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The Queen Taratects are massive spider-monsters. It is said that an ancestral Hero, with his army, sacrificed themselves in order to defeat a single queen.[1] There are only five alive in the entire world.[2]

Monster File Description

A queen that reigns as the most powerful of spider monsters. Boasting a size so large it can cause destruction just by walking, it is said to be powerful enough that even a single individual can destroy an entire country. Even an army cannot defeat a queen taratect, yet the queen often uses Egg-Laying to increase the number of its minions. There are only 5 in the entire world, each of them considered the most powerful monster in its area. A legendary-class monster that cannot be defeated by humans.


According to Dustin, Queen Taratects are unique even amongst other legendary-class monsters. That being that they acquired their strength by leveling-up and evolving, whereas other legendaries were simply created with all of their strength by either D or Güliedistodiez. Perhaps as a result of this battle experience, the species is generally regarded as the strongest in the world, with it normally taking multiple other legendaries to take one down.

One of the Queen Taratects gave birth to Kumoko. This one is nicknamed "Mother". Kumoko tries to avoid her as much as possible due to her extreme violence and power. Kumoko meets her again in the Middle Stratum of the Great Elroe Labyrinth[3] and again when Kumoko leaves the Labyrinth.[4]

Mother attempts to kill Kumoko because Kumoko's parallel minds are eating at her soul.[5] She is personally killed by Kumoko in a weakened state, reducing their total global numbers to four.[6]

Volume 12 Spoilers Shiraori later creates an imitation of a Queen by having one of her clones take on the appearance of one. It was not quite as strong as a real Queen but even so its stats were much higher then a Hero, with the previous Hero, Julius, not being able to do any damage to it. It did have a glaring weakness, however: the eyes, which held no defences whatsoever. Julius eventually realized this and used it to slay the beast with one of Wrath's exploding swords. However, it was later revealed that the imitation Queen was holding back and its goal was not to slay the Hero but prompt him into using the one-time use Hero's Sword. Shiraori later theorized that the clone's death might have been a result of the Hero title's secret effect, "to always fight evenly with the demon lord", activating, as Queen Taratects are Ariel's spawn.

Detailed Statistics

Queen taratect LV1 Skill Points: 0
HP 8,971
MP 8,012
SP 8,455
Offense : 8,846
Defense : 8,839
Magic : 7,992
Resistance : 7,991
Speed : 8,810
Stat Skills
HP Rapid Recovery LV9 • MP Rapid Recovery LV1 • MP Minimized Consumption LV1 • SP Rapid Recovery LV8 • SP Minimized Consumption • Ultimate Life LV10 • Ultimate Magic LV10 • Ultimate Movement LV10 • Fortune LV10 • Fortitude LV10 • Stronghold LV10 • Deva LV10 • Sanctum LV10 • Skanda LV10
Attack Skills
Magic Attack LV5 • Enhanced Paralysis Attack LV10 • Heretic Attack LV3
Enhancement Skills
Destruction Super-Enhancement LV4 • Impact Super-Enhancement LV4 • Cutting Super-Enhancement LV3 • Piercing Super-Enhancement LV4 • Shock Super-Enhancement LV5 • Status Condition Super-Enhancement LV10
Active Skills
Magic Warfare LV8 • Magic Power Conferment LV1 • Poison Synthesis LV10 • Medicine Synthesis LV10 • Divine Thread Weaving • Dimensional Maneuvering LV10 • Psychokinesis LV1 • Concealment LV7 • Emperor • Clairvoyance LV6
Leadership Skills
Kin Control LV10
Perception Skills
Concentration LV10 • Evasion LV10 • Hit LV10 • Probability Super-Correction LV10
Magic Skills
Heretic Magic LV10 • Shadow Magic LV10 • Dark Magic LV8 • Poison Magic LV10 • Healing Magic LV4
Resistance Skills
Destruction Super-Resistance LV1 • Impact Super-Resistance LV9 • Cutting Super-Resistance LV1 • Piercing Super-Resistance LV1 • Shock Super-Resistance LV1 • Fire Resistance LV8 • Water Resistance LV5 • Wind Resistance LV5 • Earth Resistance LV6 • Lightning Resistance LV5 • Light Resistance LV7 • Dark Resistance LV1 • Heavy Resistance LV7 • Status Condition Nullification • Acid Super-Resistance LV1 • Rot Resistance LV2 • Faint Resistance LV2 • Fear Resistance LV3 • Heresy Resistance LV3 • Suffering Nullification
Passive Skills
Thread Genius LV10 • Stealth LV10 • Silence LV5 • Pain Nullification • Night Vision LV10 • Five Senses Super-Enhancement LV10 • Perception Expansion LV5
Other Skills
Egg-Laying LV10 • Demon Lord LV1 • Satiation LV10 • Taboo LV10

