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Monsters are a standard part of life in the world of Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?. They exist throughout the entire world, from the forests surrounding the Elf Village to the mountains of the Renxandt Empire and the Great Elroe Labyrinth that connects the Empire to the Kingdom of Analeit. Many of the monsters known are from the Great Elroe Labyrinth, as it is a vast place unconquered by humans.

All monsters are part of the System. Their natural System/Skill List and stats can increase the longer they live. They can even undergo Evolution, completely changing their abilities in some cases. When monsters gain the Overeating skill, they do not gain weight unlike humans.

Monster Danger Level

Monsters have a universal danger rating scale used by guilds and governments to gauge the strength of a monster in order to help adventurers and mercenaries prepare for battle. They range weakest to strongest from F to S+, with further classifications for those unknown, non-quantifiable, or untouchable.

  • F: The weakest monster. A normal person with no training or skills should be able to handle this level of monster.
  • E: Extremely weak, may have a single unique tool to use, but often do not display intelligence. A rookie adventurer with some training should be able to handle a monster of this rating alone.
  • D: May display advanced intelligence or strategies, or have stats a a couple times higher than the average human. A team of rookie adventurers with some training can take on a monster or group of monsters at this level.
  • C: A dangerous monster with stats greater than most adventurers. It will display effective use of skills, stats, and environment to give itself an edge in a battle. A team of hardened adventurers may be able to handle a monster of this rating.
  • B: A deadly monster with stats several magnitudes higher than even the strongest adventurers. Either due to stats or skills, fighting a monster of this rating is extremely dangerous. An organized force of several parties is required to begin engagement with a monster of this rating.
  • A: An extremely deadly monster that displays a high level of intelligence, a clever use of skills, and has high stats. It is recommended that free adventurers avoid contact with these monsters at all costs unless receiving support from the local military force.
  • S-S+: The limit of what humans have the potential to engage. Monsters of this rating are so powerful that an army and their greatest warriors are required to bring one down.
  • Legendary: Beings powerful enough be considered gods. This classification of monster can control the weather and environment around them to suit themselves. Guardian dragons often fall under this classification and are not to be engaged upon under any circumstance.
  • ???: Monsters that do not have a class based on several factors. This monster may only be sourced from rumors, and due to rarity its class can not be quantified. On the other side, it may also mean that all engagements with this monster in combat have lead to the complete annihilation of the engaging force. If encountered, flee.
  • Error: Monsters that exist outside the System. This distinction is usually given to ancient machinery that pre-dates the creation of the System.

Tables by Species

Name Location Danger Level Notes
Oni None F-S+ King of Monsters
Origin Taratect Demon Realm ??? Mother of Spiders
Arachne None ??? Personification of Pride

Name Location Danger Level Notes
Small Lesser Taratect Upper Stratum F Weakest Spider
Lesser Taratect Upper Stratum E Still weak spider
Small Taratect Upper Stratum E Small normal taratect. Weak
Small Poison Taratect Great Elroe Labyrinth C Caution: Deadly Poison
Taratect Great Elroe Labyrinth C Normal Taratect
Greater Taratect Great Elroe Labyrinth B-A Large Taratect
Arch Taratect Lower Stratum S Queen's Enforcer
Puppet Taratect Multiple Locations S+ Kin and Protector of Spiders
Queen Taratect Multiple Locations Legendary Queen of Spiders
Zoa Ele Great Elroe Labyrinth C An Ill Omen
Ede Saine Great Elroe Labyrinth B-S The Omen of Death
Zana Horowa None Legendary Nightmare of the Labyrinth
Horo Neia Great Elroe Labyrinth F-S Nightmare's Vestige

Name Location Danger Level Notes
Earth Dragon Araba Lower Stratum S Great Earth Dragon
Earth Dragon Kagna Lower Stratum S Fortress Earth Dragon
Earth Dragon Gehre Lower Stratum S Speed Earth Dragon
Earth Dragon Fuit Lower Stratum A-S Instinctual Earth Dragon
Earth Dragon Ekisa Upper Stratum A-S Young Earth Dragon
Earth Dragon Gakia Bottom Stratum Legendary Guardian of the Labyrinth
Fire Dragon Rend Middle Stratum S Ruler of Fire
Light Dragon Feirune Kingdom of Analeit D-S+ Human-born Light Wyrm
Light Dragon Byaku Kingdom of Analeit ??? Guardian of the Hero's Sword
Dark Dragon Reise Various locations Legendary Guardian of the Demon Lord's Sword
Sea Dragon Sea S Ship Destroyer
Ice Dragon Nia Mystic Mountains Legendary Guardian of the Mystic Mountains
Wind Dragon Hyuvan Wastelands Legendary Guardian of the Wastelands

Name Location Danger Level Notes
Elroe Gunerush Middle Stratum D Fire Seahorse
Elroe Guneseven Middle Stratum C Tasty Catfish
Elroe Gunerave Middle Stratum B Flavorless Eel
Elroe Gunesohka Middle Stratum A Fire Wyrm
Fenerush Multiple Locations D Prideful Steed

Name Location Danger Level Notes
Goblin Multiple Locations F-E Tribal Monster
Ogre Multiple Locations D-A Monster of Strength
Vampire None Varies Bloodsucker

Name Location Danger Level Notes
Elroe Ferect Upper Stratum F-Colony: B Fast Centipede
Elroe Greshigard Lower Stratum B Praying Mantis
Finjicote Multiple Locations D+ Bee
High Finjicote Elroe Hive Pits D+ Bee Squad Leader
General Finjicote Elroe Hive Pits C+ Queen's Royal Guard
Queen Finjicote Elroe Hive Pits C-A Queen Bee

Name Location Danger Level Notes
Elroe Randanel Upper Stratum D Three Intimate Friends
Elroe Basilisk Upper Stratum C Beware of Gaze
Small Rock Turtle Upper Stratum D Rush-Down Attack
Elroe Baladorado Upper Stratum C Poisonous Snake
Elroe Baraggish Lower Stratum S Slithering Assassin

Name Location Danger Level Notes
Elroe Greym Great Elroe Labyrinth E Breeds like rabbits
Anogratch Multiple Locations D-Group:S Vengeful Monkey
Bagragratch Multiple Locations B Alpha Monkey

Name Location Danger Level Notes
G-Fleet Wasteland Error Prototype God-Destroyer
Gloria Multiple Locations Error War Machine
G-Tetra Wasteland Error Tank
G-Tri Wasteland Error Fighter Plane

Name Location Danger Level Notes
Elroe Frog Upper Stratum E Lobs poison
Elroe Gastruch Lower Stratum F Rotting Snailbug
Elroe Kohokoro Lower Stratum E Pillbug-Mouse Thing
Elroe Peckatot Upper Stratum D Buff Penguin
Elroe Daznatch Lower Stratum B Walking Fish

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