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Sariella is a country located at the southern end of the Kasanagara continent.

General Information

Many demi-humans lived in Sariella due to their lack of a discrimination policy against monsters.

Currently, there is an uneasy tension between Sariella and Ohts, due to their recent military confrontation. They also have a rough relationship and even have engaged in war with the Word of God Religion due to their conflicting ideology; The Word of God Religion romanticizes raising levels "to hear the word of God", while the Goddess Faith Religion believes skills deleted as a result of the skill Skill Elimination are given to the Goddess, Sariel, as strength, and consider it to be the "only salvation".


The people of Sariella follow the Goddess Religion, worshipping the goddess Sariel. From their legends of Sariel, they know her to be an angel with white wings. Ironically, the Word of God and Goddess Faith religions unknowingly worship the same deity(Sariel), and what would occur if the two became aware of this early in their history is currently unknown.[1]

They lived on a vegetarian diet.

Pious followers preach that sacrificing one's skills using Skill Elimination is the path to salvation.[2]


  • Sariella Captial
  • Keren County is located in the north-east of Sariella. It is ruled by John and Seras Keren. They have a single daughter, Sophia, and a butler named Merazophis.
  • Keren Mansion

Notable Residents



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