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Sael acts as the "youngest" of the Puppet Taratect sisters. She is also the most robotic, typically doing nothing until she is ordered to do so. Despite this, aspects of her personality do show her to be bold and dutiful.


Sael was given blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and a a frilly, open-long sleeved outfit with frills and a red hood by Shiraori. She always seems to have her hood up. She's also on the shorter side compared to her sisters, and her actions often give her expressionless face an "empty" look.


Sael is the least active of her sisters, often choosing to do absolutely nothing unless she is asked to. This often makes her difficult to read or get close to, since it seems so stand-offish. She also has an extremely simple way of dealing with things: if they mess with the party, they are an enemy and therefore must be killed. On the other hand, she is complacent and will follow orders, so being stopped is of no issue.

When Sael is asked to do something, she actually does so with a sort of vigor. Shiraori tends to note that her personality is on the bold side, as when asked to help her dress, Sael brought over some rather showy clothing. She also gets distressed when she can't follow-through with orders. It can be noted that Sael takes her duties seriously, so despite looking the youngest and being the most standoffish, she is the most responsible of the puppet taratects behind Ael.




  • Sael and Riel's names are mismatched in Volume 8-1: I'm Weak


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