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A religion is a social-cultural system of designated behaviours and practices, morals, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, or organizations, that relates humanity to supernatural, transcendental, and spiritual elements. However, there is no scholarly consensus over what precisely constitutes a religion.

There are two main religions for the human factions from the other world; first being The Word of God Religion and the second, Goddess Religion. They are considered monotheistic religions as they worship one god, Sariel. Both religions can trace back their origins and founding near the beginning just after the System was first started. While they both believe and pray to the same deity, their methods of worship are different. This differences in worship and practices has caused friction between the two groups, and resulted in numerous conflicts with each other throughout history.

It is not known if other factions (Demons, Elves, etc), has their own religion.

The Word of God Religion

The Word of God Religion, is the largest and arguably the most powerful of the two, is lead by the highest ranking member of the group, the pontiff, which is currently occupied by Pope Dustin LXI. The seat of power is located at Holy Kingdom of Alleius, where the pope rule both as a religious figure and the head of state. Effectively making it a theocracy.


  • Their basic creed is "Improve our Skills so that we may hear the Word of God". By raising one's Skills and level so that the voice speaks to you more often brings one closer to God.
  • It is considered a holy duty to slay anyone with levels in Taboo.
  • Acquisition of Heretic Magic is prohibited. Anyone who is found to acquire the skill will be placed under the management of the church or executed. The church maintains a number of magic tools loaded with Heretic Magic for the purpose of interrogating criminals.
  • The Saint is chosen from amongst the most elite female followers of the Word of God - the title is awarded based on merit, and not pedigree.
  • Priests bless children using light magic.

They play an important role throughout human history, often announcing and support the current Hero and providing them with a Saint.

Goddess Religion

The Goddess Religion is the second largest human religion and the oldest of the two, not much is currently known about the hierarchy and is seat of power is located at Sariella, a large country located at the southern end of the Kasanagara continent.

They can trace their origins back to Sariella Society, a charitable organization that aimed to assist and support Sariel with her humanitarian efforts.[1]


  • The followers of religion live on a vegetarian diet and preach that sacrificing one's skills using Skill Elimination is the path to salvation.[2] Because of this, they are consider heretics by the followers of The Word of God.

Goblin Religion

Its been stated that the Goblin Race also possess a primitive tribal religion that has its roots within the worship of a single goddess, Sariel, the same goddess worshipped by both major religious factions of the Human Race.

This was primary due to the fact that the progenitor of their species was in fact one of the many human test subjects that was taken in and adopted by Sariel in her orphanage during Ancient Times.


  • During ancient times after the establishment of the System, the orphans of Sariel's Orphanage was left to fend for themselves and the progenitor ancestor of the Goblin Race took charge to provide for them by hunting. Here the tradition of being given flower charms for protection was established when the Origin Taratect would gift him a pressed Flower Bookmark for good luck.
    • Since then Goblin race has continued this tradition, as seen where it was traditional for them to give a single pressed flower to each member of a hunting group when they leave their villages to hunt for protection and good luck.
    • They also have another tradition of giving warrior goblins flower charms as a token to protect them when they go into battle.


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