Merazophis is a human turned vampire by Sophia. He is also her butler and was her caretaker when she was a toddler. At present, he is the Commander of the Fourth Demon Army, but continues to be Sophia's butler and one remaining family member from their hometown.


Merazophis being a vampire has a pair of long canine teeth, a pale complexion and pointed ears.


Merazophis having been a servant of a noble is a polite and very well mannered person. Mera is very loyal, especially towards Sophia.

Merazaophis fell in love with Sophia's mother, but he knew that with his social status he would never be able to be together with the one he loves. Due to that he devoted himself to be the Keren family's loyal and most trusted servant, thinking that seeing the one he loves happy is enough for him.[1]


Originally he was the right-hand man and valet of the lord of the Keren territory in the country of Sariella. Having been caught up in the conflict between the Word of God Religion and the Goddess Religion, he became a vampire due to Sophia when she was almost about to be killed by Potimas. Since then he has worked under Demon Lord Ariel together with Sophia, and after distinguishing himself in the armies he rose up to become an army commander. While he has the rank of an army commander, he gives maximum priority to Sophia. Having sworn an oath of allegiance to the now deceased lord and lady and having inherited their dying wish, he puts in great efforts every day in order to become a man who can protect Sophia.

As the commander of the Fourth Demon Army, he fought a pair of adventurer reincarnations, Kunihiko and Asaka. He was wounded, but survived.[2]

Took his army to go destroy the elves along with Wrath's and Shiro's.


John Keren & Seras Keren
Merazophis has been in love with Seras prior to her marriage to her husband John, with Merazophis having kept his feelings for her a secret due to knowing that he stood no actual chance of being with her due to the difference in their social positions. Despite never having admitted his love for her, Merazophis instead decided to devote himself to Seras and to her Husband as their servant, comforting himself in the fact that he could at the very least find happiness in seeing the one he loves happy with the man he respected the most. Later after their deaths, Merazophis swore to raise and protect their orphaned daughter in their place.
Sophia Keren
Sophia is the only daughter of Merazophis's former masters. After their deaths. Merazophis swore to raise and care for Sophia in their place, becoming extremely devoted to her and caring and loving her as his own daughter. Sophia herself is also the one responsible for turning him into a vampire.
After the war of the Keren County, Merazophis and Sophia were taken under the protection fo Demon King Ariel and began traveling with her back to the Demon Realm. Currently Merazophis is working under her as one of the commanders of the Demon King's armies.
Merazophis was shown to have good working relationship with Shiraori as fellow commanders of the Demon King's Armies. Merazophis also operates as a subordinate of her due to his mistress being also being her subordinate and follows her commands. Merazophis is shown to respect her due to her assistance in taking him and Sophia in and protecting them after the war of the Keren County and respects her during her time as Kumoko.
As Sophia is also one of the Reincarnations, Merazophis is shown to have a level of respect for them in general.
Kunihiko & Asaka
Merazophis was ordered by Shiraori and Ariel to destroy and slaughter the border village of Kunihiko and Asaka's clan were reborn to. This was primarily done in order to remove the clan from impeding the war efforts of the demons due to them likely getting in the way of the Demon's armies march towards the human territories and pave the way to allow Filimøs's group to safely pass over to the border due to the borderland's clan's infamous paranoia causing them to attack and kill any outsiders regardless if their humans or demons. This was also done in order to liberate both reincarnates from being detained by their families due to borderland clan's typically preventing any member of their clan from leaving.
After deliberately sparing the two of them and introducing himself as a member of the Demon Army, the two swore vengeance against him and trained and became adventurers in order to become strong enough to kill him.


Despite being out through the same training as Sophia, Mera's growth has been relatively stunted as a result of starting his vampire life as grown adult. Being surpassed by Sophia only drives him to train harder. By the time of the The Great Human-Demon War broke out, he had status values of around 5,000. His steady drive for improvement resulted in him acquiring the skill Patience.[2]

Having the Creature Taming skill from his days as a butler, he developed it into the Summoning skill by taming a pair of Fenerushes.[3]


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