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The ancient civilisation's machines were generally powered by MA Energy. Under Potimas, the elves have maintained and improved these technologies, refining their engineering techniques beyond that of Earth's.[1]

Known Machines and Technology

  • G-Tetra
  • G-Tri
  • G-Fleet
  • Gloria Models:
    • Gloria Type-A model (Potimas's body in volume 5)[2]
    • Gloria B (the 2000 sent to die in the wasteland[3]) (might also be the gloria(s) deployed behind the elves in volume 4[4])
    • Replica Gloria
    • Gloria Omega
  • Anti-Magecraft Barrier: If the power output of an attack exceeds what the field can jam, then it will pass through without being erased.[5] Internal magecraft is unaffected.[6]
    • Potimas's Personal Barrier
    • Machine Protective Barrier
    • Barrier that protects the Elf Village
  • GMA bomb: MA Energy Bomb that continuously grows in power the more MA Energy it stores
  • G-Meteo (asteroid dropper)
  • Elevators that can temporarily turn earth into mud. They're normally buried deep underground, but can be raised to connect to the surface from a hidden subterranean base.[7]
  • Robots: Each has a single arm ending in a gun muzzle. They're essentially self-propelled gun platforms. [7]
  • Light Cannons
  • Spy-Drones: Potimas's scouts, look like birds [8]
  • Web novel:
    • Four-armed, four-legged robots. Equivalent status values would be around 5,000. An army of 10,000+. [9] (this matches the image we have of Gloria)
    • Sea urchin-looking thing. A 10 metre sphere countless gun barrels. Capable of making an anti-magecraft field. An army of 100+[5]
    • Large triangular pyramid. A laser shoots out of its corner. Its magecraft jamming field reflects incoming attacks.[10]
    • Gloria Type Omega. Specialised in wars of attrition. Equivalent status values would be 150,000 offensive, 100,000 defensive, 150,000 speed (beyond the system limit). Equipped with drills to efficiently damage opponents capable of regeneration. It is itself able to efficiently regenerate.[11]


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