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The System in So I'm a Spider, So What? features many skills that have varying translations throughout the series. Due to this inconsistency, the System can be more confusing than it actually is. This page lists the changes that occur between different volumes of the English Translation, and may not include exclusively System changes, but other translation issues as well.

Light Novel Patches

Volume 1

  • Incorrect skill level: Spider Thread in Chapter 3 leveled up from 2 to 3, but in the Japanese version it was from level 3 to 4. Default value of Spider Thread level for a Small Lesser Taratect is 3 as defined by the Monster Encyclopedia sheet.[1]
  • Renamed Skill Title: In Volume 1, the title Poison Technique User was named as Poison Master originally.[2] This volume is the only instance that names the title as Poison Master instead of Poison Technique User.
  • Renaming of Magic Power Perception/Operation: In Volume 1, the skill Magic Power Perception and Magic Power Operation was named as Magic Perception and Magic Operation, respectively originally.[3] This volume is the only instance that names the skill as Magic Perception/Operation instead of Magic Power Perception/Operation.
  • Incorrect Skill: When Shun is appraised, he is shown as having the Magic Conferment skill. This should be the Magic Power Conferment skill.[4]
  • Incorrect Skill: In the Monster Encyclopedia for the Elroe Frog, the skill Injection should be Expel (Same Kanji). This is shown as the Elroe Frog utilises the skill Expel and Poison Synthesis to spit out poison.[5]
  • Mistranslated Skill Appraisal: When the Skanda skill is appraised, it says that it "multplies average speed capability by the number of the skill level". It should increase by 100x the skill level, as the Japanese version says.[6]

Volume 2

  • Wisdom Inconsistencies: Some skills introduced in the chapter "Wisdom" have inconsistent translations in early print editions of Volume 2. Yen Press has reprinted Volume 2 and updated digital releases to fix these errors.[7]
  • Incorrect skill level: In Chapter 2, Detection levels up from 4 to 5.[8] However, in the Japanese version, Detection levels up from 5 to 6. This is due to Kumoko having levelled up Detection earlier from 4 to 5 in the chapter along with Detection LV 6 shown in the following appraisal.[9]
  • Use of Tolerance: In Chapter 6, Dark Resistance is called Dark Tolerance. This is the only instance in the series where "Resistance" is called "Tolerance".[10]
  • Incorrect level application: A level is applied to Heresy Nullification in Chapter 6 when Kumoko gains it from gaining Ruler of Perseverance. There should be no levels applied to a Nullification skill, as the Nullification means that no further resistance can be gained.[10]
  • Incorrect Skill Name: In the Zoa Ele appraisal, Auditory Enhancement is mistranslated as Poison Resistance.[10]
  • Wrong Skill Name: In Chapter 7, the skill Height of Ocultism is incorrectly renamed to Height of Evil.[5] This is the only instance in the series where Height of Ocultism is called Height of Evil.
  • Nightmare's Vestige Naming: In J3, the "Nightmare's Vestige" was incorrectly referred to as the "Nightmare of the Labyrinth.[11] It was shown that Julius killed a Nightmare's Vestige and not the Nightmare of the Labyrinth.[12]
  • Incorrect skill level: In Chapter 6, Stealth levels up to 7.[10] However, in the Japanese version, Stealth levels up to 8. This is due to Kumoko having levelled up Stealth earlier from 6 to 7.[13]
  • Wrong Skill Name: In Chapter 9, the title "Commander" is renamed as "Leader" when Kumoko talks about it. This is the only instance in the series that the title "Commander" is incorrectly renamed as "Leader".
  • Tier 2 Gluttony Sin: Gorge[7] changes to Satiation[14]. It remains as Satiation throughout Volume 2.
  • Wrong Skill Name: Hugo obtains the first skill on the Wrath line of skills, which is translated here as Wrath[15], but later as Anger.
  • Incorrect Skill Level: In Chapter 4, Life and Evasion levels up from 1 to 2. However in the Japanese Version, Evasion levels up from 4 to 5 and Life levels up from 7 to 8. This is due to Kumoko's later appraisal which shows that Evasion is at level 5 and Life is at level 8.[16]
  • Incorrect Skill Name: When Kumoko gained the title Fearbringer, it is shown that she gains Heretic Attack. However, the subsequent appraisal to the title shows that it gives Heretic Magic.[14]. "Heretic Magic" is wrong. As Kumoko already has Heretic Magic prior to this event, there was no integration shown between Heretic Magic.
  • Incorrect Skill Name: In the appraisal of Discomforting Evil Eye, it is written as Discomfiting Evil Eye.[5]

