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Background view of Keren County.

One of the watchtowers surrounding the capital of Keren County.

Located at the westernmost edge of Sariella and bordering the neighbouring kingdom of Ohts, is Keren County is the hometown of Sophia Keren, ruled over by her parents, John Keren and Seras Keren.

General Information

The capital of Keren County is located at the center of the county. It is described as a town surrounded by sturdy walls, with a watchtower located at all four corners, with soldiers making patrols around the walls. With a large mansion belonging to the Keren family located at the center of the city.

The Nightmare of the Labyrinth built a nest near the town. In exchange for offerings of fruit, it healed the sick.

Over the course of the Ohts's war on Sariella, Keren County is the center of tragedy. While the Tragedy of Zatona is ongoing, a separate force of Ohts soldiers attacks the town. Elves use this opportunity to attack the mansion, leading to the death of Lord Keren and Lady Seras, as well as their beloved daughter's disappearance.

During the Defense of Keren County, the occupied town is attacked by a swarm of white spider monsters, which are apparently repelled by Ronandt's magic.

After the war, Keren County has been incorporated into the Ohts Kingdom.[2]


  • Keren Mansion

Notable Residents


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