Known Individuals

  • "Mother": a Queen living in the depths of the Great Elroe Labyrinth. She is considered the strongest monster native to the Great Elroe Labyrinth and the original progenitor of all spiders native to the Labyrinth.[7]
  • Another queen lives in the forest nearby the Elf Village.[8]
Mother, Vol 4-3: Mother Attack
Queen Taratect (weakened) LV89 Skill Points: 164,500
HP 20,557 (MAX 24,557) +0
MP 18,301 (MAX 22,301) +0
SP 19,097 (MAX 23,097)
19,991 (MAX 23,991) +0
Offense : 20,439 (MAX 24,439)
Defense : 20,286 (MAX 24,286)
Magic : 17,977 (MAX 21,997)
Resistance : 17,946 (MAX 21,946)
Speed : 20,400 (MAX 24,400)
Stat Skills
HP Ultra-Fast Recovery LV4  •  MP Rapid Recovery LV10  •  MP Lessened Consumption LV2  •  SP Rapid Recovery LV10  •  SP Minimized Consumption LV10  •  Ultimate Life LV10  •  Ultimate Magic LV10  •  Ultimate Movement LV10  •  Fortune LV10  •  Fortitude LV10  •  Stronghold LV10  •  Deva LV10  •  Sanctum LV10  •  Skanda LV10
Attack Skills
Magic Power Super-Attack LV1  •  Energy Super-Attack LV3  •  Deadly Poison Attack LV10  •  Enhanced Paralysis Attack LV10  •  Heretic Attack LV7
Enhancement Skills
Destruction Super-Enhancement LV5  •  Impact Super-Enhancement LV6  •  Cutting Super-Enhancement LV3  •  Piercing Super-Enhancement LV5  •  Shock Super-Enhancement LV5 •  Status Condition Super-Enhancement LV10
Active Skills
Magic Divinity LV3  •  Magic Power Conferment LV5  •  Battle Divinity LV9  •  Energy Conferment LV10  •  Ability Conferment LV6  •  Divine Dragon Power LV6  •  Poison Synthesis LV10  •  Medicine Synthesis LV10  •  Divine Thread Weaving  •  Thread Control LV10  •  Psychokinesis LV3  •  Dimensional Maneuvering LV10  •  Concealment LV2  •  Emperor  •  Long-Distance Vision LV1
Leadership Skills
Kin Control LV10
Perception Skills
Concentration LV10  •  Thought Acceleration LV9  •  Future Sight LV3  •  Parallel Minds LV9  •  High-Speed Processing LV10  •  Hit LV10  •  Evasion LV10  •  Probability Super-Correction LV10
Magic Skills
Heretic Magic LV10  •  Shadow Magic LV10  •  Dark Magic LV10  •  Black Magic LV4  •  Poison Magic LV10  •  Healing Magic LV10
Resistance Skills
Destruction Super-Resistance LV4  •  Impact Nullification  •  Cutting Super-Resistance LV4  •  Piercing Super-Resistance LV4  •  Shock Super-Resistance LV4  •  Flame Resistance LV2  •  Flood Resistance LV1  •  Gale Resistance LV1  •  Terrain Resistance LV2  •  Bolt Resistance LV1  •  Light Resistance LV9  •  Black Resistance LV4  •  Heavy Super-Resistance LV1  •  Status Condition Nullification  •  Acid Super-Resistance LV3  •  Rot Resistance LV8  •  Faint Resistance LV5  •  Fear Resistance LV8  •  Heresy Resistance LV9  •  Suffering Nullification
Passive Skills
Thread Genius LV10 • Throw LV10  •  Expel LV10  •  Stealth LV10  •  Silence LV10  •  Pain Nullification  •  Dragon Barrier LV2  •  Odorless LV1  •  Night Vision LV10  •  Five Senses Super-Enhancement LV10  •  Perception Expansion LV8
Other Skills
Egg-Laying LV10  •  Demon Lord LV5  •  Satiation LV10  •  Divinity Expansion LV2  •  Taboo LV10
Kin Eater • Foul Feeder • Poison Technique User • Monster Slayer • Thread User • Assassin • Human Slayer • Fearbringer • Merciless • Monster Slaughterer • Wyrm Slayer • Dragon Slayer • Champion • Monster Calamity • Lord • Human Slaughterer • Wyrm Slaughterer • Human Calamity


  • Despite having the advanced Black Magic, both Mother and the generic Queen Taratect lack the Magic Power Operation skill.[9] This is probably an error, seeing as Mother is shown using Dark Magic.[10]
  • Due to Ariel, their progenitor, possessing a deep hatred and grudge towards Humanity due to their foolishness and arrogance that is being payed for by her adoptive mother Sariel's suffering, the Queen's Taratects where stated to have inherited their "mothers" hatred for humanity deep in their souls.
    • In a similar case, due to Ariel's deep seated hatred and contempt for Potimas and by extensions all of his elves, all of the Queen Taratects also possess a deep murderous instinctive grudge against the elves and would slaughter them on sight.


Light Novel



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