Ogi works as a spy for pope Dustin LXI


In his previous life he was a member of the soccer club and had a wide circle of friends, being able to get along with both Natsume and Shun.


Born in the Holy Kingdom of Alleius. Because he had a unique skill that was a more advanced version of telepathy, he became a stooge for the pope, sent into the elf village as a spy. His task is to report on the livelihoods of the reincarnations in the elf village.

Plot spoilers
At the time of the attack on the elf village, he failed in his attempt to poison them and keep the other reincarnations pinned down and out of the battle. He was beaten up by Asaka.


Infinite Calling (無限通話): Ogi's inborn skill. capable of sending messages through the elven barrier and across continents[1] to anyone he has spoken to before.[2]

Martial Genius (体術の天才)

Concealment (隠蔽)[1]



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