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Meido (冥土) is the strongest known god in the series. A goddess dressed as a maid who drags D around telling her to do her job. She seems gentle in appearance. She wears her maid outfit as her hobby, and it’s not like she is D’s maid.

Her position is that of a high-ranking god like D. In pure combat terms she exceeds D: she’s is currently the only one who are able to physically silence D and put a stop to her antics. However, it’s D’s quality to be able to evade her supervision, escape and get up to no good.

Because she focused on combat strength to the very limit, she is weak at other things.


Meido is described to be a graceful, pure, Japanese-style beauty who wears a maid outfit. Shiraori says that her smile is scary and the word mother comes to mind when seeing her.


Being the only god so far in the series who is able to physically control and drag D back to do her work, it is implied she is the strongest god in terms of physical attributes so far.

  • Presence Erasing: Meido has a presence so thin that its possible that even Shiraori noted that she might lose track of her if she is careless, even if she is standing right in front of her. It is not known what kind of technique she uses, but Shiraori noted it to be different from Conjuring.
  • Physical Strength beyond the System: As a goddess, Medio's stats are assumed to above the System's limit. She is able to effortlessly drag D away from her room, without any form of struggle from D.


  • Meido wearing a maid outfit is a pun on her name Meido, which is also the Buddhist world of the dead.
  • It was implied Meido was much more aggressive and regularly seeks combat in the past, and it was the reason why angels are so few in numbers.
  • When she retrieved D, Meido stated that she was the one responsible for running the seven rings of Hell.


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