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Ronandt Orozoi is the chief of the imperial court wizards. He is known to be the most prominent magic-user in the world, and one of the few humans who has mastered Space Magic, a rare form of magic.

Considered being the strongest mage in the world, he is conversely the strongest human in the world. Due to his status and capabilities, he is considered a very valuable asset for the Empire, giving him a lot leeway and bending the rules knowing he would never get seriously punished.


Ronandt is an older man with long grey hair. He keeps himself clean-shaven and stands tall. He is typically seen in a long, green cloak that he wears casually. He is is always seen with his imperial court staff.


Humans and Demon, crushed together in one tiny vessel. We do not understand how small and insignificant our lives truly are.

— Ronandt

Ronandt is extremely thirsty for knowledge to the point where he ventures alone into the Great Elroe Labyrinth to look for "The Nightmare of the Labyrinth" after his first encounter with it almost leads to the death of himself and his companions.

Before his encounter with the Nightmare, he was supremely confident in both his power and knowledge. He believed that he had mastered magic and all its aspects, and that he was the most powerful in the entire world. The Nightmare changed that.

After encountering the Ede Saine, The Nightmare, his personality changed. Due to Kumoko's overwhelming magic power in comparison to his own, who was world-renowned as the most powerful mage, he reached an epiphany about the strength of humans and Demon in this world, and his own ego was "neatly shattered." Compared to Kumoko, whom he calls his master, the difference in ability between Human and Demon is virtually insignificant[2] according to him. Now, he often debases himself and others in comparison to her, and considers others who do not understand his enlightenment fools.

As Julius’s master, Ronandt was somewhat concerned about him, warning him not to overestimate his own power because he held the title of Hero. After Julius's death, Ronandt calls him foolish for believing that he was powerful enough to save the world. According to Ronandt, only beings who approach godhood are capable of such feats.[2]


Ronandt was one of the people among the subjugation squad led by Buirimus to find an elusive spider monster known only as "The Nightmare of the Labyrinth." The entire squad, besides himself and Buirimus, is annihilated without mercy or effort by this spider. When they first encountered its nest, Ronandt is surprised to find that its web is resistant to fire, but with some extra effort, it burns just as quickly as any other web. Unfortunately for them, the spider returns to its nest via teleportation to find it burned to the ground, stunning the subjugation squad with its sudden appearance. Buirimus, with his appraisal crystal, and Ronandt attempt to appraise it, but the appraisal is blocked half-way through. Ronandt is astounded at some of the skills he sees before the appraisal disappears, such as Height of Occultism.[3]

Things quickly devolve into chaos as the spider-monster drives much of the squad into a quivering mess with its presence, while a group of them just die on the spot when it looks at them. Others attempt to attack it out of fear, but fair no better than the rest as it uses Earth Magic without incantations to slaughter them. Buirimus attempts to use his best summoned creatures to attack the spider, since he is no longer able to subjugate it, but the spider begins to use Water and Wind Magic in response, killing each of the creatures with its respective weakness. Ronandt realizes quickly that the situation is hopeless, and begins to cast a large-scale teleportation spell, but is almost killed in the process. Buirimus distracts the monster with his many minor summons, and eventually uses his own body as a shield to allow himself and Ronandt to escape. They are the only survivors.[3]

After a while, Ronandt returns to the labyrinth, where he begins to train himself by observing and mimicing the training processes of Kumoko's parallel minds and the Horo Neia. He does this by methods such as setting himself on fire and devouring the corpses of creatures that are naturally poisonous, and by doing so becomes more resistant to such effects. The parallel minds for their own part are extremely confused and freaked out by his presence and methods (despite using the same fundamental training regime as him to gain power) and decide to ignore him to the best of their ability.[4]


Nightmare of the Labyrinth
He used to be arrogant and prideful, however after meeting the The Nightmare of the Labyrinth he realized that there are much stronger creatures in the world and that he couldn't even compare to their strength. He considers the Nightmare to be his master.
Julius is Rondant's first apprentice.
Aurel is Rondant's second apprentice.


Ronandt is a world-renowned magic user. He is the most powerful native human in the story.

He can use Appraisal at Level 8.[3]


Light Novel



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