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Ogres are a race of humanoid monsters found in the other world. The evolved forms of Goblins, they have varied intelligence, around as smart as a human three year old. Their stats generally favour attack power over speed, though some individuals are capable of magic. They move around in groups and rarely leave their territories.[1]


  • Ogre
First evolution
  • Ogre Shaman
Second evolution
  • High Ogre
Third evolution
  • Ogre General
Fourth evolution
  • Ogre King
  • Oni: Unique species, raises Taboo upon evolving. Has a human-like appearance


  • Ogre → Ogre Shaman [2]
  • Ogre Shaman → High Ogre
  • High Ogre → Ogre General
  • Ogre General → Ogre King
  • Ogre King → Oni [3]

According to Wrath the most notable differences in Ogre's evolutions are the sizes. With each evolution, the size of the individual increases. If the individual chooses to evolve into an Oni from Ogre General, the individual will decrease in size, but gain considerable power.

Ogre King Monster file

A unique ogre that appeared at the northwest edge of the Renxandt Empire. Also known as the Sword Demon. It has a preciously unheard-of skill that allows it to produce magic swords, which allows it to defeat many adventurers single-handedly, causing huge losses. Though it's difficult to tell from the giant size of the ogre and its skill with magic swords in close combat, its magic scats are actually higher, since producing magic swords uses a great deal of MP. Since it has defeated so many humans. which afford higher experience points than monsters, its level and stats have grown much faster than its skills. The empire later assessed its danger level as a high A.

Monster Encyclopedia: File 26
Ogre King LV1 Skill Points: 0
HP 658
MP 1127
SP 656
Offense : 640
Defense : 638
Magic : 975
Resistance : 986
Speed : 631
Stat Skills
HP Auto-Recovery LV9 • MP Rapid Recovery LV3 • MP Minimized Consumption LV3 • SP Recovery Speed LV2 • SP Lessened Consumption LV2 • Life LV1 • Magic Mass LV1 • Instantaneous LV1 • Persistent LV1 • Strength LV3 • Solidity LV3 • Monk LV1 • Talisman LV1 • Running LV1
Attack Skills
Magic Power Attack LV1 • Energy Attack LV1 • Heretic Attack LV1 • Fire Attack LV1 • Lightning Attack LV1
Enhancement Skills
Cutting Enhancement LV3 • Piercing Enhancement LV1 • Fire Enhancement LV1 • Lightning Enhancement LV1
Active Skills
Magic Warfare LV2 • Magic Power Conferment LV6 • Battle Divinity LV10 • Clairvoyance LV2 • Naming LV7 • Curse LV8
Leadership Skills
Perception Skills
Magic Power Perception LV10 • Concentration LV10 • Thought Acceleration LV1 • Prediction LV1 • Parallel Minds LV1 • Arithmetic Processing LV1 • Memory LV2 • Presence Perception LV1
Magic Skills
Magic Power Operation LV7 • Fire Magic LV5 • Lightning Magic LV5 • Healing Magic LV3 • Heretic Magic LV6
Resistance Skills
Destruction Resistance LV1 • Impact Resistance LV1 • Cutting Resistance LV1 • Piercing Resistance LV1 • Shock Resistance LV1 • Fire Resistance LV1 • Ice Resistance LV2 • Wind Resistance LV1 • Lightning Resistance LV1 • Status Condition Resistance LV1 • Faint Resistance LV1 • Fear Resistance LV3 • Heresy Resistance LV5 • Pain Resistance LV8
Passive Skills
Swordsmanship LV1 • Throw LV3 • Hit LV4 • Evasion LV4 • Intimidation LV1 • Five Senses Enhancement LV1
Other Skills
Enma • Demon Lord LV1 • Dignity LV1 • Wrath • Prayer LV3 • Divinity Expansion LV1 • Taboo LV6 • Fantasy Weapon Creation LV10

Known Individuals


  • Presumably, Ogre's evolution options just like Goblin's are Ogre Fighter, Ogre Ranger, and Ogre Shaman.


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