Volume 3

  • Tier 2 Gluttony Sin: Satiation[7] changes to Gluttony[17] and then changes to Satiation.[18] Remains as Satiation from here on out. Tier 3 confirmed as Gluttony.
  • Tier 3 HP increase: Lifeblood changed to Ultimate Life.
  • Wrong Skill Name: Kumoko obtains a skill incorrectly translated as Wrath.[19] In volume 8, she refers to this skill as Anger.[20]
  • Naming Inconsistency of Utility Thread Attribute: In Volume 2, Kumoko appraises Utility Thread and shows it can apply Attribute Resistance.[10] However in Volume 3, Kumoko refers to it as Resistance Conferment.[10]
  • Wrong Skill Name: The skill which allows Rend to use Inferno Breath is translated as Fire Dragon. This should be Fire Wyrm.[21]
  • Wrong Skill Name: In Fei's status sheet, she is shown as having Acceleration LV10. This should be Cooperation.[22]
  • Incorrect Skill Level: In the Kumoko's Appraisal, Stealth is shown to be LV2.[18] However in the Japanese version, Stealth is shown to be LV10. The English version is wrong as Kumoko already had higher levels of Stealth in the prior appraisals
  • Incorrect Skill Name: Shun uses a skill translated as Presence Detection. This should be Presence Perception.[23]
  • Incorrect Skill Name: When Shun talked to Katia and Sue after becoming a Hero and withdrawing from school, he used Fartalk.[24] However, in the later chapters he narrates that he used Telepathy to talk to them.[25] This is also the case in the Japanese, however.
  • Incorrect Skill Tier: The Evil Eye that Kumoko uses to insta-kill a bunch of humans is translated as Cursed Evil Eye. In the Japanese it's Jinx Evil Eye, the evolved version.[26]
  • Incorrect Skill Level: It is narrated from Kumoko that her Black Magic reaches level 3.[27] However, the following appraisal shows that her Black Magic is level 2. This error is also present in the Japanese version.[18]
  • No Skill Level Shown: Araba acquires [Space Perception] via Skill Points. However, no skill level is listed along with the skill.[18] This is incorrect as it is presumed that all Perception-type skills have skill levels.
  • Missing Skill: Kumoko gains [Dark Resistance][9], but loses [Dark Resistance] during the appraisal when she is Ede Saine. This is also present in the Japanese version.[18]
  • Incorrect Stat Numbers: Several stats are mentioned as being in the six digits, but the cap on stats and ability scores is 99,999, five digits.

Volume 4

  • Incorrect Skill Tier: Status Condition Nullification was incorrectly translated as Status Condition Resistance, and Holy Light Magic was incorrectly translated as Light Magic in Mother's status.[28]
  • Incorrect Skill and Level: Dark Resistance LV4 was incorrectly translated as Earth Resistance LV8 in Mother's status.[28]
  • Incorrect Skill Tier: Thought Super-Acceleration was incorrectly referenced as Thought Acceleration. This is due to Kumoko having Super-Acceleration in an earlier appraisal.[29]
  • Incorrect Skill Tier: When Ariel is appraised, she is shown as having MP Lessened Consumption. This is meant to be its evolved form, MP Minimised Consumption.[30] The same mistake is made in Mother's status.[31]
  • Incorrect Skill Tier: Ariel also is shown as having Clairvoyance. This should be Panoptic Vision.[30]
  • Missing Skill Level: When Kumoko's appraises herself after killing her mother, her Rage skill is shown without a level. It should be level 2. Also, she is shown as having Dark Resistance LV6; this should be Black Resistance LV5.[32]
  • Different Skills Translated the Same: Kumoko has the tier-1 Greed skill, which is translated as Usurp[33][34]. However, the tier-2 Greed skill which Ariel has is also translated as Usurp.[30]
  • Incorrect Skill Name: Kumoko states that the water wyrms contain Wyrm Scales.[35] This is wrong as the Dragon Scale evolution is Dragon Scales > Imperial Scales > Divine Scales. The word used in the Japanese version is indeed Wyrm rather than Dragon, though this seems to be the only time that a skill called Wyrm Scales has ever been mentioned in both the web and light novels, so it's probably meant to be Dragon Scales.
  • Incorrect Skill Tier: Kumoko is shown to have the skill Gluttony in an appraisal.[30] However, in the next appraisal, it is changed back to Satiation LV 10.[34]
  • Prior-reincarnation name not displayed: Upon the appraisal of Sophia Keren, the prior name to the reincarnation is not displayed. This is not true for the Japanese version.[36]

