Sanatoria is one of Ariel's commanders. She is the leader of the Second Demon Army.

A voluptuous woman who is a childhood friend of Balto. From a household of succubi who use their good looks and techniques to manipulate others to do their will. Distrusting the current Demon Lord, she comes up with various schemes hoping to catch her off guard. However, she is not aware of the fact that Ariel overhears them all and that Balto has been covering for her.


Sanatoria-Fullbody (Anime).png

Sanatoria has a long hair with her left face being covered by her long bang. She is described to have a well-endowed bust, one that Shiro envies.


After Erguner's death, the elves forged a new partnership with Sanatoria and Kogou. In order to take Fort Okun, she sent in a single captured Anogratch to be killed by the humans. She kept her army in nearby, officially to keep the Anogratches from migrating into Demon Realm, but her actual motivation was to keep an army ready to strike against the Demon Lord.[1]


Can apply the hypnotised effect.[2]


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