongest human reincarnate, though his abilities are still far inferior compared to his classmates who were reborn as monsters.


  • Hero Sword: A weapon given to him by Leston and previously owned by Julius that serves as his primary weapon. Unbeknownst to him, it is actually an item crafted by D herself that can only be wielded by the current holder of the Hero Title and possesses a one-time-use attack powerful enough to kill even a god.

Titles & Skills

  • Divine Protection: His unique reincarnation skill; it makes it easier for him to achieve the desired result in any situation. While he himself believes it to be useless, Shiraori herself considers it "broken" due to how it can turn around any bad situation.
  • Hero: A unique title only one person in the world might have at a time; it boost his overall stats, grants him light magic, allows him to use unique items, and creatures contracted to him will unlock special evolutions.
  • Mercy: Allows him to revive the recently deceased as long as their bodies are reasonably intact. However, usage will cause him to acquire the Taboo skill, which will further increase in level with each subsequent usage.[25]
    • Taboo: Gained following his first usage of Mercy; it increased in level as he commits acts that are considered "taboo", like reviving the dead. Upon reaching LV10, it's effect activated, causing him to learn the truth of the world.
  • Light Magic: Allows him to summon and manipulate light that can burn, pierce, and even vaporize targets; it is noted to his strongest magic affinity and was further boosted upon acquiring the Hero title.
    • Holy Light Beam: A spell that fires a ray of light that can pierce or even vaporize it's target. A direct hit could kill even kill a newly evolved Earth Dragon.
  • Water Magic: Noted to be his second strongest magic affinity; it allows him to summon and control water. He is skilled enough with it to put out Hugo's fire magic.
  • Swordmanship: he was trained in swordmanship by Klevea, a former knight, and has even able to put up a fight against Julius, though the latter tried his best to hide this.
  • Battle Divinity: Accelerates his motor functions and reflexes using MP; often viewed as essencial for combat.
  • Monster Taming: Allows him to tame and form contracts with monsters. He used it to form a contract with Feirune, though it is noted that he did not actually "tame" her.
    • Summoning: Allows him to teleport his tamed monsters to his side from anywhere in the world.[26]

Tamed Monsters

  • Peorat: Only happened in the web novel version of the story, Shun found and tamed an oddly common palm-sized lizard-like light wyrm. It eventually evolves into a a high-ranking light wyrm due to Shun's Hero title.[27] This wyrm was replaced by Feirune in the light novel version of the story.
  • Feirune: The reincarnation of one of his classmates, Mirei Shinohara. However, while they share a contract, it has been stated that Shun has not actually "tamed" her.


Volume 1-S2: Reincarnation
Human LV1 Skill Points: 100,000 Schlain Zagan Analeit
HP 35
MP 348
SP 35
Average Offense Ability : 20
Average Defense Ability : 20
Average Magic Ability : 314
Average Resistance Ability : 299
Average Speed Ability : 20
Mana Perception LV8 • Mana Operation LV8 • Magic Warfare LV6 • Magic Power Conferment LV5 • Magic Attack LV3 • MP Recovery Speed LV7 • MP Lessened Consumption LV2 • Swordsmanship LV3 • Destruction Enhancement LV2 • Mental Warfare LV2 • Energy Conferment LV1 • Concentration LV5 • Hit LV1 • Evasion LV1 • Vision Enhancement LV4 • Auditory Enhancement LV7 • Olfactory Enhancement LV2 • Taste Enhancement LV1 • Tactile Enhancement LV1 • Life LV5 • Magic Mass LV8 • Instantaneous LV5 • Persistent LV5 • Strength LV5 • Solidity LV5 • Alchemist LV8 • Protection LV7 • Running LV5 • Divine Protection • n%I=W


  • In the Web Novel Shun's dragon isn't a reincarnated student.
  • Shun's best magical affinity is Light, followed by Water.
  • His Taboo Level was raised to 10 after he revived Anna at Volume 5.


Light Novel




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