Volume 5

  • Incorrect Skill Tier: In Kumoko's appraisal of herself as an Arachne, she is shown as having Mental Warfare. This should be Battle Divinity.[34]
  • Incorrect Skill Level: The Arachne appraisal states that Gale Magic is at LV10. In the Japanese version, this is LV8.[34]

Volume 6

  • Vampire Passive: Immortality on vampire progenitor changed to Undying Body due to overlapping with true Immortality.

Volume 7

  • Wrong Skill Tier: Jinx Evil Eye is incorrectly called Cursed Evil Eye.[37]
  • Wrong Skill Name: Appraisal is incorrectly called "Analyze"[38]
  • Incorrect Ruler Skill name: Source of where White receives Miracle Magic from described as from the "Hero" skill but is actually received from the "Ruler of Charity" title. Similarly, the skill which heals White's allies is the Charity skill, not the Hero skill.[39]
  • Incorrect Stat Reference: Puppet Taratects are referred to as having stats "over a thousand" but this is off by a factor of ten. They are over 10,000, often reaching closer to 20,000.

Volume 8

  • Puppet Taratect Naming: Sael incorrectly referred to as Riel, though they have similar personalities in being "not very independent," Sael is the one staring off into space and Riel is the one with the unreadable expression.[40]
  • Incorrect Ability Source: Sophia's skill which allows her to create a familiar is incorrectly called Progenitor, rather than Vampire.
  • Incorrect Skill Name: Nia's status shows her as having Ice Nullification. This is meant to be Flood Nullification. She's also shown as having Pain Super-Mitigation rather than Suffering Nullification, and Five Sense Enhancement rather than Five Senses Super-Enhancement.[41]
  • Missing Skill Level: In the Ogre King's status, Fantasy Weapon Creation is written without a level. It should be level 10.[42]
  • Incorrect Skill Tier: In the Ogre King's status, Talisman is mistranslated as Protection.[42]

Volume 9

  • Weapon Creation: In Volume 8-O2, Wrath mentions that he tried to make forks but cannot, but in Volume 9-O, he is able to make forks and other farming tools which fall outside of what he explicitly said he wasn't able to do.
  • Different Skills Translated the Same: The inferior version of Evil Eyes (Demon Eyes throughout the wiki). are translated as Evil Eyes.[43]

Volume 10

  • Character Naming: Erguner's name spelling changed to Agner. Blow's name spelling changed to Bloe.
  • Inconsistent Skill Integration: In Reise's status, they have both Detection and Magic Power Perception. Magic Power Perception should be integrated into Detection.[44] This issue is also present in the Japanese version.
  • Wrong Skill Tiers: In Reise's status, Black Attack is mistranslated as Dark Attack and Black Enhancement as Dark Enhancement.

Manga Patches

  • Chapter 45.1: Kumoko states that she "buys" Spatial Storage, but this is not possible due to it being a spell tied to Spatial Magic. She is actually just browsing her available spells, a separate menu linked to the Appraisal skill that is not shown. The only skill she buys in this chapter is Swim.
  • Chapter 11.2: The appraisal shown for Elroe Gastruch is shown as Elroe greim (greym)


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