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Riel plays the role of the "cool-beauty" of her sisters, often holding back from doing any activities other than observing them from a place nearby. She is just as strong and capable as her sisters, though, so one shouldn't let her ladylike appearance fool them.


Riel is on the taller side compared to her sisters. She was given a longer green dress and white overcoat, blonde hair and a green bow to top it off. She typically has a calm and happy demeanor, but it is mostly to hide the fact that she is extremely air-headed.


Riel doesn't react to much. She's a bit on the curious side, but doesn't tend to do much on her own, typically playing the role of an observer. Unlike Sael, who purposefully avoids doing things unless told to, Riel does interact with the others, albeit from that observer perspective. She seems to enjoy watching her sisters but doesn't do much else unless she needs to. To Shiraori, she seems to be the most mysterious of the four.




  • Sael and Riel's names are mismatched in Volume 8-1: I'm Weak


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