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Volume 7

The Mystic Mountains border the Renxandt Empire and the Demon Realm. It is home to goblins, anogratches, Ice Dragon Nia and her flock, and is the birthplace of Wrath.


The Mystic Mountains are a large range of snow-capped mountains that presents an environment that is incredibly unforgiving to humans. This steep mountain range spans several hundred miles and is constantly snow capped near the peaks. Without Ice Resistance, creatures who attempt to reach the summit are not likely to succeed. Furthermore, the unnatural cold can be increased by the presence of Ice Dragon Nia, the leader of the Ice Dragons, to sub-zero temperatures and can make blizzards that persist days or even weeks.


The apex predator of the Mystic Mountains are the Ice Dragons, with the next greatest threat being the anogratches. Goblin villages also dot the ranges. Besides these three groups, other various species of individual monsters exist on the ranges. The danger of these mountains and the monsters that exist on them is on par with the Great Elroe Labyrinth. Despite this, the Renxandt Empire continues to attempt to secure a path through the mountains to gain access to a new path to invade the Demon Realm.

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