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Ohts is a small wealthy kingdom allied to the Renxandt empire. It contains the Kasanagara entrance to the Great Elroe Labyrinth, through which Ohts benefits from intercontinental trade, labyrinth tolls and trading of monster materials.[1]

General Information

Even though is an ally of Renxandt Empire, in reality, Ohts is a vassal nation of the empire. Despite its small territory and lack of external source of income, it became incredibly wealthy due to solely relying on the revenue coming from the labyrinth.

There are numerous inns and general stores surrounding the entrance for adventurers, knights and traders to rest and purchase their supplies before heading into the labyrinth.

Due to its weak military, they also rely on the empire for protection and their continous support to ensure the trade from the labyrinth is uninterrupted.

They do not have a warm relationship with Keren County.


  • Elroe Fortress
  • Entrance to Great Elroe Labyrinth
  • Keren County (Recently incorperated)

    Kumoko standing in front of the massive labyrinth exit.

    Elroe Fortress

Notable Residents

  • Basgath - Labyrinth Guide  
  • Goyef - Labyrinth Guide  
  • Nameless Ohts Emissary  



  1. Volume 3-special: The Great Elroe Labyrinth Disaster Investigation Corps
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