Meiges Derra Analeit is the previous king of the Kingdom of Analeit.


Meiges is portrayed as middle aged adult, with silver chin long hair with a matching beard. He is often seen wearing jewelries made from gold fitting for a ruler.


Meiges is a kind father-figure, and the few times that he is seen from Schlain's perspective have instilled a sense of great respect for the king. He seems to want nothing more than to spend time with his family, even those of his concubines such as Schlain and Julius, but he always puts his duty as king first and foremost.

He enjoys his liquor. It's an open secret that he drinks on the sly when working alone.[1]


Meiges's first appearance is during Schlain and Sue's appraisal ceremony. There, he stands tall and proud; a commanding presence among the nobles of Analeit. Being the ruler of one of the prominent human kingdoms means that he is often busy handling internal and external affairs with the help of his sons, but because he keeps Shun away from politics, he is not often seen.[2]

When Julius dies in the Great Human-Demon War and Schlain gains the title of Hero, Meiges is distraught at the news. He does not want to lose another son, even that of a concubine, to battle again. In an attempt to remove him from the front lines, Meiges decides to make Schlain his primary heir, much to Cylis' dismay.[3]

Due to losing his birthright, Cylis collaborates with Hugo to brainwash much of Analeit royalty to support his own path to the throne. Hugo brainwashes Sue, and when Schlain goes to meet the king after being summoned with Sue in order to discuss how Julius's death will be revealed to the public, Meiges is confused about Schlain and Sue's appearance for a summons. Suddenly, Sue attacks Meiges with Light Magic, killing him instantly. Cylis awaits close by, and wastes no time pinning Meiges's murder on Schlain. So ends the life of Meiges Derra Analeit, king of Analeit and loving father.[3]


  • In the Volume 4 timeline, Okina Baba uses the name "Sirius" for when Meiges is enthroned, while he uses Meiges Derra in Volume 1, Chapter S2: Reincarnation. This error exists in both the Light and Web Novels, so it is suspected that Sirius may be a posthumous name.


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