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MA energy is the energy of the world. Without this energy, the planet will collapse.


MA energy is used to create skills, grant titles, and enact various actions: MP recovery Skills give their user magic power that has been converted from MA energy.

When living beings die, their energy will be returned to the world, and their souls will enter the cycle of reincarnation. The energy returned through deaths is greater than the energy used to bestow titles, so the MA energy should gradually be restored.[1] However, MA energy levels are instead falling as a result of still-operating ancient technology.


In the distant past, an ancient civilization harnessed this energy, but since this is stealing the life from the planet, they were soon eradicated.

Some machines from ancient times still exist in the present, and by destroying their energy generators, the collapse can be delayed.

Although the world can be saved by injecting MA energy into the world, it is already too late. Even if MA energy is given to the planet now, the collapse will not stop.[citation needed]


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