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The Renxandt Empire is the largest country on the Kasanagara continent. It borders the Demon Realm to it's north and to the south, the Great Garam Forest and small kingdom of Ohts, which is currently allies with.

General Information

As the country closest to the Demon Realm, it has been plagued by constant strife and threats of invasion with the demons, the empire has developed a militaristic mindset. The first requirement to be the Emperor of Renxandt Empire is strength. Every emperor gains the title of Sword King, the original title of the first emperor.

Aristocratic titles are only inherited by first sons, so the second and third sons often becoming knights.[1]


Majority of populations follows the teachings of Word of God Religion.


Due to the constant threat of invasion from the Demon Realm, numerous fortresses have been build along the border.


The most geographically advantageous of the human-side fortresses.[2]

The location where Hero Meices died.[3]

During the Great Human-Demon War, this fortress was the target of the First Demon Army, led by Erguner. Just as the Erguner was being forced to call a retreat, a Queen Taratect appeared via teleportation magic, slaughtering both sides without discrimination. Erguner and his army, along with the largest contingent of the Empire's army, was killed. The fortress was destroyed and rendered uninhabitable.


The target of the Second Demon Army lead by Sanatoria. The humans garrisoned in the fort were killed by a hoard of Anogratches after a single captured Anogratch was killed.


Fort Dazarro was defended by Ronandt, who was able to achieve complete victory by bringing down the enemy commander, Huey, without sustaining heavy losses.[4]

Notable Residents


  • Year 798: Ronandt becomes the youngest chief court magician in history.
  • Year 807: Largis becomes Sword King as Leigar abdicates. Ronandt becomes Largis' advisor.
  • Year 841: A group of knights is dispatched to investigate abnormal monster activity in the Great Elroe Labyrinth. They flee after encountering a powerful Zoa Ele.
  • Year 841: Hugo is born.
  • Year 841: Buirimus and Ronandt are dispatched to tame the powerful spider.
  • Year 842: Support is offered to Ohts in their war with Sariella.
  • Year 842: Ronandt temporarily teaches Hero Julius after rescuing him from the Nightmare of the Labyrinth.
  • Year 845: Ronandt drives away the Sword Demon.
  • Year 851: Hugo enters the Analeit royal academy.
  • Year 856: Four of the empire's eight fortresses are lost in the Human-Demon Great War
  • Year 856: Hugo is announced as the new Hero as Suelecia Analeit becomes bethrothed to him.
  • Year 856: War is declared on the elves for participating in Analeit's coup


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